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"Writer at MP1st"


"Nearly a ps4 exclusive"

Yet its on every other platform. Okay #1.1.3
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Here's the thing. I won't defend him to death or anything, an dI'll agree there has been a ton of questionable writing in MGS, but exactly like you said.
" millions have enjoyed the series for what it is and it is one of the very few games where i had tears at the end."

The games not perfect when it comes to writing, but holyshit this guy seem to miss the points here and there.

So here;s the thing about the whole Liquid possesses... #1.1
A lot of the stuff that happened earlier in MGS is retcon with every new iteration.

"Tell me about how, in the last five minutes of Metal Gear Solid, the colonel pops up on the radio to say everything – the entire terrorist action – was the American Secretary of Defence "acting alone," and how that plot thread is never mentioned in the series again. "

This guy even Play MGS? Well by the looks of it, yeah it does, but it's clear that th... #2
it took me a little over 16 hours, on a 60mbps connection, with according to my ps4, had 21mbps. even so, it certainly wasn't doing that either. #8.2

I remmeber, and then one of the updates came along and it slowed down for me a lot. #5.1
My download speeds are slow on my ps4. First off, I get 60mpbs from my provider. On my PS4, all apps closed, I get from it's test about 20mpbs. However, when i start downloading, it's waaaaaaaaay slower than that at a lot of times. Seems to go faster though when i put my console n standby or leave it at the download screen, just like it was on the ps3.

Funny thing is, it wasn't this bad in the start, but now it seemed to have gotten much worse after one of the updates #1.1.4
nvm, it's been confirmed you can earn them playing single-playe rmissions.

Yeah, it's microtransaction, but that's been confirmed a long time already even go far as saying you can buy everything #1.1.1
Well seems odd that they wouldn't mention any of that though in their 50plus hour of playing. I mean, even if the mode inaccessible right now, wouldn't you expect to still earn to unlocks offline? #4.1

This is just disgusting, I knew the game would have Microtransaction, but holy shit this sounds like it's F2P model almost. Limited numbers of plays unless you pay #1.1
it sonly if you owned the first one digitally i believed

this is old #2.1
well, tbf sony has this in placed already. You can gameshare with another person, and anyone with ur account can log-in and play games using ur account #2.1
They are magazines, they are the only one with the exception of being able to break the online embargo considering that they are a magazine and wouldn't even have their magazine out by embargo date thus early review #7.1
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You missed the point where they removed Light Level as your actual level and made it like standard leveling, meaning whatever you do gets XP like from level 1-20 was.

Light is now just used for attack and defense value, which IMO is a great idea #1.2
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Telling me that ever since Battlefield 3 launched, all the day one dlc map that are free as pre-order weren't cut out just for the sake of being a pre-order bonus? #2.1.1
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what's wrong with having more though? If they can do it, then why not.

It only hurts if you are really expecting it to happen and get disappointed that it's not #1.1.1
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But that isn't even VR on Xbox, its just basically streaming like x1 to pc, only it's to OR, minus all the stuff that makes VR VR #2.1
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The game has always been Casual, despite having a confusing leveling structure to many. Right from the very start, like SaveFerris said, Bungie wanted to design it so it's an easy, accessible experience for everyone. I'm gonna assume that the majority of players, even the hardcore ones, would agree that the game is designed for Casual.

Do mind, this doesn't mean it's easy, it'll still offer challenges like it does now, but looking at Destiny as a whole it&... #1.1.1
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Not to be that guy, but MCC says otherwise. And not just that, these are just two games they remastered unless you count RARE collection?

Regardless though, GoW:UE is looking awesome, and definitely being taken with care. I mean, this is beyond what remasters do nowadays, where they just up the res and FPS. They literally making new assets #1.1.1
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I don't mean to be that guy to defend them because I have as much doubt about them as anyone else but those 2 DLC were canned from the start I mean we can't really expect a lot of big changes from the court game if they were originally a part of them to begin with. The taking king looks like an expansion that they actually did built right after destiny launched and from everything they've said and even shown it does look like a big improvement #1.1.1
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All the latest dlc content didn't really show much IMO, HOWEVER that was most likely due to it just being cut content. I look at the taken king and everything bungie has stated it has done with it and i see a HUGE IMPROVEMENT. I;m gonna give ttk a go, but I'm actually more excited now for Destiny 2 #1.1.1
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