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Probably held back for DLC
It wouldn't surprise me.

Also the article is calling them missions whereas dice is calling them War Stories. So it's very possible it's the same exact structure then with multiple missions inside these stories

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It's a double edge sword tbh. I do think Sony should do it, but the big issue I have with it (me on PC) I'll buy a game I was interested in, and then not hear from the developers for months l, even years at times.

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I bought devastation when it was like 8 bucks at Red box. Still haven't touched it cause I'm on a backlog of games.

This is a great 2nd month in a row though, so hopefully the trend continues on. Still excited for transformers, and RE

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You think gfx mods are the only ones worth it?

While most people opt for those, many others go with mods that can add more to the story and gameplay

a lot of the best mods on Fallout 4 are fan-made quest lines

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"Top 10"

That's really bad all things considering of how many other jobs there are out there that one would consider to potentially be worse

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You guys talking about the cloud are taking this quote wrong.

They're saying that they would have liked to be multi-platform however because the decision was out of their hand they built the game around what they had available to them.

I mean that doesn't necessarily mean you're still wrong but until we hear some official statement about them saying that Titanfall 1 would have been possible on ps4 with all its features still intact this is ju...

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Hot dam, this is a sale

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I feel that this is an obvious step backwards from the taken King. It took some inspiration from it but it mostly feels like another house of wolves expansion.

You can tell this is b team again as a lot of the new stuff wasn't well thought out like the forge

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Didn't they praised the Wii U also like many other third-party developers did?

It's why I'm really skeptical about their praising even though I thought the Wii U was a great console Ubisoft just dropped the ball like many other developers did.

Nintendo can't afford to do that again, or maybe they can cause they do have a lot of money, but as a fan I hope not. The Wii U is actually a pretty great console, with exclusives shining on it. The ...

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Like I said, I agree with you. If the game remained as vanilla as it did when it launched I wouldnt even bother with playing it anymore, but they've updated it so many times and added various features that it's actually became a much better game.

I get that Everyone's entitled to an opinion but it's the same old same with you. Every article I jump into about Uncharted multiplayer is basically screaming the exact same thing, and it comes off as very negative...

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It'll come out when it's ready

I think we have to face it and just let Uncharted to go when it comes to comparing it to any of the other ones. Uncharted 2 in my opinion is the best one when it comes to the multiplayer but that doesn't necessarily make the other ones bad at all. They are good in their own way they just stopped catering to the extremely hardcore competitive players.

As long as updates like these keep rolling out the game is goin...

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No but it doesn't make sense in a story. There's a nine-year gap when big boss is in Afghanistan and to the first incident at motherbase. Alternate reality I get it but why would they locate to Afghanistan, of all the places because that's not where the first motherbase was it was off the coast of either Cuba I believe. In the nine-year time kaz did work to secure that offshore base in Africa for the second motherbase

I don't even think we know if this does ...

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That's lame and doesn't entirely make sense to me. I mean aside from the obvious that they probably want to put as little work as possible, the original mother base was near Cuba was it not? with the rebuild of it off shore of eastern africa?

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@the disagrees and replies

All you have to do is a simple Google search, you'll see this is indeed an issue. Heck, there's even a test that was done to prove it's the way psn handles traffic.
My downloads are fine on all my other devices, I've opened every port needed for my ps4. Ithe has no...

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Yea. Bummed it's a Feb release for everywhere else l. Time to avoid basically anything persona.

Also games out in Japan, how is this a leak?

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It was never like that before though and wouldn't make sense at all cause the sounds gonna be omitted a bit with the headphones on

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Hey they gotta get those clicks somehow.
Sadly we fall for it everytime to.

I feel like I've seen this article pop up several times this week, and it probably has. That's how ridiculous these articles have gotten.

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Same I had no idea about this game

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I think everyone already knew this was going to happen it was just a matter of when.

It's obvious that activation it's just packing this into Infinite Warfare to help sell it. Personally after scene some of the trailers I do think the game looks great. It's just that I'm not interested in another Mobility Call of Duty game

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That's a pretty big improvement, you can see a lot more details in the background and characters, and there's more particle effects.

Also some of the physics look better you can tell by how the fur isn't just flapping around randomly as if there's wind now it seems to go with his movement

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