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This is just a whole new level of sad. I almost feel sorry for this kid. Maybe video games just aren't your thing?

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Ah, so they are just for show. I was kind of hoping they would add them as DLC later.

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Actually I like GoW way more then RE4. But I've never been a big RE fan to begin with. I enjoyed RE4 when I first had it for the GC though. These days I don't even look twice at any RE game.

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Care to explain what the 3DS has that the PS4 doesn't? Last I looked (which was a long time ago to be fair) the 3DS just had folders the same as the PS4.

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It is funny how he looks more intimidating without a beard. Usually it's the opposite.

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When she doesn't get picked a single time by any pro player in the OWL then you know she is simply just a garbage hero and something needs to change. It might just be me, but I don't even see how she can be considered fun.

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VR needs games like this. Rez Infinite has me wanting more.

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Seems you know very little about game design. You must realize how extremely OP Kratos would be if he could just one punch everything with little effort. Just pretend that when you're fighting normal enemies with your axe Kratos is holding back.

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Not a problem on my 126".

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Is this for consoles only? Because I still see people on the Division and Destiny 2 today.

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The next Zelda game will have Link's son company him throughout Midgard.

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Tomb Raider did it.

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I would like a Soul Reaver remake.

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You guys get to finally see what PC emulators have been doing for years now. It's great to play an older game with much high resolution than intended.

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I will give this game a try when it's not $60.

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Half-Life 2 like Halo? Well that's a first. I guess Destiny is the only thing sorta just because it's a Bungie game.

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I also rather no filters on classic games. That smudge filter SE likes to use is awful.

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I'd rather use an iso any day over a disc. I didn't think anyone still actually had disc drives.

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I guess I need to play the first game again one day, because I remember it very differently. I'm enjoying 2 a lot more than I thought I ever would.

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I was hoping he would. But this isn't surprising since it will promote the film.

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