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Looks sensational! Love how you can see Kratos's face when he does a powerful axe swing... That dude looks angry!!

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Well thankfully, I didn't take the word limitless in its literal sense as I couldn't see any game for filling the "dictionary" definition of the word - luckily I had it next to me during the presentation, thank goodness eh!

Even the link you sent (and I'll be honest I didn't read all 740 comments!) seems to be players complaining about the lack of response from Rare on specifics rather than lies.

Is the game light on content, su...

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So what's the possibility of you and I both having exactly the same experience in a sandbox game with no narrative to follow? I get people don't like the game and to each their own.

What is so annoying is people defaming a developer with spin. Did you really take that comment to mean everything you deem to be possible?

These are lies...
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Watched the video. Like I said such as? This is marketing talk for sure and whether or not you feel its true is subjective. Most ambitious game ever.... Well an online sandbox game is, I would imagine is far more technically challenging to pull off than any of their previous titles.

What are ALLL the things they promised that didn't make the game?

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Such as?

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Couldn't agree more, limited by your own imagination in many ways. If you want a linear nareative to follow then this probably isn't for you.

Want to fire two of your mates onto an enemy ship, pinch their spoils, sail their ship alongside yours jump back aboard whilst leaving their galleon to run aground..... All as their crew watch helplessly from the very island their ship is about to collide with? Then maybe give it a try.

I don't get wer...

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Put it this way if Microsoft don't pull it out of the bag this year they may as well give up. The PS4 has had a hell of a year, even if some of the games shown have ended up being years away, they keep the hype train chugging along. In honesty my xbox gets more use due to the sky TV being routed through it so it's much easier to sneak a quick go in here and there and my friends notifications letting the missus know play time is imminent lol.

But this is all wasted i...

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I've spent a good few hours (20 or so) on sot and have to say I've had some of the best moments in video gaming with this title. Three on three ship battles with a crew of your mates is a riot. I played the game throughout the beta period so maybe my expectations were more realistic/reserved, I don't remember expecting much more than what was there (was a single player campaign ever promised?). I guess I can see that a £60 asking price might seem high, but surely if the price...

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Got mine yesterday and have to say I was relieved to find it doesn't have a built in battery. I used to get so frustrated with my iPhones, Ds3 controllers and now even with this Galaxy edge... The battery's seem to have deteriorated to an unusable state with in a matter if years. Of course you can change them out (although I always find I have bits left over when I put things back together :-s).

There is new battery tech on the way, but until it arrives I'd rathe...

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Having played every forza to date I have to say the drivatars are really coming into there own. The way they jostle for position and make mistakes is so refreshing. My brothers one is almost as bad as he is and caused a MONSTER 9 car pile up..... Awesomeness!

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Well I tested it on 'very high' with killer instinct here okay so the video is shoddy but that's my fault. Totally playable as far as I'm concerned, the only real frame issue was in a cut scene. This is just using a standard SKY router. Personally I think the feature works perfectly well for what it is..... Having said that, it is of little use to me unless they find a way of streaming a...

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Zaxxon remake would be cool. Powerstone.... Basically anything isometric in play style would be cool.... I can't wait to try this bad boy out! With this and morpheous on the way... Exciting times!!

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I'm guessing that most of those complaining about the price never owned a neo-geo. £200 a game anyone? Mind you a mint copy of Ultimate 11 is 'worth' £10k+ now. Probably worth getting one of these beauties and leaving it in the box for the future lol

On topic.... Does it come with the briefcase of spare parts I saw in a demo video over e3?

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I have run many emulators on my PC so know how buggy they can be. As a preview member I have to take my hat off to MS only played a couple of titles so far,one word.... Flawless!

Please make PGR3 compatible for the preview to tide me over until Forza 6 :-)

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The Dragons Lair of this generation?

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Nice one wondersheep sooooo much simpler. I don't see how you can screen shot an 'epic' moment without being able to go frame by frame on a video clip, so I'd probably use your method over and instant screen grab button in any case.

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Worth the money for that 6R4, best variety of wheels out of every Forza I've played, awesome!!!

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bubble up for using the word twerp!

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Who cares, it's a games console! Lol

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If Sony do start to loose their lead their fanboys will have no one to blame but themselves. In my eyes Sony are getting complacent, I was so excited for drive club and was gutted when it was finally released. Stop defending what has been a weak show and demand more, Forza 5 is a great game so give us GT7. There seems to be no reaction to Microsoft (much needed!) action, pull your finger out Sony and do what you do best. Fanboys saying "but 2015..." should be demanding quality gam...

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