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"Hello :D"


It hasn't fallen anywhere, let alone "second place", its been third place since it launched and will remain their till it someday outsells the WiiU. #14
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Don't get excited, its just showing whats trending on twitch, since you can watch regular streams. #8.2
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Well it will do, its real, they just hacked it up in to bits then did a piss poor photoshop job on the rest. #4.1.1
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I am frankly shocked people can't tell the difference between a photo manipulation and full CG.
Large portions directly lifted from this image :

Car and helicopter blatantly drawn in, buildings further back obvious from some other image.

Tech demo my ass. #4
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PS is already way ahead, and that fact is just going to be amplified when the EU and Asia numbers come in, then again when the Japanese launch happens.

Xbox Bye bye #12
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I have the alpha from early supporters to its kickstarter, looks nothing like these prerendered pictures. #28
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Yeah, because dcou isn't available for Xbox. #63.2
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If someone sat in the passenger seat of a car that was in a race, would you call him a racing driver?

If someone printed out a scanned copy of a work of art, would you call them an artist?

Duplicating the result does not put you on equal standing as those that first achieved it.

The definition between hacker and script kiddie is clear, unfortunately it seems you have failed to understand it entirely. #48.1.1
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one of these days a media outlet is going to have the balls to tell it like it is, it isnt a "hacking group" they are not "hacking" they are simply plugging in the servers IP to LOIC and hitting a button.

"hackers" that do nothing but use tools others have made are NOT HACKERS, they are SCRIPT KIDDIES.

For once, someone, please get it right. #48
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Spawnfirst, yet another site being added to my list of sites to avoid because of utterly bullshit hit baiting articles. #70
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How the author failed to make the connection between drinking the other players blood and the size increasing i do not know, she even says, at the end, with them jiggling around, "Was that too much?".

Grade A journalism, yet again. #6
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distinct lack of xbox fans on damage control, what gives. #6
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this article is definitive proof of what happens when you write about something you have no clue about using snippets of information from the internet without researching said information.

Article reads like the average 14 year olds forum post. #14
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he doesnt run those, he "occasionally" contributes towards them.
He essentially expected big things from three games, one he had his son play and based his reaction off of that, despite the whole world knowing knack is meh, and the other was a FPS (shadowfall) when he openly admits he doesnt like FPS.

The Xbox One wasnt even factored in to things either, so wheres the reasons to buy a wiiu over an xbox one?

With that said, do you think a nin... #6.1.1
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So.. and editor for would rather buy a wiiu than an xbox one or ps4, there's a shock outcome if ever i saw one. #6
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Let's not pretend you can login to someone else's PSN account and magically buy things on their card shall we, logging in to someones account from a different machine results in being prompted to enter the associated cards security information, and if you do not know this information, you cannot use the card, the only other way to successfully login without this information is to let it remove the billing information.

Reality is a lot easier to understand when you hav... #31
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Unfortunately, they wont, because it lacks the hardware required to do that, an external box will always be needed. #33.1
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What is simplified about having to turn on ANOTHER piece of hardware every time you want to watch tv, having it sit there wasting more power, then have yet another thing to turn off when youre done?

are you really suggesting wasting more electricity and having to faf around in the UI switching between tv and game is MORE simple than just pressing a single button on a remote you already have?

Riiiiiight. #31.1.2
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You can, it's called the "input selector" button on your tv remote, just saying.
And if that isn't good enough, why not do picture in picture, or remote play to vita and watch tv on the tv? #31.1
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So let me get this straight,

When Pachter says something you don't like it's
"Yay that means the opposite is going to happen, awesome!"
When Pachter says something you do like, it's
"Yay, Pachter is right!"

Way to be consistent. #35
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