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It's a bit boring, but I'm not really bothered by that. I miss the system music though.

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I seriously doubt it will even reach half the numbers. It's just far too expensive and has no appeal to casuals. 1 - 2 Switch is pretty much just laughed at by everyone. But even if they made a Switch Sports game it still wouldn't help. The only people who will be buying the Switch are Nintendo fans.

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Would be nice if Nintendo let them develop a new F-Zero.

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I would love that joycon setup for every game. Really liked the button design of the GC controller.

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Well for a handheld that's pretty damn good. Not so much for a console.

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I've been using Chrome for years now, never had any problems.

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Since it is a tablet I'd say yeah a bit.

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That's a good thing. Everyone loves lesbians.

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Zelda first no question. Horizon looks okay I guess. Never was too hyped for it. I still have a lot of games to finish on the PS4 anyway. Once I'm done with those I will get Horizon. Hopefully by then it's on sale too. It just doesn't look like a $60 game to me.

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Wouldn't it be easier not to pack in all that crap though? Just have one device for everything? Not talking about a phone of course. But I don't see many people bringing 2 tablet type devices with them on the go.

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How very Japanese.

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I enjoyed Inquisition quite a lot, but it definitely wasn't amazing. A lot of the zones were fairly pointless. Many also didn't care for the story, I didn't mind it really.

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I enjoyed Dragon Age Inquisition enough. So if it's like that but as ME I won't mind.

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Ummm ME2 WAS a shooter with lite RPG elements. So you're saying you only liked ME1?

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@IvanSF I guess if you like frames dropping a good bit below 30 it does....

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That's good to hear. Curious to see what games will be using it.

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I rather half assed UE4 games than more matured UE3 games. I've always hated the look of UE3.

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Situational? I highly disagree. ALL games look better with 60 over 30.

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Over discs? I seriously doubt it. If that were so then digital games would be the best for performance. Loading times would be the only thing.

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I had no idea this was even a thing. Looks pretty damn cool.

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