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What did it bring? Besides an annoying camera mechanic.

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The classic one was god awful though. I don't even consider that controls. It was push a button and hope it does something useful.

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Yeah I was thinking Bayonetta 2 at first. Why would a PS4 person want a Zelda game?

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I loved the beta and never really went into it with super high expectations like some. I mainly wanted it to be more fun than Borderlands was, and it succeeded very much so in doing that for me. For me the only way the game will disappoint in anyway is I will want more of it than it can give.

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Because it's cool to hate on the most currently hyped game. This has been around for ages now.

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Actually he is technically right. If you remove all your gear, you will be 20.

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It was like that in the beta as well. It didn't matter if you were level 8 or level 1 the level 2's did the same amount of damage to you. Guess they want it this way so you never feel like a god? Kinda destroys the feeling of becoming more powerful though in a way.

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Wow, I knew it was timed exclusive but I thought it was the other way around. Good for Sony I guess.

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I would be pretty ashamed of that. So brave to admit it.

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It was buggy but it was still pretty cool. This new one has no reason to be named Sacred, it's totally different.

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Can you not respawn in these "dark zones" as well?

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At least it's actually illegal now. Way back in the day it was a normal no big deal of a thing.

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PS2 era was my high school years. Those were some crazy and interesting days.

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SNES to N64 was the biggest leap.

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Carolyn Petit gave it an 8.

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No MMO has a large amount of content when it first launches.

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It's an MMO-Lite it will have content always rolling out. It will be fine.

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Old Russia is huge, but I guess without a map it's hard for most people to tell.

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I thought it was perfect. How can you people be so picky I will never understand.

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I very small hint. I definitely wouldn't hype myself to thinking graphics will be that good this generation. I'd say Halo 5 may look slightly better than Destiny.

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