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10 million for all time. Only 664K is currently active.

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64 is still my favorite.

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Now I want a piece of pie...

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Now if we could only get the Prime Trilogy on the Switch.

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So by that logic every game on PS4 Pro will look better than the Xbox X versions?

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So every game should be a walking simulator?

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This seems to defeat the whole point of playing a game in the first place. Destroying the experience. Like others are saying... just watch it on youtube then.

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Nah, not until we get our extra big ass taco with more molecules.

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Always thought it was weird how this game had PS2 textures.

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Apparently they don't like it when you have a different opinion... I feel like the game is overrated. It's not bad really, just nothing special. Oh except for the facial animations, they are god awful. Like ME:A levels of awful.

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No shit... what were you expecting?

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Overwatch has the exact same problem. You either stomp the other team or they stomp you. No real close fights anymore.

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I guess good news for those still playing this. I remember loving SkyUI for the original version of the game.

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I really hope this turns out to be good. Looks fun.

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Would be great if they let Platinum do it.

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Seems like it would be at the cost of image clarity.

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The only Rare games I could see ending up on it would be Diddy Kong Racing, and Donkey Kong 64. Would love to have Blast Corps though. Also wtf no Pilot Wings 64?

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Yeah it's an alright game, far from being my favorite, but hey at least it's better than your average Ubisoft open world game.

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I never really did any treasure hunts to be honest.

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Because they are fans of Half-Life? Who the hell cares?

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