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The one big feature i csn think of thats left is name changing

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I have lost interest in a lot of their recent titles but this was the one I was really excited for just because I enjoy the comics , and the first one genuinely made me feel for the characters

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I hate both of you right now

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This is the last KH game in the current Dark Seeker Saga (1st saga).

similar to all the recent titles and ones after the 1st game, i think its safe to assume Riku will most likely be playable, along with all or some of the other past KH characters.

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This was his E3 2017 Prediction:
"PS4 Pro to drop to $249 and standard PS4 to drop to $199 (but that might be for a limited time period - depends on Scorpio's price)."

Why are guesses considered news on this site?
I mean i will say he did predict a metroid related Nintendo announcement, but even still i say hes way more wrong than right

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"using something like this would allow cross platform gamers to chat over different consoles/pc."

Or you can just download discord on ur phone, problem solved, cross console vc.

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I have a feeling it was a capability issue with legacy equipment that is now now longer supported. So heres hoping it gets a big update soon here because of that devision

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The issue, imo, with basing it on the movie is that means they have to write it to fit in, they have to have people from outside do stories that they dont want to tell.

Least here theyre given freedom to write the story they want to tell.

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In all honesty, like you said, i dont have an answer for SF5 and like you said same with witness on x and pc.

Least to me, for xbox/pc it makes more sense since microsoft wants to push their platform on PC. Sony? No idea why. Maybe the teo are just realizing that supporting pc growth has a correlation to capture more for their own platform

In fact i dont have an answer for any reason for games on console pc to be a console exclusive. To me, that decision ...

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Its not just porting that takes a factor into cost. You have production, you have to pay a team to ensure it doesnt have issues, then you got packaging, marketing, digital fees, ect.

Ask urself why did sony fund street fighter? Why did microsoft fund dead rising? Nintendo bayonentta? Ect, ect.

Whats cheaper, capcom to fund it themselves or getting paid by a company to do it? As the same with sony, whats cheaper spend x amount at one time or spend x amount tha...

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A lot of those studios that are closing down, regardless, most likely wouldntt have made a bigger impact if they were multiplat.

Its cheaper to develop for a single platform, games flop and that happens, but honestly if those same studios had their games as multiplat you think it would have made much a difference with the addrd cost of production to make that port?

This also goes hand and hand with the fact that many of these studios that are shutting do...

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His point is, people have been hyping this game for years and all its cloud power, yet when microsoft publishes new video its all excuses how its single player and it doesnt feature that scale of destruction.

Ill be honest, this looks pretty f'n fun, especially with friends (im a ps fanboy, look at my history) and that what matters to me the most, but i do question why they keep showing it like this vs the full scale. Doesnt that worry you? How many years has it been, t...

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Only its not an exclusive thing for n4g. Infact, eurogamer stated this at their trch reveal that the cpu is a very minor update that cpuld serve as a bottleneck.

MS probably went with this so they can keep it in the xbox one family yet while still supplying a superior console compared to competition. Ill say it certainly is still impressive of an upgrade regardless

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I was gonna say I agree that The writing in his games arent exactly top tier stuff but then i decided to read the full article.

All this is about is how David Cage is a white man writing parts for other races/gender he is not and doesnt understand so he shouldnt write for those part, only parts of white people.

Literal quote "David Cage, a white man, only understands how white men think."

Jesus, this article

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Yeah so accurate that some consoles have multiple subscriptions...

Not only that but its a combined number between 360, x1, and possibly pc?

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They still are IMO

Yeah its sold out, but that doesnt happen in most cases. A vast majority of the time they are cheaper than digital (amazon prime, best buy club) and you get a hard copy of it.

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Activision after seeing crash success:
"Alright guys, production of a yearly crash release begins now"

I hope not lol

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What crawled up ur butt?

Personally, i agree. I thought nier ost was better

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Konami stopped caring about big video gamea a long time ago tbh.

They have cards and gambling that they make the vast of their money.

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Thats 10 years of support, just like their 10 year plan for the PS3, which overlapse into the ps4 lifecycle.

Even still they still support it with ps+

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