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That stream was one of the most cringy thing i have watched in a long while. From the singer trying to get people to sing, to the ackward bits they tried to pull off to stall time.

Worst of all, Sonic was basically dead inside his costume. The poor guy had no clue where he was when he came out on stage, they literally had to get someone to walk them out. He was then asked to take place in a selfi but couldn't move at all.

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We still know very little. For all we know the controller runs on Tegra. Meaning the dock could be more than just your ordinary dock.

You know, kind of like remote play on the vita? The vita can't handle ps4 games, yet it can stream them.

It seems, Nintendo may be gearing up for a unified system. Meaning no more separate handheld iterations or consoles, they'll be one thing sold together.

I'll wait and see, and let the game...

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Same, I always thought he could pull it off, but I'm glad he played trap master in the 1st generation of flash, and then played him in the new one, which was extremely joker like

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And this costume doesn't do the same? You know the whole "sexy nurse look" cause that's how the costume originated to a degree. She even wore a nurse hat that had to plus replaced with an H.

It's funny you say it was never full in your face, yet this costume is arguably the one that put more sexualization on her. It was always light with the jester costume, though that's very debatable to (pudding scene in the animated serie...

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Only there's really nothing wrong with the one in suicide squad.

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No they arent. I hinted this a while back about what the gimmick would be by saying they are taking an idea and doing it better (remote play). Its better in a sense you dont need internet at all. I'll say this, the console is apparently very development friendly with a extremely overhauled online infrastructure.

In terms of power, this is speculated to be on near neo specs, though possibly weaker.


Naw nowhere near Scorpio t...

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I have been waiting for them to do something like this

A game like this could severely benefit from features like these.

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What a clickbait title I read the reason and don't understand why they chose to go with the title asking if this is the end of Xbox One. (Title now edited to say original xbox)

It's the end of the fat one obviously because the slim models coming out and they even put that reason in there. The slim model is still on Xbox One it just has 4K support. There's no reason to continue selling the original Xbox and every console manufacturer or does this when they relea...

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You forget obsidian Studio did Fallout New Vegas. You know I death team that actually knows better writing than the main team that does The Fallout Series in general.

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What a clickbait title they don't discuss why it's not out yet at all. He only says he can't say anything because of company policy.

Save yourself a click guys i should have known better when I read gamingbolt as the source

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I believe, like walmart, they charge your card to check for funds first and then redoposit that back in. I noticed this with my Bestbuy pre order once, and it did it with my walmart pre order

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they already announced its coming in march.

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It's going to be Sega vs ninetendont all over again

I fn hope we see these kind of commercials air

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It's more like their games are all the same that people are complaining about

Can't 3xpect much to change in gameplay, but ever sense they hit it hard with twd they have kept their art style the same.

I'm only disappointed in the way that batman looks, I m3an you see it and can go "yep, that's def a tt game". I was hoping for a more comic book/animation style.

I'm sure it'll be good, assuming they are ...

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It does but with presets that Sony created. Expect this to happen though, most likely charge for it as well, which I be fine with mor3 so than fees on static themes

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Haven't you heard though since it became top news now every journalist is a stockbroker and know how the market works.

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I'm pretty sure despite its saying its pre-beta this is most likely going to be very close to the final build.

I really can't tell the difference if there are any they basically look exactly the same. So unless it has some sort of modifications like PC enhancement or something along the lines don't expect it to look any different

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Developer kits have always been that high if not higher for other consoles like the PS3.

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I thought they confirmed more on the eshop?

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I say they def at least tried to include more (PSVR MODE)

Idk if it's worth the price as I'm probably gonna wait, because A it's a year later, and B to many games coming out to really care.

Plus, I expect many others to follow that therefore most likely seeing this go to the bargain bin quickly like the first time it released

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