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Sorry, but the release date to me just makes this so fake. Why would they announce the release date of this year at TGS. It's to soon IMO, so it doesn't make sense to me at all when E3 could have been for that.

I mean it's possible, considering that the DLC from Ground Zero for Phantom Pain is suppose ot be out early 2015, but still doesn't make sense to me.

Also the one saying Kojima never been to the branch.
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I don't believe so. Apparently it was just PS4 and the ps app that were really affected. And the website to #1.2.1
I wouldn't object a remake of MGS1, but I would rather prefer a remake of Metal Gear 1 and 2. Even though MGS1 was really the one to give Metal Gear it's huge popularity, MG1 and 2, for what they were at the time, were great games. And I'll admit it, I didn't even know about the first two Metal Gear games till Metal Gear Solid 3 #1.1
I'm hoping Sony just said F it, lets just do the Maintenance today since this happened, tht way they don't have even more angrier people tomorrow. Hoopefully it's all resolved by then anyway #19.1.1
Point One and Two: I can write however,whenever, and wherever I please. If you have an issue with that, so be it that's something you'll have to take up with yourself.

Point 3: Where in my original comment did I even mention a company DDosing another? I was asking whether or not MS can evade one, given the amount of servers that they own.

@Codewow Below

Thanks for the insight #1.1.2
It's an update from Microsoft themselves.... #10.2.1
Someone made an interesting point. If MS was beign DDos, would it even be wide spread given the fact that they own so many servers and such???? IDK how that stuff works, so #1.1
Uh this isn`t tearaway 2, its basically a remake, retellibg of the first one with extra content to suit the ps4 #1.2.2
It's not really that TBH that people should be mad about. Don't get me wrong, I think she is to, but these sites, the ones that a ton of gamers go out and visit each day, are just completely untrustworthy.

People try to bury this by saying it's not gaming news, but when you see top honchos at these sites bending over backwards like this, chances are they do it for a lot of other things, and are completely ignoring/misleading their readers on other subjects.
There's tons of projects already showing it off (ganmes) #1.1
I don't see whats wrong with having the option, and although this article does make a point about the playlist eventually dying (wouldn't surprise me), it's not like they haven't removed unpopular playlists in the past. Options are always great, no need to complain and say having it there is a bad idea. #1.1
oh, lol I must have muissed the E3 announcement. #1.1.6
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Well, here's a thought.

Like EA, SE thought MS was going to dominate with the X1 in the US market given the Xbox 360 success. It's very possible (likely) that this timed exclusive deal was made well before the launch of the consoles, and nearly half a year later SE is locked and stuck in the deal.

IDK, just a thought because deals like these aren't made in one night, they can take months of negotiation. Still, doesn't make much sicne since the... #1.1.3
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@ The Disagree's

He's saying it would be more playable, as in he wouldn't be that scared.

Anyway, I hope they incldue the option for Both. If you can play MGS4 from the get go in either 1st Person or 3rd person, I don't see why they can';t do it here #1.1.1
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Like I said in my comment above, looking at those games, those are the oens that are pushing more for the reaction out of the player and not so much forcing one on the in-game character. It's like, I saw this video and think it would be more scarier if the character didn't scream every 5 second before you even get a chance #3.1
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It's a dumb move by SE, considering that the game sold more on PS4 than X1, and more on PS3 than Xbox 360.

I don't even think this will be a console pusher either, or at least a huge one. #1.1.3
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"Like even more boring than DayZ."

I think thats the issue right there. These games aren't meant for you, but there's a market who really do enjoy these types of games where you get to create your own stories within the world. I thought the same with DayZ until I started playing in a group. It's fun once things get rolling, and I'll admit it is slow, but random and unexpected things happen that make it all so good #1.10.2
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IDK how I feel about this game TBH. I usually really do enjoy these types of games, but this just seems a bit boring and more of a movie, which I get that it is aiming for that.

IDK, I guess for me it's the whole idea that it's a horror, mystery type of title and usually I'm not use to playing characters that are always displaying reactions for you.


Yea, I agree with that. It has a promising story, and the setting and su... #1.1
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I don't see it being a full jump, given past gens. Chances are, Support will come, but it'll be for small games first like 1080P was on for PS3 at the start. I mean look at this gen, 1080P still isn't a standard for all games.

I can see 4K coming to the PS4, however like I said, it'll be for small games. #1.1
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If there's one game I really want HD Remastered from last gen, it's Red Dead Redemption and Revolver #2
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