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What an awful reactionary article posted an hour after the piece that triggered it.
Both are currently hottest, its plain to see he read it, got butt hurt and wrote a reaction.

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3dm cracked this on the 29th, check gcw.

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where the hell do you frequent on the internet, because the only "haywire" i see of people actually caring that this is wiiu exclusive, are gaming sites trying to drum up hits.

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Pretty much this.

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game gets free advertising, complaining media get their hits.
both benefit from the controversy for being at both ends of the PC spectrum.

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the difference is more pronounced in moving images, pixel crawl is worse at 900p and overall the image on a tv appears slightly blurry due to non native res.

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Well theyre not lying, downgrading the PC and PS4 version makes it TWO systems...

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Yeah, that's totally going to be a level playing field right?, when they can let the competitions versions lag behind and ship the latest and greatest for their console only, then push updates to a third party porting company when they feel like it's been long enough.

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a little like how this is shameless clickbait

story quality wtf
like this website no.

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Story quality, WTF?, like this site: no

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theu basically reviewed the beta that was given to testers on xbox one two weeks ago and ps4 testers last night.

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Let's not pretend that the tax didnt increase in japan not too long ago, as such everyone planning to buy something major did so prior to the tax hike.

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Indeed, pc hardware performance got better and better with each version of windows released!... wait..

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It hasn't fallen anywhere, let alone "second place", its been third place since it launched and will remain their till it someday outsells the WiiU.

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Don't get excited, its just showing whats trending on twitch, since you can watch regular streams.

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Well it will do, its real, they just hacked it up in to bits then did a piss poor photoshop job on the rest.

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I am frankly shocked people can't tell the difference between a photo manipulation and full CG.
Large portions directly lifted from this image :

Car and helicopter blatantly drawn in, buildings further back obvious from some other image.

Tech demo my ass.

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PS is already way ahead, and that fact is just going to be amplified when the EU and Asia numbers come in, then again when the Japanese launch happens.

Xbox Bye bye

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I have the alpha from early supporters to its kickstarter, looks nothing like these prerendered pictures.

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Yeah, because dcou isn't available for Xbox.

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