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Yeah you really got to be into quality software to enjoy Nintendo and all.

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Labeling the PS4 as high performance is extremely generous ha! Still though it has some variety I think that's a bad choice of words. A better word would be creative. Nintendo has always been in the forefront in that regard.

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Even though they updated a lot of it, it still feels old. Maybe due to the bad animations?

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It's about damn time.

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Forza looks sharp but super cartoonish compared to GT Sport. The lighting on GT Sport is just on a whole other level.

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Ummm physics are kinda visual things still though.

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If only it was as comfortable to hold...

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If this Switch port sells well I'm sure Nintendo would fork out the money for a 3rd game.

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Gamers are hypocritical. They are perfectly fine with some sequels being exactly the same as the first, like Dishonored 2. But then other times totally outraged at Bungie for Destiny 2 looking too much like the first. AND then if it was changed too much they would bitch about that! Just can't please them.

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Yeah when I first saw Mario in a realistic looking city I was pretty taken back. Wasn't really liking it at all. I think I eventually just grew to accept it because the game overall looks brilliant.

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All 10 of the ladies looking forward to going were disappointed.

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Well I was keeping it installed just for this reason. Guess I might as well uninstall it now though.

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I thought every opinion of the game so far has been negative? So that's a pretty odd statement if you ask me.

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If it sells 10 million by 2020 I will be pretty surprised.

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I would love to see star fox at full speed. Even 30fps would be a drastic improvement.

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That guy answered questions like an ace politician. Meaning he totally redirected every single one...

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Looks alright for an indie game.

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You seriously think Anthem won't be a grind loot fest? You're in for one huge ass disappointment.

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I seriously doubt it. The Destiny fan base is crazy loyal no one will leave it for some BioWare game with a scripted gameplay trailer.

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Ha, think you're alone on that one.

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