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Kenzan as well.

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Sure, but first it needs to be for PC.

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Maybe he feels the majority of changes happening today are for the worse? I know a few people like that.

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It's a pretty cool game. Really awesome that I got it for free.

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Tried to get into the first game but stopped about 5 or so hours in. Just didn't like it, too childish. I may eventually try this one.

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It will not be sequels. These are just being added to the PS Store as digital downloads seeing how PS2 discs will not work on the PS4.

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Why did it have a price on Xbox consoles but not Playstation?

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You've got to accept the fact that PC users greatly out number the consoles users for these types of games. But you never know, it still could go to consoles in the future.

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In this comment section? Yes, you're the only one. I guess I agree a bit though. But, TLOU wasn't the first game to ever have abandoned nature reclaimed environments.

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Nice improvement. Can't wait to play.

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It will be nothing like a PS4 or Xbox 1. Nintendo knows it would be pointless to go up against them. So a fully backwards compatible hybrid is the only thing that makes sense. I see it being maybe as powerful as the Wii U, but in order to not replace it, it won't play any of its games.

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I will be shocked if this game is released anywhere besides Japan.

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Damn this would have been some real fun co-op.

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Makes me wonder what a Star Wars Planetside type of game would be like. Sounds a lot more fun than Battlefront.

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I play Angry Birds Go! on the crapper.

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Exactly. All consoles had pretty slim pickings this year.

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Yep so far it's sold a whopping 230k.

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Since when does human skin become darker with water?

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@Tainted Gene

You're really going to base anything at all on GamingBolt's community? They are worse than N4G.

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