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Getting this hope it retains originals feel

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Its great for new players, but for early access players it a kick in the teeth

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Ark 2

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Mistakes where made lol

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Where is call of duty infinite warfare on this list? 95gb, and that's before you allow modern warfare to install with it.

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Im just going threw my originals again still can't get my head round the tag along squeaker. Im a fan of if its not broke don't fix it Gow3 was a masterpiece imo.

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Kotic 101 if his company can screw over the consumer in anyway way shape are clause it will. Hense not taking away from Bungie but destiny 2is of my list as well Activisions next great milkcow.

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and the xbox is expensive

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Except for a good showing for psvr an item i don't own everything else could have been read of the back of last years cornflakes box. Gow still looks good i can live without the grassy remaster that is sotc i own it on ps2 and ps3 already -_-. Bit lazy imo. Days gone looks good and spiderman well i need to see more. Still hurting from them activison spiderman games and hell them roof gangs where back in full force. Apart from that meh knew it was coming might get cod ww2.

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4K upscaled remaster

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4k remaster

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I buy if they don't change hate idiots and the stupid petitions having a say on otherways good stories and games.

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Looks easy tbh to be so little light.

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? why don't you

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Isnt like they really pushed the womens game the gave international teams and notability not all them they talked more about there hair pyshics. Left out leagues around the world girls compete in. Bit of a joke ask me more than anything. Girls could have been repersented better. Would have like to have them in ulitmate team aswell tbh.

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Now to get rid off the airstrikes unless there use is realistic instead off some idiot sitting in a corner waiting for a couple a kills to win a game. Put the skill back in the weapons add recoil to the older weapons make people have to aim again. Hell i know bombs where dropped in there many in WW2 but if it has to be a thing make a class a radio man one per team if his radio is destroyed no more airstrikes are battleship support till the next game. Remember COdv1 on PC back in the day that ...

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Hope some the mods hit console some the new style smithys etc look class

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Fak it to much hate ill be first in the que at my local game store when switch releases zelda season pass are not i can't wait for it. Just cause its Nintendo don't put them on a path of ethics that has to meet everyones morals.I have season pass payments as long as my two arms on all my consoles. So im not gonna complain unless its bobby kotic related . Also add to that its only 20$. Paid 115 pounds on bf1 and its season pass so lets get some perspective in here.

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