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It's a standalone getting a digital and retail release #1.1
Pretty much everything Kojima ever directed
mgs, zone of enders, snatcher, castlevania, ect

Silent Hill series, contra to #1.1
They said the series isn't dead And that they will work on silent Hill series, notice no s at the end. This game is canned, konami probably won't make one for a long time, or it'll be mobile arcade games

Also I don't think it has much to do with del tor being busy at all. Bus men don't feel heartbroken about a project they couldn't devote time imo, it had to do with no more Kojima like you aaid #8.1
Who knows tbh
for all we know it could have been Kojima request, if rumors are true and he is now a contractor along with his studio, I can see why they might want to distant themselves. Then again, 5 hats unlikely #1.1.2
You know, i've been chatting with my friends about this before some of the reported rumors came out today, and we pretty much assumed it's because Konami just doesn't care about their gaming division and other low profit parts of their company. Sounds like they are just getting rid of what they don't see fit anymore, despite their legacy behind those studios.

I've come to accept that, so yes they are 'suicidal' in a sense that they are pretty much... #1.1
Jesus, is there no AA on this game or what? The background is so pixelated when you view the hi-res #1
Like the creator of the port said, games don't work well period if they are directly ported and not built for VR in the first place #1
well we don't even know why Kojima leaving, and oddly enough he pretty much predicted it would happen with MGS5 due to the subjects he's tackling.

It's pretty F'n dumb though, they need to come out already and admit shit cause it's all leaking on the webs and it's all clearly evident that Kojima is pretty much gone.

I'll probably never end up buying another Konami product #3.1
crota was poorly executed IMO

I know you can solo VoG fom what I hear, but that sounds like it takes skills, but Croto was for the most part an easy Solo, which brings me to the next point. Crota raid felt more like your standard horde mode, not much teamwork is really needed, whereas VoG basiclaly forced it from the start to have teamwork, which is why I enjoyed it a lot more. #2.1
Agreed, though I wouldn't want it that large portion, more like leading into it. That's my ideal ending for this game #5.1
they aren't exactly back as they are human augmentation this time around, but they will most likely play the same. I hope not tbh, cause thats what advance warfare is for, we don't need more than one in the series like it. So I'm really hoping it's just not exo-movements under a new name, but it's cod so.

Was really hoping treyarch would stick to it's tradtional past/present day setting #1.1.1
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i don't really understand this in terms of what was wrong with that, cause from the decription, it sounds like it'll be the same in gameplay
"“momentum-based chained-movement system” that will allow players to traverse the map in continuous motion using thrust jumps, slides, and mantling abilities, all while remaining in control of your weapon at all times."

I mean, what difference is that? I guess we will know from the reveal, but it sounds pretty m... #4.1
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i held off on shovel knight thinking it would hit Plus eventually (i'm tight on money), but yea I highly doubt this seeing that it just got released. It would be utter bs to those who bought it #1.2
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Wow, seriously dude just had to go there
-_- #1.1
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Kojima's last attempt before he leaves Konami to Mind F**k us all to oblivion #2.1
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I guess the question that everyone is asking, if true, are the dropping this bs 3rd party dlc exclusive, or giving it to sony now?

I really do hate timed anything

Also, this trailer looks like something right out of deus ex! #1.1.1
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don't worry, either they'll be available for DLC later, or they'll be in the sequel and it'll be super revolutionary for the series, i'm totally cereal. #1.1
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I'd rather it release several months later than get another rushed movie game. I mean, that doesn't mean it'll be good or anything, It's just most of the time game movies are pretty bad #2.1.1
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Well there is a vanilla demo, and the vanilla version has been available since last year in japan #1.1.2
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He's not saying it's a bad game or anything. It's good, but I'm gonna agree with him it really isnt. I mean I was expecting a lot from it, but we got mostly the same, even reused bosses.

It's fun, I enjoy it, but it's my least ranked souls in the series #1.1.1
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