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Situational? I highly disagree. ALL games look better with 60 over 30.

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Over discs? I seriously doubt it. If that were so then digital games would be the best for performance. Loading times would be the only thing.

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I had no idea this was even a thing. Looks pretty damn cool.

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The only parts that annoyed me, I wouldn't even say frustrated, was when I couldn't find a person or item doing one of those side quests. There's WAY too many hide and seek side quests.

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Shame the Switch isn't any where near as comfortable.

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Funny, I thought the Wii U's was bigger.

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Dude seriously, come on now. I understand the undying love for Nintendo you have, I use to have that. But you need to be realistic with this thing. The best possible outcome for it is doing as well as the GC which was 21 million lifetime. And that's only if Nintendo has double the amount of first party games the Wii U had. It's too expensive to replace the 3DS and Nintendo already said it won't. It's too underpowered to grab the graphics lovers as well, they won't be...

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Honestly even if it was $200 and came with the pro controller it would still never reach 100 million. It just doesn't have that appeal to the masses.

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If it gets GC numbers I will be pretty damn impressed.

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Once again they've learned nothing from the Wii U...

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I'm assuming male-only quests as well? Fair is fair right?

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Wouldn't mind seeing what white looks like.

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Or for people who have common sense?

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Haha the Wii U port. It was developed FIRST for the Wii U. The Switch is a port.

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Sadly because of the reality we live in, crap like this will hurt sales.

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I guess their logic is if you see fur in a fictional universe you will want it for real? Haha who am I kidding they don't even know what logic is!

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I'm shocked!

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No shit, it looks identical to the first game

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Have they even showed a single screen of this game yet? Sounds hard to believe if you ask me.

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@gamer7804 As much as it pains me to say this, because I grew up with SNES, N64 and the GC. The 64 and GC did absolutely horrible compared to Playstation. N64 sold 32 million compared to the PS1's 104. And the GC only sold 21 million compared to the insane 157 million that the PS2 sold. It's very safe to say that the Switch won't even be near half as much as the PS4 sales numbers. Can't really call that a success can you?

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