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Well for a handheld that's pretty damn good. Not so much for a console.

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I've been using Chrome for years now, never had any problems.

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Since it is a tablet I'd say yeah a bit.

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That's a good thing. Everyone loves lesbians.

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Zelda first no question. Horizon looks okay I guess. Never was too hyped for it. I still have a lot of games to finish on the PS4 anyway. Once I'm done with those I will get Horizon. Hopefully by then it's on sale too. It just doesn't look like a $60 game to me.

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Wouldn't it be easier not to pack in all that crap though? Just have one device for everything? Not talking about a phone of course. But I don't see many people bringing 2 tablet type devices with them on the go.

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How very Japanese.

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I enjoyed Inquisition quite a lot, but it definitely wasn't amazing. A lot of the zones were fairly pointless. Many also didn't care for the story, I didn't mind it really.

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I enjoyed Dragon Age Inquisition enough. So if it's like that but as ME I won't mind.

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Ummm ME2 WAS a shooter with lite RPG elements. So you're saying you only liked ME1?

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@IvanSF I guess if you like frames dropping a good bit below 30 it does....

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That's good to hear. Curious to see what games will be using it.

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I rather half assed UE4 games than more matured UE3 games. I've always hated the look of UE3.

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Situational? I highly disagree. ALL games look better with 60 over 30.

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Over discs? I seriously doubt it. If that were so then digital games would be the best for performance. Loading times would be the only thing.

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I had no idea this was even a thing. Looks pretty damn cool.

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The only parts that annoyed me, I wouldn't even say frustrated, was when I couldn't find a person or item doing one of those side quests. There's WAY too many hide and seek side quests.

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Shame the Switch isn't any where near as comfortable.

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Funny, I thought the Wii U's was bigger.

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Dude seriously, come on now. I understand the undying love for Nintendo you have, I use to have that. But you need to be realistic with this thing. The best possible outcome for it is doing as well as the GC which was 21 million lifetime. And that's only if Nintendo has double the amount of first party games the Wii U had. It's too expensive to replace the 3DS and Nintendo already said it won't. It's too underpowered to grab the graphics lovers as well, they won't be...

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