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I guess I will play this again if they release it on PC. Which seeing how they released FFX it's incredibly likely.

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So like a male version of the Sorceress almost. Punchy instead of clawy.

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Don't know I've been too busy playing Persona 5.

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They still have a lot of shit left to patch. It's a fun game but man it's annoying. I'm getting really tired of having to reassign my powers after every time I die.

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Only problem with having half of a gamepad is the lack of buttons. Using a keyboard with your left gives you over twice the amount of buttons any controller ever could.

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The superiority of a PC lets you play those games with any gamepad you please, and then play FPS/TPS with a mouse and keyboard. Can't beat it.

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Lol what? That is clearly a Demon Hunter.

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I think you mean Clutch trailer. Not Crush...

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Such an incredibly fun game.

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Vanquish next please?

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I also wish crafting didn't take up time. It should have been just something that you did real quick that had no impact.

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Haha, HDR on video games is something very, very different from the HDR on newer TVs. Understandable cause it is confusing though. HDR like on HL2: Lost Coast is about light adjusting to eyes, brighter when coming out a tunnel and then your eyes adjust. HDR on 4K TV's is all about more colors and better contrast. So far the only PC games that support HDR are Shadow Warrior 2 and Andromeda. Then you also have to buy a special HDR monitor which are brand new and cost a shit load.

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No problems here. Just a new annoying bug where the mouse cursor gets stuck in the center of the screen.

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If it's the same price as the PS4 Pro I guess it's possible. Otherwise I highly doubt it.

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She just looks really stoned now.

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This needs to come to consoles and PC.

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So Andromeda is better?

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Would have been an even more beautiful game if they didn't downgrade it. Shame the Switch wasn't a full on console with the power of the PS4. We can still dream though.

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Just happy I can finally play Destiny at 60fps.

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