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@shaggy2303 Do you consider the PS4 Pro and X1X a new generation? Because all Vive did was make a "Pro" version.

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For PC it sure as hell isn't. I mean why else would they be working on the next gen tech?

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I wouldn't worry about that. Even if the PS5 is out this game would probably still only be for PS4. Or maybe both. Also I don't think it still has 2 years of development left.

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I never really cared for 8-bit music to be honest. Midi could be cool on PS1 games, but before PS1 audio quality it was sorta crap. That's why I love hearing old school game songs updated to modern. That's me though.

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Oh yikes that must look like total shit.

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Oh that's pretty neat. I'm not really a fan of the game, but this is still a cool thing.

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One guy said after Metroid Prime 3 it went downhill? DKC Tropical Freeze was pretty damn amazing so I don't know what he's talking about.

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Bowser Jr not cool? This is news to me!

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Well it's a good thing for also for PC and consoles.... Seriously who cares if it the worst looking version. Not all people are graphics whores.

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Huzzahs are in order! Always enjoyed Talim.

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I just call him Hammond as well, but being labeled as Wrecking Ball isn't anything huge.

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As it should be?

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Hopefully next gen will see a big improvement in physics and AI.

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Gotta love how devs always spat this bullshit and when it comes down to it the PS4 Pro and X1X still look basically the same. 95% of the people who play consoles won't even be able to tell the difference.

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I remember that Korean leak about Sunset Overdrive for PC, that has still yet to become anything more.

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Good to know it supports my 166hz monitor.

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It's a shame Fallout 76 doesn't even have a private or friends only mode. I would be up for some co-op Fallout.

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Wonder if it's a tank or damage.

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I will be getting all 3. Can't wait for Smash myself though. The best part is I don't own all the consoles. I have a PC, so no need for an Xbox.

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