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It will definitely be a lot less fun.

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It had many great first party games. But, besides those there isn't much else really.

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It does not.

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Well if that's true Sony sure is playing it off smooth as butter. I couldn't even tell.

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There's no way the NX will be above 1080p. So I would kill those high expectations if I were you.

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I'm glad they decided to spend the time working on the game, rather than wasting time creating a pointless E3 demo. Very smart move.

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Nintendo has always targeted kids. The Wii was meant to target everyone, the young and the old. What you just spouted was goofy nonsense.

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Why wouldn't you just keep it and buy a PS4?

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Weren't there games downgraded even after they had been released with a patch? I'm thinking GTAV was one.

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Why wouldn't N4G allow this? It's just a guys opinion. But oh no, if it goes against yours it shouldn't be allowed!

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31 living with his mom huh? Isn't that something console fanboys accuse PC gamers of doing?

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The only one that brought true joy to me was South Park. The rest were interesting to say the least.

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It looked beautiful and great to me. Did you not see what it looked like a year ago? Great improvement to me. Hell, at least it's not another Assault.

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It was depressing. Star Fox looks awesome as hell though.

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How cute.

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Maybe they will improve the visuals during the final stages?

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Can't wait to buy this on a Steam sale 2 years from now!

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That's hilarious.

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I didn't buy a Wii U for top notch graphics so I don't mind. Especially when the majority of PS4 grahpics are underwhelming.

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Ummmm Star Fox says HELLO!

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