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It's a shame to, because the Vita is such a great piece of hardware, it just feels like Sony is putting to much focus into making it a peripheral for the PS4, rather than it's own personal handheld. We need games, like Syphon Filter, God of War, New Jak, ect ect.

It's really something SOny can pull off, with all these PS2 games we've been asking to comback, they could easily make them for the Vita #1.1
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I never understood the hate for small player count in some games. I find that those are some of the best Multiplayers experiences. Anything large IMO just feels like a kill-fest, a game with no real objectives. I enjoy the smaller count because it feels a bit more paced, and a lot of thinking can go into them, least IMO.

TBH, I think a lot more people were angry about TF player count because of the AI padding that came along with it, as in it made people think that it should... #5.1
Hmm so it lookslike theres moreexclusive dlc than the ones previously announced. Says each expansion has some.

Seems pointless for a full year, considering most x1 owners will prob be on Halo #3
I liked beyond, but tbh i think the reason ehy i like heavy rain more is the story structure and how choices had more outcomes.

If beyond came out for ps4, i would only replay it if they fixed the story sequence. It just seem out of place at times #1.1.2
It actually looks like the games about to go Gold (tweets), probably within the next few weeks #3.1
TBH I don't think COD devs ever shown anything different then their reveals. As much as I am tired of COD and such, still gotta give them that for not misleading anyone there #1
pffffffffft I read this whole thing thinking it was one of those grab title and then state otherwise and then got to the end.

Really? I can't tell if this guy is joking or what, the fact that he said no to the warrenty in the first place and he snucked it in at the end anyway, only to have a change of opinion cause of a display. #1.1
I don't really think that counts considering it's a pre-order bonus. You could put down $5 on any other game and get nothing in return, and this is also going towards the purchase of the full game, refundable aswell #6.2
Not to bothering since us console players are pratically use to having our in-game character named after our psn id. #1
"Sony will release the slim when they're ready, there is no need in waiting for Microsoft."

Agreed, The Slim will come when it comes. It's not about being a last resort to try to regain the market from the competition, it's about releasing an old product again at a cheaper production value for them, thus more profit per console sold. #1.1.1
I dont think i`ve ever been disappointed by their ganes other than in terms of length. These guys know gameplay for the most part to make it enjoyable #1
Lol it hasnt even been announced for PS4 YET #1.1
I dont even know why this is even a piece tbh, they arr obviously going to use the cloud save feature that theyve had in place since gta online launched #1.1
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"Yeah. That makes sense. It's just upsetting. My brother and I used to split the cost of digital versions on PS3, so we could share them. When we do physical copies, we have to share. It gets annoying. Neither of us is particularly into multi-player stuff, so that was never the issue. It was just inconvenient."

Read my edit, the feature still exists, it's just a bit different than before. This was made very clear at launch when they said two PS4 can be activ... #5.3
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What the feature to gamesahre with two accounts? The PS4 still has that, it's just only one account can be the master account while the other is a secondary. Well it's like that on the PS3 also, but PS4 master account allows play on all accoutns, while secondary it's only the purchaser account that can play those games.

Same deal though if yu make a friend the master account that way you can basically share and play the same game

Y... #5.2
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Oh. Mecha Godzilla I presume is shwon for a split second #4.1
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I assume he`s a frieza era soildier who most likely recieved timetraveling abilities like bardock, except he has control

He shouldnt need the scouter if hes gohan, or any of the z cast considering thAt they learn to read powers.

And if it is, maybe its an android power level detector making him from future trunks timelinr #1.1.1
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", both consoles sold more copies of just Watch Dogs than these numbers posted here"

Uh dude, you think everybody who bought a PS4/Xbox One this week went out to buy Watch Dogs as well? These numbers don't add-up TO YOU because you are relating the two separate sales figure as if they should be near identical, when there are also existing owners buying the game #2.3
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Yea, I'll be honest I thought the X1 would lead (not by much) a week or so in the us after the price drop, not the other way around. Just shows that price wasn't a major factor like everyone was making it out to be. This was also pretty known considering that the X1 been on sale for a while now before the official price drop/model drop #1.1
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it was rumored, this is just an official statement #1.1
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