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Well it's clearly speculation, as there's no official word from Nintendo yet. Don't be dumb.

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Due to time and staffing restrictions, Nintendo Feed chooses to place less emphasis on detail within post-release reviews and instead focusing our efforts on pre-release content.

Thankyou for addressing your concerns and any specific questions around the game or Nintendo Feed in general may be forwarded to our Editor on: [email protected]

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Do you care to provide some points (and evidence) to back your said argument?

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I hadn't spotted that one myself, but you're quite right there. Just another one of the many similarities to Mario that the game represents.

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Thankyou to everyone who has shown understanding with our views and again, if anyone has issues with the Nintendo Feed brand, please email: [email protected] Thanks.

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Unable to understand what you mean by "desperate", we remain professional and are happy to accept complains, as stated in the previous comment.

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I think all the people who have chosen to make a comment are unable to understand the purpose of the article. It is not "clickbait" or "incorrect" it is opinion. Hence why the article is marked as "an opinion piece".

Whilst we are a Nintendo coverage site, we love Nintendo but we don't set out to tell everyone that everything they do is right, considering we're not mindless fanboys.

If any of you were loyal readers of our...

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We're not a Nintendo fan site, we're a Nintendo Coverage Site, we focus on looking at every angle of an argument and providing our loyal readers with credible knowledge. We don't set out to say that everything Nintendo do is right, because then what is the point in sparking opinion?

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Yes, it seems like the best option available for that. Considering how easy it is to use.

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Quite rightly said, Nintendo consoles more often than not come out well in the end.

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Whilst alot of gamers have been throwing that title at many games, like Galaxy etc. I feel that having played this game, I've found my favourite game of all time! Go and buy!!!

I'd imagine that's something Nintendo will certainly looking into, but I doubt it will be Luigi themed, considering that year is coming to an end.

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Miiverse is absolutely fantastic and something that isn't offered by market competitors. Nintendo really need to push it out there as a selling put for the Wii U.

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In response to your comment; "LOL_WUT".

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I can understand what you mean, people often forget that we're Nintendo fans too! We want Nintendo to do well, but we often have to take things in a slightly negative angle.

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Maybe you'd like to talk about your bland and tasteless comments in more detail?

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We were actually discussing that one, the prospect of Waluigi Pinball! :D

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I'm glad I opted for the Premium package, but I still think I'll need a Portable HD. I have wondered for a while why we don't have folders, as I love them on 3DS too, I'm sure they'll come in an update soon though :)

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No worries! :) It wasn't actually myself that reviewed it, I am the Editor here, but I am really considering picking it up myself, it looks fantastic! Glad you enjoyed the review buddy.

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*You're :)

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