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Surely the only people who cast a valid vote are those that own/have played both systems. I have an xbox one right now but intend to get a ps4 when the order lands. But if you asked me most of those questions today I'd go with xbox simply because I'm happy with it and currently it appeals more to me than the ps4. Would my vote for best controller be fair considering I've got hours of play time with the xone controller and have never even held the ps4 one, of course not! Sales tell... #27
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Other than forza 5 use of the Kinect for head tracking (which I found worked well but was of no use to me personally). I have to say if developers can implement it as well as the main OS does then I can see great things for its future. With the sky box running through it, it really does feel integrated into my AV setup. We even used it to Skype my folks on Skype and the image clarity was first class.

I can see how people are apprehensive about it but really unless you have on... #39
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Does the cloud work if you don't have an internet connection? Because only a few weeks ago there were a large number of PS4 fans who didn't have one during "24hr connection-gate".

Anyways I am a casual gamer it seems as I haven't played on either console and unlike 90% on the people on here couldn't tell you which console will end up being best (largley as I'm unable to tell the future).

Having owned every system since the N... #23.1
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Allow me.. #15.1.1
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Have to say I was playing GOW3 on my PS3 last weekend readying myself for the PS4...ummm doesn't that game do exactly the same thing as Ryse, pots and kettles spring to mind Abriael. I think this game looks awesome roll on the next gen I say. :-) #2.4.2
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Will it run on a £500 PC though ;-) think I'd rather get an XB1 and take my family away on holiday for two weeks than spend the cash on a monster gaming PC. Just my opinion though :-) #3.6
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Will PS+ have a family option. Right now I pay £65 a year for four M$ gold accounts for me and my son (the other two I have sold to mates for £35 each so I'm actually making a couple of quid). I have no problem paying the ps+ subscription as long as it's per house hold and not per machine/per account. #37
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Customer care? Tell me more! #131.1
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Well said sir, no wonder gamers are looked at as nerds by the rest of the world. Funny thing is, I'm guessing 80% of these fanboys arn't old enough to afford either unless mum and dad stump up the money lol #128.1
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I've always made a point of staying out of what is largely a completely pointless/one sided argument, but after weeks of reading deluded posts stating "Sony really cares about its gamers.." and "good riddance to Microsoft they're greedy so and so's". I have to say do people really think Sony will give two hoots about you without the competition of a rival company, be it Microsoft or Nintendo? I have always owned systems from all three for the simple reason that... #72
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