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You are spot on sir. The Switch is going to follow in the Wii U's footsteps to the fullest. ONLY Nintendo fans will be buying it. It won't grab nor really even appeal to the same casual market the Wii did. When or if it gets a price drop I could see a few "only 3DS" (meaning kids with no consoles) owners jumping on board. Even for the holidays the Switch is going to have it very rough. Parents will see the cheaper XB1 and grab it instead. The only thing that could ma...

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Mainly because of the price and gimmicks.

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Big whoop so they blew a shit ton of money on ads.

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He is an Italian Gnome.

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Which will result in much less sales on the Nintendo platform. Then 3rd party support ending altogether exactly like the Wii U. Wonder if it will take longer or less time for 3rd party to bail on the Switch though?

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I agree, this thing won't fit in your pocket all that well. I don't see many using it on the go unless they have something to put it in other than their pocket.

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Honestly I'd rather a new Sunshine or Galaxy.

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Yeah Nintendo really doesn't give a damn about their fans which is a real shame.

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He is definitely a full on midget that's for sure. He reminds me of a Gnome from WoW.

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Haha so you're saying the Switch was recently in an auto accident.

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Ha, that header image makes it look like the Switch's screen is way larger then the Wii U gamepad screen when in fact the are the exact same size.

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Sad but true. 3rd party support will drop just as fast as it did with the Wii U, and sales will do just about the same. Things don't look good at all for the future of Nintendo I hate to admit.

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Wonder if they will remaster the first game for the Switch?

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There's no doubt in my mind this thing will be a repeat of the Wii U.

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You needed more proof that this thing was a handheld? Why? Everyone already knew it was just a handheld that you can also play on your TV.

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Meh being region free is barely an advantage.

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It does indeed. But Nintendo doesn't care about anyone else but themselves so they couldn't give two fucks.

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It has stupidly small controllers and the real controller for the thing is sold separately for a stupid ass greedy amount.

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You mean barely more powerful.

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I disagree. The Wii U version has the better lighting and textures.

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