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PS2 era was my high school years. Those were some crazy and interesting days.

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SNES to N64 was the biggest leap.

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Carolyn Petit gave it an 8.

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No MMO has a large amount of content when it first launches.

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It's an MMO-Lite it will have content always rolling out. It will be fine.

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Old Russia is huge, but I guess without a map it's hard for most people to tell.

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I thought it was perfect. How can you people be so picky I will never understand.

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I very small hint. I definitely wouldn't hype myself to thinking graphics will be that good this generation. I'd say Halo 5 may look slightly better than Destiny.

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Blur Studios have always made some crazy awesome CGI.

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I'm sure there's far more than just 5 explorable areas. That means there is only 5 planets then.

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Guess there is a such thing as bad press.

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I had an NES and I still had to google StarTropics.

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I didn't think Titanfall was bad when they had that free weekend. It just didn't really feel as new as they were hyping it to be. People kept saying it wasn't just COD with Mechs.. honestly it pretty much was to me. Sure you had a double jump and wall scaling, but that wasn't such a great selling point for me.

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Honestly I'd rather a new F-Zero or Wave Race.

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Holy crap how is this legal?

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Using normal keyboards is annoying. Keys feel awkward to use for movement I will admit. I've been using a Steel Series gaming keyboard for years now and I love it.

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Hope they reduce the tank's health by half. It's a bit ridiculous how much of a bullet sponge that thing is.

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Only thing I found to be bullet sponges are those devil tank things and that giant mechanical sphere boss.

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I don't remember any enemies ever fighting each other in Borderlands.

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That doesn't make any sense. Just a FYI.

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