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I will be shocked if the NX is more powerful than the PS4. It's just not how Nintendo rolls. The strangest thing to me is the OS that's similar to an Android. If this is all true, it will really be nothing more than a Wii U 2.

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"Radical feminist"

Ah got it. No further explanation needed.

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You really thought a racing game would have actual dragons in it?

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For some reason I don't think it will last nearly as long as Destiny has.

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I would have asked: Why is it so white in here?

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What's actually sad is Capcom selling this game half ass.

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I thought she already looked like that. Isn't ass showing a SF thing?

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I've been waiting for it to be out of Early Access before playing any. This is awesome news.

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Hope it will be a more fleshed out version of Reincarnation. Sadly it was lacking in fun modes and got old kinda quick.

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We've been knowing this since the 360.

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The Hydra intro boss fight on the first GoW. Was not really something games did back then. It was pretty damn memorable for me.

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PC really does make owning an X1 a waste of money.

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Lots of people just don't give a damn about Halo and Forza. That doesn't mean they are blind.

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I also very much enjoy gaming on my PC, more than any console in fact. I still like my Wii U and PS4 though.

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That was fast.

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It will be pretty hilarious if there is no NX version, just because everyone wants it so badly.

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Can't wait to see the finished product.

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Or PS4 apparently.

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The complaints are about it only having Xinput support and having terrible online. Some people don't like using a gamepad for fighters, they'd rather use a fight stick.

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I just do my business, wipe and get out. Doing anything else while in there is just gross.

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