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I thought Perfect Dark was better. I will admit that Goldeneye was by far the best movie video game ever made though.

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Hope you got your virtual condom on!

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I don't want another third person shooter. Would be so great to see a new platformer from them.

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PoE feels far too much like a F2P game to be better than D3. If only it had the soul of Diablo instead of simply the guts.

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Nah it was finished before. The ME3 hate really was some crazy drama queen shit.

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Not really, but I guess there's no reason it shouldn't still exist for those still wanting that awful awkward ass experience when buying their video games. I just rather order from Amazon and save 20%. But that's just me.

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Ha not that long ago we (Italians) were very much NOT considered white. We were the mexicans in America.

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Well that's just a bunch of stupid nonsense and if were really true the MMO would have had all these changes. Last time I checked Korriban was not renamed to Moraban.

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I keep wishing for all the Rare N64 games to show up on the N64 classic edition. I know it will never happen though...

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I've had 3 chat bots message me in the last month. It's getting pretty bad.

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Where did you hear that? Looks like every 3D Sonic game before it.

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Never even knew this was a thing. Will try it out and hopefully that stops the corrupted data icons I always get.

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Hairiest amazon ever.

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I've been playing Splatoon 2 a lot. Getting into a game is pretty quick as well so lots of people are always playing it.

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Weird that the visuals on the Switch still look far better than anything on mobile. I guess that's just due to all the shitty mobile devs there are. Truly some of the worst out there.

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For sure. Unless they asked him already.

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@Genuine-User Was that sarcasm? If not cmon man you've got to be smarter than that!

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I would like more games where the main character isn't a human. Okami comes to mind, and Destroy All Humans, wish we would get some sequels to those.

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Apparently polygon ass still counts as ass.

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