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I think it says a lot, it's gonna be super short.

Looks like the Multiplayer Expansion is probably where it's going in terms of focus

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yep, Nioh came out last month along with Yakuza and Kingdom Hearts 2.8. We got Nier this Month, Kingdom Hearts 1.5 +2.5 collection next, Persona 5 April and I'm sure I'm missing some more exclusives maybe. This is just the first half of the year, we still got E3 and a bunch of unannounced projects and more exclusives for the PS4 (Crash, Uncharted Legacy, Gran Turismo, ect) and VR titles probably releasing this year. This is most definitely the year to own a PS4 though with the amount...

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I don't think Shadowfall was a bad game at all, but for me the original trilogy are in a league of their own. I feel Shadowfall is the advance/modern warfare setting of the Killzone, whereas the other three were the WW2 themed style titles in a sense that they felt way grittier. That doesn't make Shadowfall a bad game, but it does pop out.

Even Mercenary felt like a traditional Killzone game.

here's hoping after Cam...

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but Shadowfall covered what happened after three already, the game only takes place 30 years later. There wouldn't be much big battles happening due to the small size army helghan has.

If anything, I would like to see them do a Soft-reboot and maybe have it take place after two, or yes even after three and just go with the whole fan theory about Visari having a body double at the end of 2/intro to 3. It's what many had thought giving how three started and then ende...

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I think the Zune released at a bad time, as with Microsoft surface (idk if thats doing doo now?)

Both devices basically surfaced AFTER the success of apple hitting it with the ipod.

Releasing a handheld from them in todays market wouldnt exactly be DOA for them. I feel the handheld market is pretty open, despite being mostly Nintendo dominant.

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Could just have been a mistake to and they are gearing for a different date :(

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yes they have

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The clouds do move, this was just shot with photomode and it freezes their cycle.
Either way, this game blows my mind.

Its also pretty impressive knowing that this game can run without the use of Fog tricks to hide details.

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I was gonna do a video like this, but even on my 4k set the difference are hard the tell. The game is solid on both ps4

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I guess it depends on how good ltll be, but to compare the two is stupid, especially when the user probably hasn't played either or

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Im about 75 percent done with it, a lot of those cons are ridiculous. They complain about how beautiful the world is but because you noticed the HUD and everything you're reminded it's a action game.

They also go off to complain about how you see purple icons everywhere when in truth you don't you only see them when you go into Focus mode, otherwise a vast majority of the land is bearing when it comes to small collectibles

And then they compl...

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They never said 60fps......
They said smoother fps options

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Lol thats a bit harsh IMO, could very well not have known during the time of purchase that they were stolen, infact one of them gave Nintendo the console back upon learning it. Also the system is only a few weeks out until release, so I wouldn't be surprised if we start seeing a lot of people getting their console early due to early shipping

The art gallery comparison is silly. Here you have something massed produced, those are one of a kind and buyers know exactly what...

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What do the sales of the first game have anything to do with it being exclusive? From the sound of it you make it seem like the game didn't sell at all which may be the case but doesn't that mean that they shouldn't have warranted a sequel to begin with?

Your comment even makes it sound like it shouldn't even be leaving Japan and that it is just a japan-exclusive like so many other games there.

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And people say japan doesn't matter

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You can hide in tall grass, throw rocks and wistle. I wont say its super deep like a MGS game, but it gets the job done right and i enjoy the stealth

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I like how u are sitting there defending it, yet im pretty possitive you havent played it yet? That is such a silly excuse to defend a flaw IMO, its the same excuse destiny player used when destiny launched, and mind you i like destiny but even i acknowledge it has major flaws.

It needs some sort of focus/lock on, or probably a bigger FOV during combat with machines. The camera feels to close to the character to know whats happening around you, especially when the machines ...

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I stopped caring about pvp a long time ago. Only certain titles can grab me now, and its not many. I enjoy my co-op, pve style games

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Looks like someone accidentally hit Published rather than Hide for their review XD, look at the URL date

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