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RECOMMENDED: Graphics: nVidia GTX 980 or AMD equivalent w/ 4GB VRAM

Wow really?

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You only have yourself to blame.

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I'd rather a new Wave Race, but I would buy this also.

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That's pretty funny. Are they just made that their game is bad?

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The only reason PSP sold as well as it did was because it was hacked easily. Everyone I knew that had a PSP had it hacked.

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Had a ton of emulated games on the PSP. In fact playing PS1 games was all I really used it for after a while.

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It's a bit worse than a head set.

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I don't even consider that skimpy, she is barely showing any skin at all.

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Pretty nice for Xbox people. I stopped using Kodi because Exodus and Covenant don't seem to be working anymore. Was nice while it lasted.

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If something like that is even around $1000 I would be surprised at how cheap it is.

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That's the same as a 1060 right? I don't know AMD stuff.

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Welcome to the modern world of gaming twits.

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Played a bunch on PC, but good to hear it works so well on the Switch. What I'm really waiting for on the Switch is Dead Cells.

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It's a shame how much of a mess the Jak games are on PS4. They really should have worked on them more before releasing. Especially Jak X.

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I don't quite see your point. That makes no sense. Having nothing better to do with your time makes you a terrible person?

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Well the only reason I own a PS4 is because of exclusives, same with the Switch. I play all 3rd party games on PC.

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I'm always interested in anything Platinum games is working on.

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I first read that as the war of Al, like Al Bundy. I guess they really mean war on A.I.

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Free guns are always cool. Wonder if the Oculus version will require you to put both hands on the weapon or what?

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Since the dawn of time the human race has been fascinated by cross breed humans. Just look at all the religious shit. People today even think bird men (angels) are real and also goat men (demons). I agree that it's disturbing. Did humans really fuck birds to make angels?

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