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I would be absolutely floored if a Japanese developer actually considered ever toning down sexuality. It's practically their identity.

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I thought the same thing. Going from nothing but blue and grey to brown and red isn't really adding any color.

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Seems like something for Metroid Other M. No Prime game has her in the Zero suit.

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Ha that's pretty cool. Mods are just the greatest.

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People listen to the Cannabible.

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Wave Race and Splashdown series are easily the best ever created. Sad neither of them have seen a new game in close to a decade. Riptide GP2 is just okay at best.

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Good stuff. Joe always tells it like it is.

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I'm really hoping for Fallout 4. A new Dishonored would be awesome as well though.

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You really can't count Plus which was exclusive to Vita. It was it's own thing entirely and had no impact on the console versions.

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Why would anyone hate the game because of graphics? The hate is mainly focused on how shallow and overpriced it is.

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Nice try genius but most stores won't let you return hardware after 15 days. You're a true credit to your kind.

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Yeah I don't think boobs will do anything for him.

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So that's how the game would look on my monitor. Shame it isn't coming to PC.

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It definitely died out in the 90s.

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I guess this kid's parents never told him not to talk to strangers, let alone let them take control of your things.

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Phone Overclocking: Because phone games just don't get to that point of burning the skin off of your hands quite enough!

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It seems almost everyone on N4G forgot what reviews are for. It's simply someones experience, their straight up opinion, on whether or not you should spend your hard earned money on this product. It's to HELP you, not hurt you in any way shape or form. No creditable site simply makes up negative points just to bash for the fun of it. In the long run it's honestly suppose to help out the developers on what and what not to do if said product has a future. Yet people still act l...

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I tired to watch some, but those frames actually started hurting my eyes. So I ended up skipping around a bit. It looks kinda promising but sure has a long way to go.

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You have got to be kidding...

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This is how all remasters should be done. Truly an amazing upgrade.

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