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@Dabigsiebowski I'm still playing Destiny, so yes. To me it's far better.

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Which is a stupid move that will add to cost and decrease total battery life. It would be far better off without it.

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I will probably.... maybe in 2 years.

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If it has that multi touch screen that the rumors are saying it will be $400 for the basic package. Pro controller will be $50. I don't see them doing bundles until a few months later when sales are dropping. Will probably remain at $400 but include MK or whatever game.

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It will be at least $400 if it has a multitouch screen.

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Wii was a failure? Since when?

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Hey you never know. It could end up having 2 more than the Wii U.

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Don't give a damn about Eternal Darkness, and I'm pretty sure they canned the sequel. New Metroid and F-Zero would sell me on it though.

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These people gave Shadow Warrior 2 a 5, which I greatly enjoyed. I don't really value their opinion. Especially since they gave BF1 a 9.

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I honestly won't be surprised if it sells even less than the Wii U.

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Sounds like this guy should just keep staying away from video games lol.

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I highly doubt the majority of those specs are true. If so this thing will cost $500 and have a 1 hour battery limit.

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Why only First Light and not Second Son as well? I'd play Second Son again, not so sure about First Light.

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I'm guessing that Smash remaster will also be a launch game.

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I understand wanted to be treated with respect. But wanting even more money after getting over $100 an hour? That's just getting too greedy.

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So you're saying Nintendo is copying from Sony now? How how the tables have turned!

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It would only be digital.

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Remember the days where there was only hetero, homo, or bi? Those were the days.

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Is it though? It doesn't seem like it has a touch screen. So it's definitely not like a tablet.

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Haha, that's actually awesome.

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