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For me, no. If it's a rocks tar remaster I want out there it's either bully or the red dead series #1
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I actually like that idea in a sense it's the time line trying to correct itself to match Kessler more. It would be an interesting twist and all, and if suckered punch does do another Cole story I'm sure they would tie second sons one way or another. #1.1.2
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Average because of activision. Depends on who is developing it tbh #7.1
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Its better, but to me not wortg the asking price.

I live objective terrorist hubts. Spawns are better and the game runs smooth..

Normally im not bothered by graphics, but a lot of the lighting is bad, and it looks like a high res ps2 game.

I feel a lot more efforr could have been done honestly #1.1.2
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I'd much rather take the hit and wait if it meant more content

Im having fun with the game but i cant play this in long sessions like a lot of other mp games. The way i see it, if this was the same game except with a different skin nit relsted to star wsrs or a big franchise (or msybe just renamed battlefield with a modern setting) then im sure many would dislike it a lot more. I just feel like it doesnt have enough for me to continue likein many other mp games #2.1.2
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heres actually what i don't understand about a lot of these reveiews coming before the game actually released. I got a copy, servers weren't up until it actually released, which was a few hours ago (11PM 11/30), a vast majority of these reviews are based on the Beta as Ubisoft sent out in their pr that we wouldn't be able to play the MP till launch and that we should just try the Beta #1.1
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same, I don't even think Sony or microsoft evn acknowledged it was them, I mean we ALWAYS have downtime during the holidays #1.1.1
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300K WORLDWIDE opening week is a flop dude, In sales. Sure reviews and everything, thats a different story, but for sales that is horrible. The game will continue to sell in time, but the vast bulk of that already came and past, and from here like all games it's just gonna start shrinking and shrinking in sales

Its a flop in so much that Microsoft invested so much to get it as a timed exclusive only for it to not pay off as well as they probably hoped for. If square enix... #3.1.5
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I feel theres a lot of hate for that game, in all honesty I felt it had a lot more gameplay than people are giving it credit for. Would I have liked more? Of course, but it's a series I hope continues rather then just die out after the first #3.1.1
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EVERY PR Guy says something about their game, I mean he's not wrong about that part, IT'S THEIR F'N JOB TO PROMOTE THEIR GAME.

I have no doubt this game will be Stunning though when it comes to visual presentation, I loved what Remedy did with Alan Wake. I just stopped taking PR comments seriously because at the end of the day the only thing that matters is if I enjoy the game or not. Otherwise, taking any kind of hype and falling for it only results in worse regr... #1.1.1
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or maybe the complainers are people who are advertised all this content but expect more big hitters at this point in the gen, or at least something that doesn't look like the rest of the other indie titles that have released.

I loved PS+ at first, and I still do with all the free games, but you can't deny that the quality has gone down since the PS4 launched. Sure, the first year was understandable, and even the first half of this, but we are reaching a point now wher... #1.1.1
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Hands down CDPR

They are were amazing this year, not just with a stellar potential GoTY game, but also with how it handled just about everything. Free DLC, fast and quick patches to get bugs fixed, literally first thing you see when you open the Witcher 3 game case is a fuck'n thank you letter, they really made things feel personal. I opened my fallout 4 case on launch =and the first thing i was greeted with was an advert to buy their season pass that had no details on th... #2.2
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Kind of like how the team continued with crash bandicoot because of high sales and being the most successful us dev team at the time? Same deal with Jak and Daxter. Their history says otherwise to sales numbers, because they know they cant keep the series as good and interesting with more and more installments.

Also didnt last of us sell a lot more?

I truly believe when they say that they are done, they are done
Does that mean the franchise will be ov... #5.1.1
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An Uncharted game without nathan drake isnt an uncharted game at all. #2.1.2
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DOGMEAT #1.1.2
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And the load times are just as bad if not worse #5.1.1
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There is, but its midnight eastern time because they chose to go with that one. I wish they didnt, thats 2 am for me, they should go pacific time as cod unlocked right at 11pm, and even earlier for east coast #3.3
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Everyone is, the reason why some got online is because theres a workaround. You kust wait at the menu and let it update the version of the game in the right top corner. If ur online it means the update got pushed #4.1
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we also saw Eddie Raja and lazarvich and we know what happened to them already #4.3
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It's just the current IMDB info, that's all. This happens all the time, the cast list gets filled as time goes on if they don't have any info on it. In fact, a majority of high budget movies do it on purpose where they don't even announce an actor who's in it to hide spoilers. #1.1.1
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