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"If it improves the performance of the Switch, then the dock is hardware."

Don't know who told you that but they lied to you. The dock doesn't do jack to performance. It's all in the Switch itself. What happens is because it's plugged in and not relying on battery power it can push itself to the fullest. So what's actually happening is when you use it as a handheld it intentionally underclocks itself simply to save b...

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Yeah... it's a real bad sign when you can pre order it on Amazon and your console comes out next week...

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When a game gets a good rating it has nothing to do with the audience. That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard.

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Samurai action? Fuck yes I want it and I haven't even watched the trailer yet.

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Then get some friends. I'm pretty happy there is no general chat, as are all my friends. Now I don't have to look at chat spam all day long and can easily see IMs from my friends. And I'm sure clan chat will be implemented soon.

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Always thought the Dead Space games sold very well. I guess not.

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-pick up coins
-find hidden moons
-moons have sounds and vibrate the controller just like stars or shines have always had
-use the UI to see what moons you have left to get
-blah blah amiibo crap blah

These are pretty basic things that most should already know, if you've ever played a 3D Mario game.

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This is a very tricky subject. Some people claim they simply updated nvidia drivers using geforce experience and went to play the game and got instantly banned. But how do you know they are telling the truth?

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That's because it just came out tuesday man...

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It wasn't a lack of diversity the development team lacked. It was a lack of talent.

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It's really weird that people actually give a damn about this. All I give a shit about is that she's fun to shoot rockets at people with.

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Seems all good to me. I'm ready to go.

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Wow that is pretty damn nice looking. Sure as hell wish Nintendo hadn't decided to wash out this game to hell and back. No clue who thought that looked nice. If Miyamoto did shame on him.

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Guess my fondest memories would be of the 64, so it sticks out as the best one for me. I do have lots of memories of the NES and SNES as well, but I guess I was a bit younger so they stick out less. Also the first time seeing a 3D game like SM64 was just revolutionary, it blew my young mind away.

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I guess you've never watched South Park before? No one is safe. It's been that way for 20 years now...

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Nah that's called an expansion pass.

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Those are all some very lovely ladies.

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Pretty much the same thing the pro esport players do.

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Of course you can, you just have to play the games that are rated E. It's no different than any movies or music. Gotta love how you included the Switch which 90% of games on it are family friendly... (It's actually probably higher than 90%)

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Are you chemically castrated or something? Just curious.

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