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Pyra isn't even the skimpiest dressed one in the game. There's quite a few more blades that have more revealing attire. Honestly I'm very happy the devs didn't cave to the 1% like they did with other JRPGs. Tokyo Mirage Sessions for example. Not every video game needs the horror that is Mass Effect Andromeda females. Honestly no video game should have females like ME:A lol.

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Holy crap finally! I've been simply wanting to know a date since August.

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It was my favorite one.

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It will definitely be the end for online gaming.

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So then you're done with playing every single online game ever created?

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Hope it's better than 4.

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From what I can tell they changed the weapon muzzle flash and explosions. Also added some more weapons. I'm really still waiting for Half-Life VR.

"The modder also aims to add more gameplay changes later, like simple gore/dismemberment mechanics"
That would be interesting. Would make it seem like Brutal HL2.

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Killer Instinct also has General Raam from Gears.

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You really need to ask that multiple times? It's just the way it is. It's where the money is at. It's 90% of the gaming community. Wouldn't you market to the larger portion of your consumer base too?

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When did they fix it?

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It's about time Xbox people have something to brag about.

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Been wanting a new Ninja Gaiden game since they fucked up 3. Maybe they'd get it right with number 4.

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Respawn needs to make a new Jedi Knight game. Holy shit I would be so into that.

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They are easy to earn for free, so nah they aren't bad. They aren't exactly great either though.

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@mikeslemonade Story wise I guess Bioshock was okay. Gameplay wise it was a snoozefest. Doom easily destroys it. Hell the majority of FPS since the 90s do lol.

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Wonder if you can use the dualshock 4 touchpad. Would be pretty neat if so.

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Can we get this trash off N4G please?

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Easiest console to get ever. And MS claimed it had a shortage.

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Ha, not if she can't resurrect every 30 secs. I don't see that being beat.

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If a wood chuck could chuck wood.

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