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You consider Forza and Halo to be dominating? I have to disagree with you there sir. It's just my opinion, but those games are jokes.

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All depends on where you look.

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The fact that's free makes me favor DriveClub over the rest. Evolution sure is generous with the DLC.

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I agree, Doom 1 and 2 were never scary. The only tension you felt is if your health was low and no med kits were around.

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I use to go to GameTrailers a lot, now I rarely go. Still pretty sad to hear.

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Because it's an HD remake and you have the choice of buying it or not.

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‘Nintendo Haters Squad' This is a real thing? Wow... I never ever say this but these people truly need to get a life. Just wow.

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Never heard of Wii Street U. Don't see how this is a big deal in anyway.

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Well in the first Tomb Raider reboot I intentionally killed myself to see all the different and fun death animations. Does that count?

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It looks a good bit better than the majority of remasters I've seen. I'd say it's on the same level as the FFX HD remaster.

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You are wrong.

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It really doesn't need a story though. That's honestly the last thing it needs. I agree it needs a lot more content though, but gameplay, screw a pointless story.

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I really loved it when I had stuff to do. Now it just feels so stale and I have zero motivation.

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No Tau Cannon from HL?

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I'm glad it will be in 2017, hoping late 2017.

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Looking very cool.

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So I'm guessing this is exactly like instagib from any UT game?

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The Wii U definitely needs more Mario adventures games. Even if it's a remaster.

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Hey maybe little Johnny is gay? Let him have his fun. No harm.

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I'm glad. The less consoles I have to buy the better. If I could I'd play every game on my PC mainly due to the endless options PC provides.

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