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like I said in another comment I think the graphics are fine given how big the world is and how demanding Fallout games are in comparison to all the other open world games that looks pretty good they don't ask as much in terms of inventory interaction with the world ect.

expecting to be blown away by the graphics is just setting yourself up for disappointment even if they did show amazing graphics I would have probably expected it to look at downgraded at launch rather th... #1.1
a lot of people are complaining about the graphics I think it looks fine for given that it's a huge open world game and in comparison to all the other open world games they don't really ask for much in terms of demands fallout has always had a lot of memory usage

the graphics are acceptable in my honest opinion and let's be honest at least they're not showing us mind-blowing graphics and then releasing the game with it being downgraded I'd rather have them... #1.1
sorry I miss read the comments I don't think the actual controllers, with the headset I was thinking about the full console #5.1.3
The ps4 does, though it's not exactly what I call a real headset, none the less still functions

My wii u didn't one with one, but I think there's a built in mic?? Inot sure on that #5.1.1
I don't think anyone was really surprised by it tbh. The vita is an underrated handheld imo that wasn't taken advantage of. It could have been something more than a ps4 companion device, but like many have always been saying it didn't have the lineup many had wished it had, especially considering some of its unique titles started getting ports to the ps4.

GRAVITY rush imo is one of the best handheld games I've played in a long time, and it's a shame that i... #1
IDK much about those, but it looks like it's only occurring when those guys explodes #1.1.1
I wouldn't count this a review at all. Watching and playing are 2 completely different things. First off, this skews your opinion of the game in general because you are watching someone else play it, going based off how they feel. If I wanted to review this game based off watching someone, I could just search 'DSP Plays Bloodborne" and pretty much come to the conclusion that this game is utter trash because of that. Sure, you could say why not find a streamer who likes the game t... #1.1
Old news, they stated this even before ground zero released that cutscenes wouldn't be long, in fact I think they even mentioned that most of the story is told on the fly as you play #1
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I think we'll have to wait for the sequel to see if they truly learned just because it's very possible at this stage asking for some of those drastic changes old mean bug code changing.

I'm not sitting here trying to defend them, cause I'm as much disappointed as most others, but like the things you listed, I can't see them doing at this point till in the sequel. Mostly because all the dlc was pretty much done and advertised before the game even came out #1.1
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I'm having cutscene issues also with fps, and some odd Pop ins that always happens right before it cuts to the next shot in the scenes #4.1
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This is f'n awesome, games available tomorrow afternoon #1
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I'm logged in before it happened, but i can't log into the web browser site. dam, really wanted to pick up some games from the flsh sale #1.1
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If they signed an NDA (which they did), then yea it's understandable and in my opinion is in MS right to do so since it states in what they signed. But, if this were to happen in the future to just normal users then yea it would be an issue at that point.

I doubt it would come to that considering both Sony and MS have probably always had that ability, even on last gen and the backlash they would get for that would be huge. Some people say this is a pretty harsh punishment... #1.1
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It's a standalone getting a digital and retail release #1.1
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Pretty much everything Kojima ever directed
mgs, zone of enders, snatcher, castlevania, ect

Silent Hill series, contra to #1.1
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They said the series isn't dead And that they will work on silent Hill series, notice no s at the end. This game is canned, konami probably won't make one for a long time, or it'll be mobile arcade games

Also I don't think it has much to do with del tor being busy at all. Bus men don't feel heartbroken about a project they couldn't devote time imo, it had to do with no more Kojima like you aaid #8.1
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Who knows tbh
for all we know it could have been Kojima request, if rumors are true and he is now a contractor along with his studio, I can see why they might want to distant themselves. Then again, 5 hats unlikely #1.1.2
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You know, i've been chatting with my friends about this before some of the reported rumors came out today, and we pretty much assumed it's because Konami just doesn't care about their gaming division and other low profit parts of their company. Sounds like they are just getting rid of what they don't see fit anymore, despite their legacy behind those studios.

I've come to accept that, so yes they are 'suicidal' in a sense that they are pretty much... #1.1
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Jesus, is there no AA on this game or what? The background is so pixelated when you view the hi-res #1
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Like the creator of the port said, games don't work well period if they are directly ported and not built for VR in the first place #1
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