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The only problem I had with the sticks was the lack of grip on them. That was easily fixed with some Grip-iT stick covers.

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The grip is completely useless for me. I guess it's fine if you have tiny hands though?

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The game is fun as hell, well mostly the combat is. They drag out every little thing though which makes it such a huge pain. I guess I'm use to all the easy QoL changes in MMOs like WoW. It's totally the opposite of that. No quick traveling, or AOE looting, and you have to feed your mount and pet, and they nickel and dime you with all the tiny things like dye. Graphics wise all they need to do is fix all the crazy amount of pop in geometry and shadows. I enjoy the combat so much...

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Well at least the game works, unlike your website.

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Hey, at least they are having way more fun than NK!

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The mounds of enemies are what make it great, just as long as someone doesn't come along and tell you to leave or they will kill you.

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A shit ton of people still play. At least on the US servers. All of them are crowded.

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Yes, I am offended that she is wearing such long pants, when really she should be wearing super short shorts!

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I would buy this thing if it got a price cut. Mostly just for virtual desktop and vorpX.

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She seriously needs a big nerf. She can kill a 200 hp hero in 1 second.

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You have Suicide Squad to thank for this.

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I guess this person isn't a fan of JRPGs, especially the most recent and great Persona 5.

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The omni tool use to look way cooler. Wonder what made them decide to go with a fonky orange rectangle. Cora and Liam looked pretty different as well.

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I'm having a hard time telling. Maybe they should use a modern game with sharper textures?

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You'd expect this in competitive. What's really sad is even quick play is becoming toxic, and quick play is just for fun.

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The many trash opinion pieces on N4G reminds me of the many trash games on Steam Greenlight. I think some sort of allow / rejection process is needed. This one should definitely have been rejected.

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Having a feeling it's going to be a remaster of a PS3 game and nothing major like a remastered PS1 game.

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Will it have Persona 5? No? I'm good then.

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I mostly use Pharah and every single one of those he listed don't apply to me.

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I'd be super shocked if the Switch didn't get some new form eventually. It's what Nintendo does after all.

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