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Yeah pretty much this. If I play something I'm not feeling for longer than 10 mins it just feels like I should be doing something better.

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At first I didn't care, but now I'm starting to feel as if Nintendo is doing this just to be dicks. They don't bother to even say shit when it's the anniversary of Metroid, yet they have no problem shutting down something paying tribute to it. I'm pretty close to just saying fuck Nintendo. Guess the Wii U will be the last system I ever buy from them.

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Malware detected.

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I feel the same way about the N64, even though it was my 3rd Nintendo console. I guess it's because I always loved 3D more than 2D.

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What a silly thing to say Alexander.

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Didn't the Vita let you touch the girls as well? Why are they just now complaining about this?

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Green Day was awesome in the 90s and I loved them. The second it hit year 2000 they magically turned into crap. No idea how they managed to pull that off. I'm shocked Billie Joe Armstrong hasn't killed himself yet.

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An improved grip would help the DS4 a ton.

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Exactly. Same exact thing he did for OW.

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"There you have it folks. Because it happens, we should be perfectly fine with it even though there are no improvements and no justification for the hike."

You never know Sony may add new services, or those AAA games to Plus that you wanted. At least wait until the official event in Sep. before jumping the gun.

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May just be me, but I feel like Tekken 7 didn't need that MK9 cinematic special move shit. It just seems out of place and odd.

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When did he stop?

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LOL lazy asshole NPCs.

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Good to see some developers still have balls.

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Will be announced with the Neo.

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It's still a massive gap.

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@Hofmann What did Destructoid do to you to make you so salty towards them? Got banned or something?

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Why would they not show the actual grip thing from the back? Looking at it from the front just makes it look horribly cumbersome.

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Yeah same here I can't wait.

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Did you just have a stroke?

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