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That statement surprises no one.

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Just looks like a skin to me.

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I've still yet to finished that one, and I probably never will. Fuck restless crickets.

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Man I really hope the new Metroid game is nothing like Other M. I also hope we get a new Prime.

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So I guess I will wait a month or two before playing anymore. Still got Zelda to finish, and a shit load of other PC games.

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@medman The game is simply unfinished. They should have delayed it but I guess they didn't give a shit.

@morganfell If that's true isn't that discriminating towards attractive looking people therefore making BioWare themselves hypocrites?

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Hmmm what about the females that got fake dicks now? They aren't truly men just because they got a johnson glued over their clam.

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This is nothing new you can get any brand new game for $47 these days.

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Maybe you should wash your hands more?

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Still enjoy booting up some Motorstorm or Resistance every now and then.

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I was expecting an in depth and detailed article about the entire game.... Instead I found someone bitching about facial animation bugs that aren't even present for everyone. This is getting very old.

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Don't be such a sheep. Buy the game if you like ME and have a mind of your own.

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It's a bug. Not everyone has animation problems.

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I will support what I choose to support.

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Isn't that a porn parody?

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Don't forget about all the bugs and performance issues of Fallout 4. Plus the crap story. They gave it a 9.5....

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I won't be a sheep. I will buy this game and surely enjoy it. Just as I did all the previous ME games.

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How is there no difference between low and high settings? Are you sure you did it right? Just seems a bit odd.

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I stopped after the first 5. Most annoying thing I've read in my life.

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ME3 had bad animations?

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