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Seems a bit bold to have so much faith in this game to me. I'm just hoping it's at least better than XIII.

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What about it?

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They are some loud people.

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Never played Starwing before. Sure does look a lot like Star Fox though.

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To be fair in that demo all you had to do was hold down one button to win. But to assume the whole game is going to be exactly like that is foolish.

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Not really. Wasn't really that great. I will wait for reviews before decided to drop $60 on this game.

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I doubt it will hit 10 million, or it will take few years to do so. I think most will find it's as boring as XIII.

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Remember playing this on 360. It was okay I guess.

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What does that even mean? No human takes a whole week to be born. Hence the word having DAY in it lol.

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Probably because they are student projects. I remember having to do stuff like this for my capstone. I imagine they got pretty good grades.

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It looks a good bit slower compared to UT and Q3.

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She could use those things as a parachute woot!

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No, the industry can't be taken seriously anymore because we cave to those that bitch about such things in the first place. It's a video game character butt, deal with it.

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Same here. Getting StarFox and R&C.

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This actually seems really cool. Just dumb they felt the need to throw the Metroid Prime title on it. Just straight up calling it Federation Force would have been better.

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They were just thinking of the virtual knuckle babies!

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I knew some pentecostals that were super duper christians. Bunch of freaks if you ask me. It was against their religion to even go into a movie theater. No joke.

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I'm assuming if that is the real controller it will be exactly how the Wii U is. Only one will be allowed per system and they will create a Pro Controller for multiplayer. Hopefully all games support this new Pro Controller as well.

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I probably would have paid $50 if it included the classic versions. Will just buy the $20 version now.

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I remember getting the first game for my birthday all those years ago. Man I was super excited. There was no other game quite like it at the time.

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