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Remember the last game being 1080p on both consoles but 60fps on ps4 this game shows improved graphics though so I can see both versions being when the delayed ps4 version arrives being 30fps. Timed excuslivity I've never been a fan.

I havent enjoyed any the benefits that came from any the games using this tactic to ploy gamers to there side. Hence I game on all platforms just I've always enjoyed my TR on PS seen PS1. #13
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My main worry for this is still on who will be able to afford it. pricing has to be just right are it will bomb tbh. DOnt mater the neh sayers etc here making there noise.

There's two ends of the market the people who pay for luxerys and they uslay exist on the PC end of thing then the console market.

If Morpheus is marked dearer than the current price than the PS4 it doesn't stand a chance remember the things specs. The don't amount to cheap. #1
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Preordered #9
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Dat shoulder charge :D I need that in my life #6
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Looks last gen #2
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Grainy pictures but hell to it ;) some people need to know that fanboys need a kick in the face some times -_-. #17.1
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Add the J league and I'm happy ;) #5
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If you owned both systems like me you wouldn't sniff at EA access. But if you are just on xbox one then its maybe ok.

My issue is the game in the vault seem to be games that are at the end off there cycles in terms off there online season passes hence there no good.

Add to that you get early access to the new games FIFA15 etc with no mention whether these new games will just add themselves to the service are you will have to pay the digital price and use... #17
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I'll point something out though i think its an ok service. If i wasn't playing all my third party on PS4 i might have given it a look.

The £30 a year price tag isn't getting you the latest games its getting you some discount and acess to the older games when they have run out off use on there season passes.

So if your a Fifa player like me that's not much use to you. I can see where some will still play an have fun but personally i like... #32
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Ive no issue with the game its one the best I've ever played but as with the Masterchief collection i feel its to early for this game to have a remaster.

Halo 2 on its own would have been enough. I personally think a game needs time on a shelve before it needs this treatment.

Doesn't make it any less off a game but as proven in the past with ICO Zelda etc games that are worth there salt will have a fan base years after there release and bringing the... #12
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Lets just pretend that some off the best criminals in cinematic history weren't looney's :/ Every other day theirs a new topic on something equally as stupid as this -_-. #11
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This GEN is turning into a FAIL :/ dont mater if a game plays good at all its all about 1080p 60fps FML :/ #12
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Well hopefully the lad gets back on board and doe's his modding for the next GTA release on PC. People can be complete ass hats at times. If he don't come back GTA5 on PC will be a lesser game without him and that's the truth, I've been using all his mod's on GTA4 from the start and enjoyed the lot. Makes you wonder if his Trolls where even pc gamers ;). #4
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Mentioned this before and got like a ton off disagrees :( #3.2
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Opening 15 minutes the feels :( #10
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Gonna be there in cue on a midnight opening waiting for Destiny loving it. #17
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The betas live for everyone now on the UK store Just check in the all games section PS4/PS3 #8
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You know when it gets to say three more years down the line people will look at each other and wonder what all the fuss was about all these games that came out at the start off these systems life cycles bar one are two games.

That's the way it has always been nothings changing this gen -_-. I like the looks off TLOU on PS4 but i also own it PS3 and i won't be getting it for my PS4 just on that reasoning alone.

Personally and please take note i said pers... #44
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Recorded with a potato -_- #11
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Another game all good :) #6
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