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so because it's a digital game it doesn't count now? Really? #1.2.2
I don't think from soft will do that, they are notorious for complicated games with strong learning curve. I mean look at armord core, it's still not easy for a noob to just jp in #4.1
I am curious how much Microsoft is losing in Japan and if the cost of just leaving the country would be more profitable
which to be honest I'm not even sure if its that much I feel though as if Microsoft is just waiting around until an exclusive in Japan hits the Xbox one and then Cell will skyrocket for a little bit and then trickle down #1.1.1
thats really my only downfall, it's worse with three people. Like these guys sid above though, oddly not suring bos fights just in areas #1.1.3
yes #1.6.1
Probably not. A, they originally said they had no plans or intention of bringing it to next gen so I bought it the first time around, and B it's a great game but considered by man, including myself, t be the weakest of the souls games.

I played the heck out of it, but it felt less of a sequel and more of a dlc or extension of the first game with how much they reused a lot of the assets, including boss fights. #1
Works every time, though it's more effective if you send them a message saying you want to show them something. I like the non message way though, they usually get the message and I fidn it more funny because they think you were the one who pushed them off. #1

It has nothing with being a master, if you are spending 12 hours in the exact same little area with little knowledge about the shortcuts and easy paths, you are doing something very very wrong #1.1.12

I did say 'Almost", and none the less there's a shortcut in every area that makes things easier #1.1.3
I always find it funny reading complaints about having to redo stuff cause you died by a boss. There's pretty much a shortcut that you can unlock right before almost every boss making travel time to them mere minutes. #1.1
Funny, it took me like 2 to beat him but that's cause I chose the weakest starting role. Just started a fresh save for another friend, 15 hours wtf is this guy doing. Took me like 30 minutes to beat both cleric and the other boss #1.1
If you complain enough they might send it to you early then this bs delay. That's what happened with my friend said April 20th complained arrived next day lol #1.2
What a shit con tbh. I don't think any paid dlc has been announced nor even detailed if they plan on it. #1.2
I really hope that ubisoft doesn't mess this up I have long awaited for a good Rainbow Six game since Vegas released #2
I really do hate the idea when a huge new gfx card comes out everyone points fingers to consoles saying that they are holding those back but let's be honest, how many of those 9 million users who logged into steam have a huge gaming rig? My guess a small perfecentage.

It's not consoles holding pc gaming imo, I mean it plays a factor, but if you spent thousands on a rig and expect devs to take advantage of it don't. Even some pc exclusives don't fully take at... #1.1
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Does look good, hopefully it has some added conten5. Wonder since they are making another one they will make a different ending. #1.2
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other than Sony announcing that it is in development nothing else has been said about it #6.1
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This. I have a feeling it's most likely just a rebranding/naming of the studio or at least I'm hoping rather than just downright getting rid of them all together #1.1
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I'll take 15 seconds over a minute and a half any day. Can't believe you are complaining about this feature, it's f'n optional and there's plenty of games out there that have long loading screens at cold boot. What about playing a really long mission that if you reset or die you start over again? it has many uses #3.3.2
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