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Was reading before a PS5 there will be a PS4 Pro 2.

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I'm a grown ass man and I play my Switch at work. To be fair I work at home. But seriously you must not live near a big city, because I've seen many adults play the Switch outside.

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Always nice to have more quality VR games. Curious to see actual people playing it though.

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Wow Guns N' Roses? Now that is some old school stuff.

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I'm curious to see how the allied races turn out.

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Which pic does it for ya the most? Is it this one? https://cdn4.dualshockers.c...


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Well to be fair trannys are pretty damn gross. I too would freak the hell out if a dude was lying about being a real female. There is nothing okay about that at all.

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So are Pro's no longer considered to be apart of "Everyone"? When did this happen?

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You'd be surprised how many developers still make only arcade games that never release to consoles or anything else.

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She looks like an alien.

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CGI skin is still not quite right, so that kind of gives it away. Also no skinny white chicks have an ass that nice.

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RECOMMENDED: Graphics: nVidia GTX 980 or AMD equivalent w/ 4GB VRAM

Wow really?

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You only have yourself to blame.

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I'd rather a new Wave Race, but I would buy this also.

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That's pretty funny. Are they just made that their game is bad?

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The only reason PSP sold as well as it did was because it was hacked easily. Everyone I knew that had a PSP had it hacked.

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Had a ton of emulated games on the PSP. In fact playing PS1 games was all I really used it for after a while.

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It's a bit worse than a head set.

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I don't even consider that skimpy, she is barely showing any skin at all.

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Pretty nice for Xbox people. I stopped using Kodi because Exodus and Covenant don't seem to be working anymore. Was nice while it lasted.

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