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Yeah, I still have my Demon's Souls deluxe edition for PS3. I remember thinking when it first came out and no one even knew what it was that it was going to be big one day, just had no idea how far the Souls series would go.

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Oh neat I always wanted to try this.

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It sure is ugly. I really don't like that R1 and L1 are on the sides. But some people like these 3rd party things so it's nice to have options.

Oh I see those side buttons aren't the R1 and L1 buttons. Just some extra junk.

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I want it, but not for $60 hell no. It should have been $30 from the start. When it's half off I will buy it.

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Well that's all sorts of depressing.

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Yeah, it's pretty cool.

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Odyssey was only 5.7 GB. So 2GB for Aces is actually a pretty good size.

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Just realized I only bought 4 physical games for it. P4, Soul Sacrifice, Wipeout, and Killzone. Most of the games I have for it are digital anyway. I haven't played the thing in a while though.

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Looks like this guy just saw a peak of the trademarks that were just renewed and threw an E3 list together based on that.

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There's probably a very good reason for that. Dragon's Crown has quite a lot more polish and quality going for it compared to this game. Also seems it takes a lot longer to get to the fun parts of the game (the action) than it does with DC. From what I've seen anyway.

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Mario Odyssey looked amazing and it was as you say "WiiU kinda specs". I didn't get my Switch for amazing graphics though, that's what a PC is for. Still I'm just happy to see Nintendo games in HD. If you were to show any kid the Switch back in the 90s as you say, he would shit himself silly.

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I hope so as well. I really want a new Ninja Gaiden.

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I would have went with Nier instead of MGR. The first game was hot garbage while Automata was great.

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I know right? Seems pointless without nudity....

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I think in 2019 they might announce it, and at the end of 2020 it might release.

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The only problem I had with the story was at the very end. It just felt like there should have been more. Man I really wanted more.

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Tradesman? What are you from the 16th century or something?

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What makes you think this game isn't brilliant?

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I bought mine to play Nintendo games and indie games. I'm pretty happy with it, I would be happier with some VC games though. Hope Nintendo is just trolling like they usually do and will actually announce the VC at E3. That would be classic Nintendo.

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Yeah, the axe throw was neat and all, but once I got that second weapon I rarely used the axe anymore. Pretty much only if I had to I would.

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