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They didn’t show green goblin, venom, and carnage (very unlikely it’s him) whom of which are some of Spider-Man’s biggest villains . So no Doc Oc is not the “only” major villain they haven’t shown

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I think the web swinging was the only concern I saw from others, and it does look like it needs some fine tuning but we are less than 3 months away from release which gives them plenty of time to polish it more

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The obvious guess is venom, But if Spiderman has been doing this for 15 years this could very possibly be someone else.

My back is an iteration of the green goblin

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What about Ground Zero or how about the other ending in the game or the show the real big boss.

What about the fact that the Japanese actor wasn’t replaced?

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No that decision to replace him was a kojima decision. Ever Sense the first metal gear solid game kojima always wanted a high profile Hollywood actor, David has even said that Kojima has tried to replace him in the past.

They were trying to replace him in three and it happened again in four.

While Konami is. Without a question of the doubt responsible for some really bad decisions, We shouldn’t be turning a blind eye and thinking that everything bad that happ...

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I don’t think it’s cheaper at all unless of course it’s part of the rendering Tech nique where it doesn’t load things behind fully, Then maybe I can see it being cheaper or more efficient. It also means They don’t need to spend a whole lot on character animation.

It is what it is I trust that studio enough after the Witcher.

My only big gripe is your only going to see your character in cutscenes, Which to me defeats the purpose of even giving us an option...

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“Single digits” but ignore the game where they give you a choice

I think that further proves ur point, It’s silly to think that no progress has been made when you also take into consideration that some of the biggest games to ever release Are now starring females protagonist

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Or perhaps it’s a reference to the fact that rats were the carrier of the virus, and that they even used a similar style opening for outbreak (also set during 2 and 3)

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Pretty sure they’ve confirmed plenty (reveal trailer and recently) that Joel alive, he’s just somewhere out there

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This has me super excited, was a surprised announcement

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I missed that tbh lol, except uc3 where it was because of drugs, which didn’t make sense still.

I was expecting some sort of skeleton pirates to show up

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I know Kojima has a track record of releasing his games after a long period from announcement, But there’s a very good possibility that it will release sometimes next year given the fact that the difference between this metal gear solid five and four Is that the game engine is ready from the get go.

A large chunk of the past metal gear titles. Went to into building engines for the purpose of using them for other games

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Agreed, the format IMO didn’t work. Having them move from one tent to the text was annoying when they did that, and I’m sure a lot of press didn’t like it either.

It’s understandable what they were trying to do, but when you got most of your viewers being at home, it just doesn’t work.

This is something tbh I would have expected more so at PlayStation day.

They should have just held it all in one stage like traditional, and then after th ...

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Time travel, it’s the only explanation if it’s a prequel.

Her and peyj must have entered a wormhole or something, got separated

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Agreed, only thing I can think off they’re holding off till Sony conference

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I have a hard time on thinking it will to, just bbe cause of the Cell chip but at th same time, we do have a group of modders running ps3 games on pc, even if they are like 2fps. Makes you think if they could at least make some progress, the guys who made it could do it.

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“Wipes sweat off forehead”

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From their past showings, I thought it was pretty good overall. I mean nothing to really get me to buy an Xbox, I think more so overall for gaming.

Some fun announcements though, so I think a lot of people were surprised. I think this conference did a better job though at showing that they are committed to gaming

I think the only thing I was truly disappointed with was that Cyberpunk didn’t get some sort of gameplay reveal

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Not surprised tbh, I do expect cyberpunk to appear during the MS show, tomb raider obviously and assassin creed

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