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I think that's the key phrase, it's all in the past.

When ps4 was announced Sony empathize how easy it was. Devs praised it, and many devs came out and even admitted how hard the cell was, despite the power behind.

The ps4 was built by developers for developers so they wouldn't have that issue

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My ps4 gets load to, despite me cleaning it. Depends on the game tbh. Uncharted 4 will push my fans for a couple of minutes everytime I start it, but go3s quieter, whereas Gundam Breakers is just a jet engine throughout my entire session

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He's talking about releasing an upgraded version in addition to the slim though

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I can't imagine it being any more slimmer

If this rumor is true then I doubt Neo will come out this year. And that makes me think that Sony may indeed B changing some of the components on the neo to match Scorpio.

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I don't see where it says our unlocks are gone? I think them referring to starting from scratch is as in even though you've played since launch, you won't be rewarded a ton of xp when this goes live to reflect that.

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hmmm, I guess this article also might answer why Sony doesn't let us change our names
""My Trophies will have syncing problems and could disappear, friends are gone and social communication is deleted!" he said."

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Activition probably would have done 2 more banjo Games and then let RARE die. Look at crash and spyro, they made a few games and then stopped, only later to add both to skylanders. That would be banjos fate, an ugly redesign of his character to fit in the world of skylanders.

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Why does a game have to be something that offers to society? In that case, nearly all games, including zelda, offer nothing to better society because they are just video games and society doesn't need video games to thrive.

If you don't like the game, fine, but I seem to have remembered you posting on an article some days ago about not being someone forcing their opinion on others, which you clearly are here for those who disagree with you. You call them a disgrace ...

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The move controller has some of the most precise accuracy in a motion control. In fact, many even compared it to just as fast and accurate as a mouse.

I don't think ps vr will be held back by ps move for one reason. Support for the device itself. I can see many devs opting to use the controller as the main input, and though at launch well probably have a lot of ps move/vr games, I expect it to shrink down. It's a shame to, because I actually loved how well move worked o...

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the big issue is more of the reaction time of that turret. This damage nerf tbh isn't what was needed, at least I hope the cut isn't as big as it sounds

If it's aiming at someone and you, right behind it to flank it it doesn't matter it will instantly turn around and shoot you after its done with its first target. It gives you a little to no time to destroy it resorting to switching to a different class that can counter it. Like Bastion the damage output isn...

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But neither titles were there...

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I am pretty sure they sold it back to Marvel and if not I'm sure this exclusive deal was a part of that deal. Because remember activision owned the license for the longest time.

It's a great trade-off in my opinion because marble has been on a roll with their movies and Spiderman is such a huge property having it go to waste at Sony and seen them pump out alright movies probably wasn't something Marvel wants.

The ...

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Plenty of websites do it they have a group of people who are friends and online will approve it either being told in chat rooms or direct messages.

Anyway the reasoning is obvious like the article even explains Sony just doesn't own windows where is Microsoft does.
That doesn't mean though that they have little to gain from the PC market because they can make a lot off of it it's just more beneficial for Microsoft because it's their own service.

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I picked it up cause that's the cheapest I've seen it. Haven't played to much yet though

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The season pass is mostly just for the one single player DLC

You get 2 multiplayer pack hat include one of each type of unlocks, which in all honesty you can get from just doing a daily challenge or two

I only spent money on this once because I didn't want to wait till I randomly got one of the Skins I wanted but after playing for a month I've unlocked everything aside from all the weapon mods which you can't even buy anyway

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That's how I feel

I could barely bring myself to even complete ascension (I did though)

The series had always had great gameplay, but it's been recycled far to long with not so big revisions. When they showcased the demo I was just blown away with how different it looked, and the fact that they actually decided to take a risk at changing it up.

Easily one of my most anticipated title

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Lol I don't think anyone did, but their reasoning explains it pretty good.

You see palpatine as a evil villians throughout the entire star wars franchise. People saw Kratos as an angry, near heartless killing machine.
This isn't about the inspiration of location, but what inspired them to make Kratos more human and caring of others. Because in that cancelled film you actually did care about Palpatine from what they are saying and could even side with them

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What previews for not Mighty number 9 are you talking about. There must not be many because the majority of the preview came from the very lackluster demo that people hated

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Nice thing, that can all be adjusted in future updates to accept more phrases to a single command

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That's combined though across all the platforms,

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