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What frame rate will the PC version run at? Sure it hasn't been announced, and ya'll gonna be salty that I asked, but watch in a month or two when it's announced and you suddenly act like it's expected and totally not a bad thing..

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who exactly was this role "taken" from?, they cast people and made their choice based on the talent not the skin colour.

Do you honestly think the casting director gives two shits about the colour of a voice actors skin as long as their voice acting is on point?

Because guess what, they don't.

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5% is still 1.8 million interested users...

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All I can say is you must be fucking joking, Division is and will be a train wreck, why do you think its been so long since its reveal and yet the internal betas still throw up a mountain of bugs, issues and performance disappointments.

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LOL @ Admin note.

writer notices framerate drops, enough to mention it, BUT HE DIDNT DO A TECHNICAL ANALYSIS IT HAS TO BE RUMOR INSTEAD!


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To have gained any ground the difference in worldwide sales needs to have reduced, it hasn't, not even once.

So if it hasn't gained ANY ground, saying it's gained considerable ground is a joke.

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Oh look, gamingbolt fanning the flames again, no doubt they will do an article saying "xbox will never catch up" in a few days so they can repeat this crap in a weeks time.

Same old clickbait crap, stay classy gamingbolt.

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Same xD

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"games drive sales", xbox one has lots of games this holiday, ps4 doesn't but it's still decimating the xbox one in sales.
What does that mean for 2016 then, when all the major titles for the PS4 are releasing?.

I'll tell you, even more of a bloodbath than we're already used to seeing.

Microsoft PR and shills like foehammer can spin all they want, the sales have, and will continue to speak for themselves.
That is, sal...

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Lived here all my life, i always do love a stiff middle finger aimed at american sensibilities.

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Simple. Because it's all PR bull.

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so, what we have is:

PS4 1080p better framerates.
XBO 900p lower framerates, better anisotropic filtering.

It's worth pointing out that the anisotropic filtering is something that has been recognized as an old sdk issue on ps4 and will likely be patched in future updates.

Winner? PC.

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Day 1 owner for both US and Japanese releases Moldiver

He replied "yes" to one question, 95% of the discussion is purely about PC and spec requirements, way to grasp at the smallest of straws for dear life.

But hey, whatever makes you sleep better at night.

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Failing to see why Xbox One was tagged, it's a tweet about PC minimum spec requirements.

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I read this as "we don't have the balls to lowball the score for hits but we'll make an article about saying its okay to think its bad to try and pull in the hits anyway, without actually putting our necks on the line"

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Compressed youtube videos used for comparisons? Gimmie a break.

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Posting news/videos created by yourself eh? whatever gets you hits i guess. Not really seeing why you do so in third person.

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For the low level api functions sure but the cpu load balancing and optimization is a directx level change that effects all software, and does not need software to be specifically written for it, while cpu load is more even across the cores in testing, it clearly makes very little difference overall.

And for xbox the difference will be even less, because the xbox one already uses low level api for gpu functions theres very little driver abstraction to begin with, peopld ...

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I have latest win10 tech preview installed, DXDiag reports dx12, framerate in the 20+ games I tested at the same as, or slower than, the exact same rig running win7 on dx11.
All three cards in the system are confirmed to work with dx12, and have latest win10 supplied drivers installed.

So much for that.

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13 reasons i tell myself to justify my purchase / lack of money

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