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It's more logical to be embarrassed about giving a damn about something so trivial. It's a half assed Mario game, you should not want her to play it because it's a rip off.

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I definitely don't consider Valkyria Revolution action. Ni No Kuni II most likely won't be either.

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Nobody even plays Sombra anymore so I doubt it. Hell changes to existing ones like Symmetra ruin it more than new ones.

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2017 will be the year of the Switch bitches!

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What's so bad about naming your child Kain? Better than something ridiculous like most FF names.

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That pic makes her hands look massive.

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It's your PC man. I also had no problems what so ever picking the drive I wanted with just one click.

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Weird how a 15 year old is considered pedophilia here and 13 is perfectly legal in Japan. Strange world we live in.

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I would have loved to have gotten one with panzer dragoon saga and Nights.

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Hot damn that is by a long shot the best looking car graphics I have ever seen for a video game.

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It's coming to PC and will be released for XB1 later on.

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Sad but true. Nintendo will just repeat the exact same crap it's done with all its systems. The Switch will sell a few at launch, then sales will drop down super quick and it will lose all 3rd party support, then they will refuse to lower the price and finally slowly start stopping first party support.

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13 million is a lot of nobodies.

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@ItsEmmanDeLaurentiis Majority of those fat people are not serious at all. They are either dumb funny like Dr. Robotnik, or just plan unrealistic athletic for a fat person like Bob from Tekken, which I guess is still dumb funny... hmmmm. Yeah fat people are really just good at being funny.

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Would be hilarious if it went down on christmas again.

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I think you should make that title more specific to XV.

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Exactly. We JUST saw them playing the actual game. This is just blatant trolling.

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Technical problem in wtf is "developpement"? It sure looked like it was fine last week when they were playing it at the video game awards show...

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Gears is on PC.

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I don't think I could ever do without having consoles and a PC. I just love going between the 2. Well I have a PS4 and Wii U, but PC is my main. Being able to take a break from sitting at a desk and using monitors (which I do like) and going to the living room with my 120" screen is a nice change up.

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