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Jesus, talk about trolling

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This is a pretty good comparison and a rather large graphical leap.

You can tell just from the start of the video that the movie has better if not some of the most lifelike textures ever shown. those character models are pretty lifelike to.

I wonder what resolution the movie will run in

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Lol i just rewatched rocky, I hate you

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Actually dont be surprised if it is true (and a bug) because they did have crossplat play last month but was quickly removed

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Its a bug or an error when they deployed the latest patch I assume, or they didnt remove it like they were asked to by Microsoft.

Not sure what Sony stance was on this for this game, sure they didnt know it would have crossplay with x1 cause im sure they would have said no then, but it was specified that Microsoft asked them to remove it.

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Besides Capcom saying it is, No. Seems odd they would use different models for the gane and recent movie.

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There also the lack of 4k option on the switch, maybe possibly 1080p in tv mode like other titles....

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They probably won't be, while d2 is no doubt better than 1(im enjoying 2, disliked 1), it still feels like an expansion in terms of content.

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Wait, why si defensive? He didnt even mention Sony, he only said Pass.

Calm down

Let's not forget that EA was voted one of the worst company in america. What let me guess PlayStation fans, made that happen?

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Unfortunate but undeestandable.

Namco doesnt usually release titles that are more popular with Japan, Gundam games more specifically. Its only recently they have started to include english text options, which ill take. These titles just dont seem like worth the investment in Namco Bandai eyes when it comes to a western release

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Uh? Curious to what example, last big project besides destiny 2 was uncharted 4. Hes already gone on record saying IF they make a 5th he wants to be on board, but he never downright said there wont be or is

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Not surprised, they have said it was a possibility since it launched on pc and ps4, they just lacked the resource at the time

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Sorry DRM is just awful, only always online and I'll even go as far to say closed Collins the holes until they are hacked are the sure way to protect from piracy.

Otherwise all of these protection software do nothing but hurt the legit users that by the games

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You know what you are absolutely right it isn't what all of us PlayStation 4 owners were saying at the beginning of the generation but here's the reason why we were saying it.

PS4 launched for $400 and the Xbox launch for $500. The PS4 was Stronger had better hardware and was cheaper that's why power was such a big thing because you were getting more bang for your buck now it's the way it should be the weaker Hardware is cheaper than ...

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Wait so I skimmed through this for the most part so unless I missed it what was the reason why they decided to include the order besides pricing??

Ratchet & Clank was released for 40 bucks also....

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Eh, the Wii was next to impossible to find with small supply here and there.

This is a report after 2 years


"parity clause"

Lol since when has bethesda ever have a bug free, smooth game, let alone with Playstation in general.

Look, i know psvr is limited due to hardware, but even still, this game in vr would most likely be bad period, even on pc. When bethesda announced vr for skyrim i couldnt help but laugh because of how buggy their games are in general on all platform, pc included.

The pc version will without question be the bett...

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It's because originally Yakuza is the spiritual successor to shenmue, even though they are very different now

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Ucforce I wasn't responding to you....

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That's a pretty silly statement considering this game is very much about the lore and story. Not saying the gameplay is an important because it is but anyone interested in Kingdom Hearts 3 has most likely already played the other.

Sure the game might not sell well on Xbox One as on Playstation but it's good that it's coming to another platform. Like I said people who are interested in Kingdom Hearts 3 most likely already know how the story goes

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