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I feel pretty sorry for you. How could you be such a bore to not even enjoy beautiful women? You know it's not a crime to be a straight male, right? Find your balls again man.

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This just makes October feel even further away....

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So you got pretend stabbed with swords and it freaked you out? Okay...

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Only on Xbox! It's so powerful it can dim your TV!

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I don't, I love how it looks.

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No option to disable the crappy annoying dynamic camera? Shame.

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It was far better than UC1 and UC3 for me.

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Yeah and I wasn't too thrilled to have that in a Zelda game. It didn't feel all that Zelda-ish to me.

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What source says the game doesn't support 5.1?

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But will the average consumer give a shit? Of course not.

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I guess because people like the Switch almost as much as they like PC?

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I would rather an HD port of Xenoblade Chronicles Wii than X.

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At least it's not as bad as Black Desert.

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It really does need a remake, the first game didn't age well at all. I'm also thinking you meant like Crash Bandicoot. R&C reboot was done by Insomniac.

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It's really not that bad of a game. You just have to get good at the slippery turning.

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Destiny 1 did break a lot of promises, but the Taken King fixed the majority of them.

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Destiny 1? Did you forget to put the 2 or are you talking about the first game?

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Playing Rez on the Rift is such an amazing experience. I really hope they make a whole new game like Area X. Also wouldn't mind a VR version of Child of Eden.

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Cut that in half and I might agree.

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Considering how the GC didn't sell all that well Sunshine did pretty damn great for what limited audience it had. Would love to see a remaster on Switch.

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