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I'm not having any big problems with it. Sure it's not on the same level as the previous games but it's fine.

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A new Metroid, F-Zero, Wave Race, maybe some new IPs. Remake of Super Mario RPG wouldn't hurt.

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It would be nice if they "improved response" a bit more when in 900p.

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I'd get his address and send him a bag of dicks.

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Sort of like the ME3 ending? Where every option you picked was the exact same thing but with different colors? Yeah... this is nothing new people.

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Did you even read the article? Everything that is being hiked up is totally optional. The monthly sub remains the same.

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I guess I never had very high expectations for Andromeda. I haven't really been disappointed yet. I was more disappointed by Inquisition so far. I guess to be fair I'm not all that far into the game yet.

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My guess is gone forever. Everyone would hate it anyway.

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You're talking out of your ass. Play DA2 again, you will change your tune.


Sorry to lay that nightmare of a bomb on you... but it had to be done. We all need to remember that was actually a thing on DA2.

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I said that before playing it. Now that I've actually put some hours in I have to admit I was wrong. It's far from the worse Bioware game, but of course not the best. It's definitely better than ME1 for me now. And far better than DA2.

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It will be at least $500, or MS would be selling it at a loss.

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That statement surprises no one.

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Just looks like a skin to me.

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I've still yet to finished that one, and I probably never will. Fuck restless crickets.

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Man I really hope the new Metroid game is nothing like Other M. I also hope we get a new Prime.

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So I guess I will wait a month or two before playing anymore. Still got Zelda to finish, and a shit load of other PC games.

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@medman The game is simply unfinished. They should have delayed it but I guess they didn't give a shit.

@morganfell If that's true isn't that discriminating towards attractive looking people therefore making BioWare themselves hypocrites?

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Hmmm what about the females that got fake dicks now? They aren't truly men just because they got a johnson glued over their clam.

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This is nothing new you can get any brand new game for $47 these days.

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Maybe you should wash your hands more?

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