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Note to viewers: Switch the video to 720P (or higher) 60FPS, then you'll notice.

Man, please make a HD remaster trilogy Sony #1.1.2
it exists for the same reason all those slasher, taboo films that directors make. Cause it has an audience. I'm not saying this game isn't wrong or anything, cause that's my view, but I can't be a hypocrite about it if I play games like GTA, which has the same thing in terms of killing civillians. #3.1.1
Lolya think.
Pvp should stay the same imo, but pve, it's pointless for a gun built for the raid with the recent nerf #2
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"* People are starting to realize we are being lied to about a ton of stuff, and the Truth is becoming more valued by the day.

Within 2-3 years, Sites like Polygon won't be allowed to exist because they outright lie to people for their own monetary gain. "

Not to sound sagaint this, but this has been going on for ages. Look at Kotaku, they've been lying to their readers for ages, yet no matte rhow many times they get caught, they just grow... #1.4.1
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Not to defend them, but yes, they did update their BF review, Multiple times infact

My issue is: It's Only been a freak'n week, whereas they've given many of their updated games a full month before going back #1.2.5
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Uh, subzero was resurrected already in mk9 as noon saibot. #2
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it's probably an excuse for marketing reasons TBH, cause now they can play it off as some new, next-gen feature, cause you know, they are Ubbisoft #2.2.1
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he's already in the WWE roster. He debuted a few months back #3.1
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It has nothing to do with that, it's why even have bother with preparing and grinding for gear, when the default stuff is basically the same. It kind of defeats the purpose, no one is asking to have god mode, they are asking for the gear to actually matter. And don't say it does, there's plenty of proof on you tube saying otherwise

Iron banner is basically clash, just as combined arms is. Meaning they aren't any different than the non event modes, if anything... #1.1.3
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lol, IKR

Here I have all this gear, almost maxed level and my weapons fully upgrade and I am getting beaten by low level characters with very common gear. I thought Iron Banner was gonna be a Cluster F filled with OP, high level, and hard to get gear, when all you really needed was a fresh starter character. #1.1
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They aren't entirely wrong though. Yes the quote is from VG, but you gotta remember that they didn't make the ad, someone at the marketing division did. The quote was hand selected and placed in an Ad that Sony themselves published. Sure, it's not from their mouth, but they were okay with giving the impression of that.

Haven't played the game, waiting on the Plus edition, but from what I hear from other people (and not just the trol... #1.1.3
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Uh, it's known that VG24/7 said it, but the point is, Sony still used it. Nothing gets through marketing without approval from someone. VG didn't make Sony put the quote in, it was handpicked by someone over at the marketing division of the company that Sony is using. In the end of the day, it might as well have came from Sony, since they are advertising that it is indeed the Forza Killer.

I'm still waiting on the PS+ version to release for my judgement, but a lot... #6.1.1
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It doesn't really go down though, not fully at least. Only things you can't access are account features and the store, which I get could be annoying, but as long as you logged in at least 5 days (i think) prior, you can still play online as normal #7.1.1
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Nah, Rockstar is to smart for that considering that they advertised it, meaning that they could get into a lot of trouble if they don't follow up. #2.1.1
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What console? Cause i have had very min issues, if any at all #1.4.1
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this was the game that everyone had in mind as well, and it really does explain why it's getting low scores.

I mean, if all true, they really gimped on story just to make it more accessible aka CODINIZE it. #1.1
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Its because they stated that theyll have new free content everweek. I assume they are hiding things to release later like vault of glass.

Who knows though #7.1.1
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it's free for all... #4.1
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Good patch. That last patch made me a bit mad with how legendary no longe rgave shards from queens bounty, but at least this we are now garentee a legendary item for our engram. No more commons #1
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I wouldn't. If you know anything about Play Arts, is that they are very deceiving and are horrible when it comes to the final product. They are expensive paper weights made of cheap plastic that ends up breaking the moment you open one, and usually are horribly disfigured, especially the face.

Sure, I really do like how this looks, but given the fact that they always make it look better (lighting, and a much better build), I have never bought one that didn't have faults... #1.1
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