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Not gonna complain we all forget are season passes etc that we willingly pay hand over fist for runs are games round the 100quid mark bf1 cod? To name just a few i can say that of some first party games aswell now. Well what i know is ive never brought a game on Nintendo that has left a sour taste in my mouth i cant say that for sony and ms. This Ds4 is crap for typin with -_-

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Fresh look to an old pal game looks great

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Game made me smile been a while seen i got that from watching a game bring on march

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Notin wrong with the games dayone buy for me will sit nice next to my other next gen consoles

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I own ps4 x1s and i wil be happy when i pick up my switch in march if i can get hold off one thats an extremely competitive price 3 massive games i want this year right away zelda mario Zenoblade i don't mind subscriptions i pay by the year either way dont look at them till they run out. Nintendo has been in my house seen the late 80s no need to stop now

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What a dismal world we live in.

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149.99 GBP =188.961USD➔British Pound1 GBP = 1.25982 USD

US Dollar1 USD = 0.793761 GBP

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On that bombshell back to skyrim remaster :o

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Getting the razor one

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At least its a new system that's the main thing im focused on tbh.

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46gb before the maps my last to games are anything to go by on my ps4 they will run 70+gb by the end. Hardline and BF4 did.

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Remember the last game being 1080p on both consoles but 60fps on ps4 this game shows improved graphics though so I can see both versions being when the delayed ps4 version arrives being 30fps. Timed excuslivity I've never been a fan.

I havent enjoyed any the benefits that came from any the games using this tactic to ploy gamers to there side. Hence I game on all platforms just I've always enjoyed my TR on PS seen PS1.

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My main worry for this is still on who will be able to afford it. pricing has to be just right are it will bomb tbh. DOnt mater the neh sayers etc here making there noise.

There's two ends of the market the people who pay for luxerys and they uslay exist on the PC end of thing then the console market.

If Morpheus is marked dearer than the current price than the PS4 it doesn't stand a chance remember the things specs. The don't amount to cheap.

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Dat shoulder charge :D I need that in my life

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Looks last gen

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Grainy pictures but hell to it ;) some people need to know that fanboys need a kick in the face some times -_-.

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Add the J league and I'm happy ;)

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If you owned both systems like me you wouldn't sniff at EA access. But if you are just on xbox one then its maybe ok.

My issue is the game in the vault seem to be games that are at the end off there cycles in terms off there online season passes hence there no good.

Add to that you get early access to the new games FIFA15 etc with no mention whether these new games will just add themselves to the service are you will have to pay the digital price and use ...

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I'll point something out though i think its an ok service. If i wasn't playing all my third party on PS4 i might have given it a look.

The £30 a year price tag isn't getting you the latest games its getting you some discount and acess to the older games when they have run out off use on there season passes.

So if your a Fifa player like me that's not much use to you. I can see where some will still play an have fun but personally i like...

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