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Uh? Hes not quoting anyone though

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Heck you talking about, switch is gettiing hated on for lack of third party support, almoat every comment mentions it hurt the wii u. The wii u has gotten so much hate during its time and now the switch is.

Go hop on a nintendo article youll see them flooded by all sides

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I was really hoping for a new REAL Metroid game to get announced as im sure many were also.

Also Nintendo should have gone more and indepth with their online services,

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I hope they change that incentive. Its plain dumb not to be able to keep them as long as the sub runs, or even keep them period given that they are ancient titles that anyone can download from the net in a few seconds and run.

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Remember when all those gaming journalist and Analysis told everyone that PC gaming was dying?

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If he has a wii u, then yeah get it for that.
If not either then the switch. Wii u dead

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That had an extremely boring open world literally the first base you infiltrate is pretty much exactly what you do throughout the whole entire game

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I only hope is that it doesn't fall prey to the open world fatigue that has been plaguing a lot of open World Games lately.

They can do collectibles it's not an issue but don't make that your main reason to explore
if they're going to give us a huge world give us things to do in them. I hope there's a lot of Side Stories like Majora mask had, extremely excited to get my hands on this.

Zelda games hav...

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You know that Skyrim released six years ago as part of last generation systems right?

It would be a huge embarrassment if it didn't run on the console and there's reports that it's the same port of the PS3 Xbox 360 version.

Bethesda has stated in the interview why they haven't developer Nintendo is because Nintendo didn't approach them last gen and by the time that they would have it would have been too late.


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reason that Bethesda is even there this time around is because Nintendo ask them unlike last generation it's even stated in an interview that they were never approached by Nintendo, and if they were it would have been too late.

Also Skyrim is a PS3 game and Xbox 360 it would be an embarrassment if it couldn't run it not exactly the best game just showcase the power of the console.

Why not a fallout 4 port instead?

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Read past the title, its not even the original title either the submitter is just trying to get people triggered.

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Looks like it's going to be a tug of war between the two for USA.

Gotta hand it to microsoft tbh for being able to turn it around for the x1, least in the us


I know people are gonna comment based on the current title. Dont, the submitter is just trying to get reactions, its not even gamingbolts title. It also fails because why would you split just the ps4 when the x1 has two versions still up for sale. Just report it for bad...

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My note charges way under an hour, maybe around 30 to be full when on its lightning cable

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I dont understand this statement, he'd hiring them doesnt that mean he trusts them and that should be enough.

I mean why would he hire someone who did him wrong

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Lol in all their effort to remove fan games and such, they go ahead and download an illegal rom off the net from someone else to sell it.

@Fox below

In their defence no one should be surprised. The megaman collection (capcom) are literally all downloaded roms. Its a pretty common practice.

The company viewed as hypocritical a lot of times, but different heads different views.
I remember Iwata saying they wouldnt go mobile, and ...

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Makes sense considering its launching in March, sure lets not market and announce games for the western audiemce then and wait two months for e3

"Wait till e3" why does everyone use that like its suppose to fix everything when most of the time is does jack

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Ugh, i really liked cambridge, they in my opinion made one of the best Killzone titles

And RIGS is great

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The message is pretty clear what this is, no "is it a wii 2?" Confusion.

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The install base that wants their games are already on other consoles. Heavy Fifa players jumped on that train when the x1 and ps4 launched.
They have learned from the failure of the Wii U, dont jump in investing money in a failed product thinking itll be the next Wii

No, the lack of mass effect IMO is gonna hurt more but it shows their third party stance. They wont be the only ones either, the first year will be fine but if the console doesnt take off itll drop li...

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It wont be just EA. Many eill follow if it doesnt take off, itll be the Wii U all over again, in fact we saw much more 3rd party titles at the wii u launch i believe.

Even gear box said they wont do a switch game, meaning its missing out on yet another big title (borderlands 3)


How did Watch Dogs for Wii U Turn Out?

They dropped support after two years, sure they supported the console but you can't hones...

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