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Surprised it got a 7.

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I think if they just removed melee, grenades, and loadouts it would make most people happy.

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It's probably because SF doesn't sell anywhere near as good as Zelda and Mario titles. At least it's Platinum this time and not Namco.

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You do know there is UT4 out right now right? It's F2P.

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I really like the list view, so I don't mind this update at all.

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How is he a horrible person? As for reviewer I think he's pretty damn awesome. He's honest and calls it like it is with a passion. You can't ask for more.

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He thinks it's a trash game as do many others. Deal with it.

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Super duper Metal Gear Rising like, which is what I thought it would be like. That's a great thing of course. MGR was awesome.

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At 1:40 that is by far my biggest issue with it. And I found that all of the past games didn't have this issue. This is definitely not some "nitpicking" issue as it affects gameplay pretty seriously.

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Damn MS must be doing horrible if that low of sales is considered the biggest.

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Makes me think of people wearing "Make Final Fantasy Great Again" hats.

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I noticed this last night. About half the games in my list were pending a download for nothing.

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That's the only thing that's holding it back. It looks so much slower than the original.

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The gameplay hasn't changed since the PS2 days. Levels and weapons are different though, as well as some characters.

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Connect four!

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Lol why are you hating on SE for no reason? If you wanted to hate someone for the hell of it shouldn't it be related to this game? Like Koei Temco or Team Ninja? Goofy.

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Hell yes! This is what I've been wanting in a Souls type game. Now I'm even more hyped.

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The only reason the Wii sold so much was because of the controller, it sure as hell wasn't because of the games. And I've never heard anyone say the Wii U has an exciting controller before.

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So happy they put flying back in. This and Star Fox have me pretty hyped up.

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You sound like one of those freaks that enjoys those videos of japanese girls stepping on kitten heads with high heels.

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