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There's always Money in The Money Stand #1.1
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"Ps4 vs xbox 360"

WHY??? #1
yep, they all may have been recorded in their highest resolution, but when you fit all four into one resolution output that's rendered, you lose quality, and everything always looks better than it really is when it's smaller #5.1
Because the game console isn't taking up resources to load it's UI online features that are constantly running, and the online of components of said game would be my guess.

When you have a lot going on, it can make things slow down like on a PC #1.1
The game runs horribly period on any platform. It should hardly be a title worth comparing when it comes to better hardware specs #1.1.1
I have a feeling this final Uncharted game (least by Naughty Dog) will have a more darker tone to it. Not as dark as last of us, but more so than any of the previous uc games. Of course I assume they'll keep the humor in as well, but nate looked old, probably has a lot more to lose #1.1
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As much as I love Killzone and Guerrilla Games, I think it's time for GG to take a rest from Killzone, or hand it off to another Studio, like their Cambridge department (dev of Killzone: Merc.)

I feel like the main team doesn't really know what exactly they want with Killzone. They've created this Badass character, yet I think in the end their story falls flat when they tell it in the games (not when you read the lore though). Gameplay wise, just look at the last... #2
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year after year, same complaint, yet they always issue the same response. Why am I not surprise #1
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I find that hard to believe, considering that the Bounty requires you to purchase coins and compete in an event that hasn't gone live yet

Unless he's playing on PS3, or xbox 360, as stated above, the only way to get it atm is through hacking I believe #2.5
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yep, DLC #2.2.4
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"Add the fractions

H1 97/100
H2 95/100
H3 94/100
H4 87/100

equals 373/100 or 37.3/10, which is well over 10/1"

Thats not how Math works lol, you gotta average all those out and add the totals, which sits about a 9.3.


This issue with all these reviews, and a Majority of player sout there, is that it's being reviewed as a whole game. That isn't wrong, but when you g... #1.1.6
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Shortly after they sell a decent amount of shark cards and release the ps5/X2 versions #1.1
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Not really? I don't expect a slim till the end of 2015 TBH, but even so as a buyer and owner of past gen, this should be expected at this point. People who are buying it now won't really be cheated out as it's basically the same console aside from cosmetic and a few tweaks, but saying it's a blow to those who rushed out and got it isn't true at all. It should be expected that a slim model will come out, and if they couldn't wait for it, so be it. It's like raging o... #1.1
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Note to viewers: Switch the video to 720P (or higher) 60FPS, then you'll notice.

Man, please make a HD remaster trilogy Sony #1.1.2
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it exists for the same reason all those slasher, taboo films that directors make. Cause it has an audience. I'm not saying this game isn't wrong or anything, cause that's my view, but I can't be a hypocrite about it if I play games like GTA, which has the same thing in terms of killing civillians. #3.1.1
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Lolya think.
Pvp should stay the same imo, but pve, it's pointless for a gun built for the raid with the recent nerf #2
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"* People are starting to realize we are being lied to about a ton of stuff, and the Truth is becoming more valued by the day.

Within 2-3 years, Sites like Polygon won't be allowed to exist because they outright lie to people for their own monetary gain. "

Not to sound sagaint this, but this has been going on for ages. Look at Kotaku, they've been lying to their readers for ages, yet no matte rhow many times they get caught, they just grow... #1.4.1
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Not to defend them, but yes, they did update their BF review, Multiple times infact

My issue is: It's Only been a freak'n week, whereas they've given many of their updated games a full month before going back #1.2.5
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Uh, subzero was resurrected already in mk9 as noon saibot. #2
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it's probably an excuse for marketing reasons TBH, cause now they can play it off as some new, next-gen feature, cause you know, they are Ubbisoft #2.2.1
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