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People said the exact same thing when ps3/360 came out, no one thought there would be any difference between 480p and 1080p..

Funny how things turned out, everyone has 1080p screen now..

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It was the same exact thing years ago with 1080p tv's and monitors.

Amazing how people forget this so fast.

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It sounds to me uth11 that you aren't very tech literate...

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I have 3 R9 290s in my system, I play games like Insurgency at 3840x2160 with AA and still manage 250+FPS. FF14 runs at 90fps. SMITE runs at 180fps, Arma 3 runs at 140fps.

And this cost the same as a little more than 1 GTX 980. It's very much possible to run games at 4k and it's not even that expensive.

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That's not how 4k gaming works man. I'm sitting on my computer right now with a 4k screen playing Final Fantasy 13 At 4k.

You can see the difference here. I even have a screenshot for 1080p and 3840x2160 UHD 4k. I even highlight major differences.


3840x2160 UHD 4k

Figured as much, makes me even happier I jumped on the FX-8350 bandwagon.

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Its funny, everyone is now complaining about how the game is crashing for them all the time, but it has actually turned my system around and now I run at higher fps and haven't crashed at all since it.

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Hopefully we can finally start to see those fantastic titles like on the PS2, the ones that were very memorable but didn't sell super well because they didn't try and cater to everyone and their one leg in the grave grandmother.

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Love making youtube videos, gameplay, and LP's.

Every time I upload a new video I disable monetize and haven't had a single issue with 200+ videos on my account.

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Because they aren't out of date, they can ship with a i7 and a titan built in with a Hybrid HDD.

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Considering the new model is only $9 less than a 4GB walking dead bundle, It just seems like they want to cut corners to pull in more money.

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Back after release for those of us who actually bothered with the co-op stuff I unlocked the G3A3 and the gun was amazing. However shortly after they normalized almost all of the rifles for a while and the G3 was completely destroyed since it has the slowest all around AR firing rate.

They patch it back up to do more damage but they reduced its damage over range horribly. The gun was pretty much useless after that. which is just sad.

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It looks like a tablet with a controller box strapped around it.

Seriously, you can get a better current vita for $9 more right now.

Vita + 4GB card + The Walking dead for $199.

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Vita TV is now a stroke of what?

Its the same stupid idea that's been around since the 90s.....

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The Ouya was garbage to begin with, and so is this sony idea. They are simply cashing in on the idiots.

Seriously it doesn't even come with a controller, $50 and you get a real vita.

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Why is it everyone who thinks anything of these devices seem to have terrible grammatical issues.

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It is a complete rip off, $190 for a slim vita, You can buy a current vita with walking dead and 4Gb card for $199....

And it has the OLED screen.

Seriously anyone saying its not in the wrong direction is just foolish.

And the Vita TV is just a stupid idea, why buy a mobile gaming system to play it on your tv, And if you own a PS3, there is no reason to get the PSTV, and if you don't you need to buy a ps3 controller, so really you just s...

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So any word on a Vita version?

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We've already seen what the ps4 is capable of with games still locking to 30fps. Models like these are pushing higher end PC's, there is a reason that all the backgrounds are flat low quality images in this video.

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