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Not really. It's pretty on par with today's technology.

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Halo 1 definitely had a special charm back in the day. I think Halo 3 greatly surpassed it though.

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I really wish they would make one of these for PS4. FF mixed with Monster Hunter sounds pretty fun.

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Wow that's quite a bit too. Sucks for them.

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Knowing Activision it will be released for everything. XB1, PC, Switch.

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The N64 is still my favorite Nintendo console, but wow these people are just sad.

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Yeah watch they turn Onimusha into a Souls clone...

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How do you know? He's a dude so I'm sure he loves some chick ass. Unless he's gay? Hey I'm not one to judge if your god loves to pack fudge.

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Well they are much larger than the cartridge is the whole deal.

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Finally with the power of the XB1 Flat Earthers can proof the Earth is flat!

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That guy was seriously a die hard fan.

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If adults didn't play video games there would be no video games. Do you realize how large the percent is of adults? It massively outweighs children.

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I'm getting one when it's available simply because I want to play Zelda at its best. Do I feel like a moron for spending close to $400 for one game? Of course. I have money to blow though so I don't really care. I fully realize that this thing won't do well at all though, but at least I know what I'm getting into. As for those others who actually think this thing will be as big as the Wii... well that's their problem not mine.

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I'm guessing this person has no job. Who in their right mind would use their 2 weeks for doing nothing but being miserable?

Also someone might want to tell him he can just pre-order it on Amazon jp. They oddly enough are still in stock. So it seems like the US is the only place that sold out I guess?

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Children are pretty stupid. I can see many of them doing this.

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It's a bit boring, but I'm not really bothered by that. I miss the system music though.

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I seriously doubt it will even reach half the numbers. It's just far too expensive and has no appeal to casuals. 1 - 2 Switch is pretty much just laughed at by everyone. But even if they made a Switch Sports game it still wouldn't help. The only people who will be buying the Switch are Nintendo fans.

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Would be nice if Nintendo let them develop a new F-Zero.

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I would love that joycon setup for every game. Really liked the button design of the GC controller.

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