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I would love one with Sully and Alcazar.


He was a great plot device, but the twist that he died really bummed me out because he seemed like such a bad ass villian. Sully said he had a run in with the guy in the past, i would love to see this story

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Ugh I hate Friday releases because my days off are Tuesdays lol

Must have been a marketing/sales move

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It's more than just gfx though, it's just overall how the game played from the demo that th3 backers got.

People are right to be angry with how the game turned out if they've already played it and a vast majority of backers don't like it. They simply didn't deliver on their promises especially with gameplay and how the visuals look downgraded

Then again that's also the risk with kickstarter's you never know what you're inve...

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Celebrating is the wrong word to use. Just because a game is delayed doesn't mean it'll turn out good or bug free as we have seen this multiple times before.

If the device think it needs more time then give them more time

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Sony owns that ip, so it won't be

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well, heavy rain collection came with two discs lol, but the other ones stil stand as proof

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Move aside Uncharted, GOTY just arrived


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I personally enjoyed Vanquish and Metal Gear Rising

In truth they just need to stay away from license stuff

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Almost anything can be classified as a mobile now a days

Anyway I find Uncharted 4 multiplayer to be very fun no I still prefer the past Uncharted games in terms of competitive play

Accessibility though is a big thing which OverWatch has. I think there's just too much going on with the unlock system in Uncharted 4 when it could have been simplified and just gone with the good Old plane progression based on rank system

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I don't see why not tbh. Sure if it was a map pack like cod dlc or battlefield, no chance, but this is a full blown expansion.

I don't see why those should be excluded from winning, especially since many have said it has so much going for it.

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WTF is up with Deep Silver shafting PS4 gamers on their remasters. They did the same when they published saint rows remaster by making you download Gat out of Hell. I just don't understand as its available on the x1 in one full package, why can't they do the same on ps4?

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but we were so close to the release!!
Was really hoping to grab this next month, well heres hoping that the july or august date stick. I guess if it's not ready it's not ready then

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I feel like I only really want it now after they had released all those kick a $$ cinematic story videos.I think a sp would be nice to have as I would love to learn more about these awesome characters

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What do you mean? There already is, it's called HDMI, or remote play

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Yes!! I hope this is true, though I do hope they keep around the original trailer reveal and gameplay. Would hate to see it drastically change into something that we wouldnt want

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because a lot of people found the beta to be fun and exceed their expectations. In fact, though some anticipated this game, the hype really didn't get started until that beta.

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It didn't have anything to do with your comment, his comment was originally posted below In now edited commwnt. I think he just wanted the attention being the second comment on the page :p

I don't understand what you're trying to get at with the whole they should have made her equal to the males, not stronger.

I don't get it with people if she gets hurt it's all of a sudden sexist, and if she doesn't get hurt now it's all of a...

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Sure no co-op, but it's going to be FREE when it releases

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Uncharted 3 did not sell 3.6 million on day 1 it's sold 1.1 million its first week, and it had shipped 3.8 on launch date

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In his defense the women had called him a dick.

Yes, it's unprofessional, but we are human after and most would have responded back with some sort of name if they felt offended

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