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Most of them have already played it on a console. Now they want to have it on a platform that lasts a lot longer, and looks far higher in quality. #4.1
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He looks like a cheap plastic toy on Melee. #5
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Well those look pretty mediocre. That video showing off the environments was far more impressive. Maybe it just looks better in motion. #5
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He has good points, the game is no different from the previous 2 except it's much prettier. I will still get it of course because I enjoyed the other 2 very much. But, it is disappointing to see the franchise evolve in only the visual aspect. #97
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It's really not that great of a game. But, if you like arena based co-op beat em ups it will give you a fun weekend with friends. #6
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The biggest one I hate people say is how you can't do PC on a TV like you can on a console. For years now I've been hooking up to my HDTV with HDMI and using a 360 controller, playing on a couch just like any other console user. #7
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I can't wait to see what their next game is. #2
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Like everyone else said, it's not just gamers in general, it's a mankind thing. The only reason they look even more detailed than what they use to is simply because we have the tech to do so now more than ever. #9
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Not trying to dis the game, it does look like a fun online FPS, but I've seen all of those things done in some other online FPS, maybe not the wall run though, but Tribes has always had a more fun mechanic for quick movement IMO. #6
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What did they win exactly? Did they reach the sales numbers they predicted? #10
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It's because they either didn't have the money for better animations due to the giant spending on VO, or the animators are amateurs. It has gotten a little bit better from how it use to be in the first beta. But they are still pretty bad I agree. I'm hoping once they fix the many bugs, they improve the animations especially the combat ones. It's a great game and has tons of potential and everyone who's plays the beta really enjoys it. The only people I've ever see... #4
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You can't mod an MMO. There are already addons though. #2.1
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I suppose I'm optimistic, but I see the Wii U sticking around until lat least 2018 then Nintendo will have a new console out. Which highly likely will be a hand held / console system hybrid. You're truly a fool if you think this is Nintendo's last console ever. #3
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There was only one part that it went overboard and now I'm thinking it just bugged out. Besides that I love it, it works very well and it's not overdone. #3
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I must disagree with Motorstorm being awful. Those are by far my favorite racing games on last gen. #10.1
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That's simply because you're doing it wrong. #9.1
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I have to have both. I'm mainly on my PC for work and gaming, but I like to take breaks and play some PS3 or Wii U. The main reason PC will always be my platform of choice though is the customization. Consoles will never have mods, or 21:9 monitors, or well I can keep going on and on but you get the idea. I do agree console are great for being simple though, but simple can sometimes be boring. #11
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It's far better than the Wiimote ever was. And the Wiimote worked far better than Kinect ever did. #10
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It's nice to see that the PC version will not be gimped by the console versions. I respect Ubisoft... most of the time. #76
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Just this month? Highly unlikely. I see the game starting off slow, then most likely becoming more popular later into this year. If it had the COD name attached to it then I would have agreed. #7
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