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Weird that the visuals on the Switch still look far better than anything on mobile. I guess that's just due to all the shitty mobile devs there are. Truly some of the worst out there.

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For sure. Unless they asked him already.

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@Genuine-User Was that sarcasm? If not cmon man you've got to be smarter than that!

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I would like more games where the main character isn't a human. Okami comes to mind, and Destroy All Humans, wish we would get some sequels to those.

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Apparently polygon ass still counts as ass.

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Wow you played a fucking beta. Grow up you little bitch. Seriously how is this shit approved?

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Well good thing they had a beta.

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Nah many FPS games that have locomotion in them have it. It really just blocks out your peripheral vision. Though I've never kept any of those features on because I've never experienced motion sickness in any VR game before.

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Awesome, can't wait for the PC version.

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Hahah, that's good for them.

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Well it's still a brand new system man.

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Animations still have a bit to catch up on in video games. Textures, models, and shading wise though this generation is incredibly close to CGI movies.

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So does that mean there will soon be a Rez 2 similar to the Rez X level? That would be pretty awesome.

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Need it? As in to survive? Of course not we don't need any video games. But they are nice to have of course.

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PC is on a whole other level with games though. Majority of its user base don't really give a damn about console games. They just play Counter Strike or DOTA, or whatever MMO.

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The Crew 2 definitely looks far better. But the first game always looked like a last gen game anyway.

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If you seriously get fooled once AGAIN by an E3 demo, you deserve a slap to the face.

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I won't get rid of my Wii U. I enjoyed it quite a lot.

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This makes it sound like only one woman has ever played the game lol.

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I don't get people that call this a remake. It's really just a remaster. Nothing changed except the graphics.

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