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Lower the price of new games and the used game market will dry up a bit. It will always be there just as there is a market for used items all over, but with the price of games being at a ridiculous and stubborn $60 pricepoint, the gaming industry has essentially birthed the used game market. Valve has pointed out lower price games help the industry in a few ways. More copies get sold, more profit is actually made in turn, and as a bonus, piracy also goes down. The price of video games is ...

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Because of article like this. It's like sorting through a haystack to fine that needle that is an actual interesting article instead of flamebait. I don't think the owners care though as flamebait is traffic.. Sad, sacrificing content quality for tripe like this day in and day out now.

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let me ask you this.. How is it so easy for fanboys to approve of articles with 10 people simply clicking approve yet *40* people clicking report doesn't do sh!t? I think what is broken here isn't the fact that people happen to be reading the comments inside the article, but the approval/disapproval system in general. You're blaming your readers for your own crappy content? I'm glad I read the comments here to get some insight into how moderators around here think..


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The anti-PS3 folks even *find* this crap? Has to be guerrilla anti-PS3 crap from MS marketing, just HAS to be.

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It appears the ball of FUD has started to roll for GoW3. You can tell when the XBOX underground marketing team gets scared as you'll start to notice an increasing amount of mud being thrown at the hit titles coming for the PS3 on N4G.. Such stupid times, we're supposed to be "gamers" enjoying games and some of the best titles are on the PS3 and the "gamers" have to put up with crap like this.

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You foolishly forgot about MGS4, Wipeout HD, Socom, Valkyrie Chronicles, etc, etc..

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Him saying you can get a 360 and a Bluray player for the price of a PS3..

YEAH. A stripped down, no hard drive having, no wireless having, craptastic "next generation" XBOX 360 that I would be the price of it is going to break down on you. And a base model Bluray player that probably cannot even be updated much less support all of the sound options the PS3 provides. He seriously suggests this to consumers as a "good" idea!!

Or, buy a PS3, it wi...

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Yeah right.. MS, "the kings of marketing".. the ones that put HALO 3 on every baseball cap, T-Shirt, Slurpee cup, Mt Dew can and whatever else they could find likes to keep their killer hits under wraps. Please. This is what someone says when they have nothing.

"No! I swear, I have something I really do!!"

No, you don't. By this time last year, they had announced many of their titles like Sessler points out. We had already known by this time ...

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PLEASE don't try to play the "non-proprietary" or "I have a choice!" card when discussing a system that does not allow you to use any old Bluetooth headset, any old laptop hard drive, or even any USB wireless adapter. Oh you also don't have a choice in a *true* HD format to play movies as the one MS went with and supported FAILED. At least with the PS3 you have the option to play HD Bluray movies at all. Sorry you're missing out.

Below: Don't mix the point...

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But the EyeToy should also come with the system. A BT mic and the EyeToy would do wonders for it's online community.

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Baldy McCool on MTV unleashing the 360 way back when trying to be so hip and cool? Where is that guy? Oh yeah:

Oh he's not cool enough, Microsoft! Make him cooler!!


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Is only around 1.5 years old. It's not *that* old of a game now, don't be ridiculous people. Release date of September 25, 2007, but man it LOOKS like an old game from the N64 doesn't it! :D

I do like how they tried to somehow compare the two and it seems to have backfired.

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Not have shadows at all or what? The enemies don't cast shadows and neither do the players it seems. It really distracts from the game making everything appear like it doesn't belong or something. Very odd.

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EDIT: How many times you going to edit your post, bro?

Position for what? What does that even mean? They are in a better position.. In what race? In what sense?

"Sony really needs to get their act together because not only does Microsoft have the advantage, they also have the money, and money equals power, and power equals control."

Sony has it's act together. They have sold 20 million + consoles already. They have great exclusives lined ...

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"All the people here that are complaining most likely have not read the article. The article states facts explaining why it is in a better "Position". It never states which console is better but which console is in a better "Position" at this time."

Lol.. Don't try and backtrack.. It's a horribly written article with so many straw man arguments. The site is also deleting posts that are negative towards the article; no name calling, just saying the a...

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Metroid Prime 1 with Wii controls added on, nothing to see here, move along folks.

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Your 360 will get hotter when running a game than it will by sitting idle. The PS3 does this as well. When the PS3 is sitting at the XMB, the fans won't kick in to high gear but as you start playing games or watching movies or anything that requires more processing power, the heat naturally rises (as it does on the 360, PC, etc.) and the fans will kick in. Especially if you keep your PS3 in an enclosed space.

It's not magic. RRoD is caused by heat issues related to the hardw...

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A software update can easily cause a chip to overheat by adding more work to the already running processes making the chip work harder thus in turn overhearing. Anyone who knows anything about how hardware is dependent on software realizes this.

Take your PC for example. If you're only running say, Windows XP and nothing else, you're core temp and such may be at X value. Now, open up an intensive 3D game and watch the temperature rise. Voila, software made the hardware work...

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