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Well I tested it on 'very high' with killer instinct here okay so the video is shoddy but that's my fault. Totally playable as far as I'm concerned, the only real frame issue was in a cut scene. This is just using a standard SKY router. Personally I think the feature works perfectly well for what it is..... Having said that, it is of little use to me unless they find a way of streaming a... #12
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Zaxxon remake would be cool. Powerstone.... Basically anything isometric in play style would be cool.... I can't wait to try this bad boy out! With this and morpheous on the way... Exciting times!! #8
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I'm guessing that most of those complaining about the price never owned a neo-geo. £200 a game anyone? Mind you a mint copy of Ultimate 11 is 'worth' £10k+ now. Probably worth getting one of these beauties and leaving it in the box for the future lol

On topic.... Does it come with the briefcase of spare parts I saw in a demo video over e3? #66
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I have run many emulators on my PC so know how buggy they can be. As a preview member I have to take my hat off to MS only played a couple of titles so far,one word.... Flawless!

Please make PGR3 compatible for the preview to tide me over until Forza 6 :-) #36
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The Dragons Lair of this generation? #29
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Nice one wondersheep sooooo much simpler. I don't see how you can screen shot an 'epic' moment without being able to go frame by frame on a video clip, so I'd probably use your method over and instant screen grab button in any case. #7.1
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Worth the money for that 6R4, best variety of wheels out of every Forza I've played, awesome!!! #2
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bubble up for using the word twerp! #8.1
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Who cares, it's a games console! Lol #29
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If Sony do start to loose their lead their fanboys will have no one to blame but themselves. In my eyes Sony are getting complacent, I was so excited for drive club and was gutted when it was finally released. Stop defending what has been a weak show and demand more, Forza 5 is a great game so give us GT7. There seems to be no reaction to Microsoft (much needed!) action, pull your finger out Sony and do what you do best. Fanboys saying "but 2015..." should be demanding quality gam... #9
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The One is £319.99 with sunset Overdrive here in the UK I, picked one up for my son with this, HMCC and Forza 5 for £369.99 yesterday. The deals are out there its just a matter of looking. #19.1.1
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Lots of console sales come down to what your mates play (if your an online gamer... With gaming mates at least). I'm hoping that as the xbox one picks up sales it will sell itself, the way the PS4 did. I'm still holding off getting a PS4 until next year (although you can't beat a drunken night of singstar at Christmas lol).

I really don't get the whole hate for Microsoft thing to be honest. They are a business the same as Sony they aren't your 'friend... #26
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Have to say I think GWG is the weakest aspect of the Xbox One. I know it's early days yet but the last couple of months offerings have been really lack lustre.

I have Forza 5 but think it would be an awesome game to give away, with plenty of dlc to make some money back on. Plus it would reignite the online community which would be great for those of us with the game already.

Having said that.... Dead rising 3 or KI. Surely games with dlc have more poten... #20
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I have it on the one, looked fine to me. Having said that it feels so slow compared to titanfall, even with the light foot perk on. #30
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My copy arrived yesterday, already completed the campaign on veteran, but loved every second. Graphics are world's ahead of the old games imo. Just need to get tucked into the multilayer :-) #3
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Surely the only people who cast a valid vote are those that own/have played both systems. I have an xbox one right now but intend to get a ps4 when the order lands. But if you asked me most of those questions today I'd go with xbox simply because I'm happy with it and currently it appeals more to me than the ps4. Would my vote for best controller be fair considering I've got hours of play time with the xone controller and have never even held the ps4 one, of course not! Sales tell... #27
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Other than forza 5 use of the Kinect for head tracking (which I found worked well but was of no use to me personally). I have to say if developers can implement it as well as the main OS does then I can see great things for its future. With the sky box running through it, it really does feel integrated into my AV setup. We even used it to Skype my folks on Skype and the image clarity was first class.

I can see how people are apprehensive about it but really unless you have on... #39
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Does the cloud work if you don't have an internet connection? Because only a few weeks ago there were a large number of PS4 fans who didn't have one during "24hr connection-gate".

Anyways I am a casual gamer it seems as I haven't played on either console and unlike 90% on the people on here couldn't tell you which console will end up being best (largley as I'm unable to tell the future).

Having owned every system since the N... #23.1
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Allow me.. #15.1.1
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Have to say I was playing GOW3 on my PS3 last weekend readying myself for the PS4...ummm doesn't that game do exactly the same thing as Ryse, pots and kettles spring to mind Abriael. I think this game looks awesome roll on the next gen I say. :-) #2.4.2
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