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Ive no issue with the game its one the best I've ever played but as with the Masterchief collection i feel its to early for this game to have a remaster.

Halo 2 on its own would have been enough. I personally think a game needs time on a shelve before it needs this treatment.

Doesn't make it any less off a game but as proven in the past with ICO Zelda etc games that are worth there salt will have a fan base years after there release and bringing the... #12
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Lets just pretend that some off the best criminals in cinematic history weren't looney's :/ Every other day theirs a new topic on something equally as stupid as this -_-. #11
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This GEN is turning into a FAIL :/ dont mater if a game plays good at all its all about 1080p 60fps FML :/ #12
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Well hopefully the lad gets back on board and doe's his modding for the next GTA release on PC. People can be complete ass hats at times. If he don't come back GTA5 on PC will be a lesser game without him and that's the truth, I've been using all his mod's on GTA4 from the start and enjoyed the lot. Makes you wonder if his Trolls where even pc gamers ;). #4
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Mentioned this before and got like a ton off disagrees :( #3.2
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Opening 15 minutes the feels :( #10
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Gonna be there in cue on a midnight opening waiting for Destiny loving it. #17
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The betas live for everyone now on the UK store Just check in the all games section PS4/PS3 #8
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You know when it gets to say three more years down the line people will look at each other and wonder what all the fuss was about all these games that came out at the start off these systems life cycles bar one are two games.

That's the way it has always been nothings changing this gen -_-. I like the looks off TLOU on PS4 but i also own it PS3 and i won't be getting it for my PS4 just on that reasoning alone.

Personally and please take note i said pers... #44
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Recorded with a potato -_- #11
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Another game all good :) #6
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I can think off many games i want to play in VR. But my only issue is the devices we will use to play them with and i don't mean the headset. Move needs some serious tweaking from what it was on PS3 to be considered a truely viable option (Though i did find it fun) and the use off a control though viable is kinda against the point off VR imo. #10
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Never started #17
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Still no gameplay -_- #1
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good things come to those that wait ;) Good old saying that ya know. #6
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Someone send me a ps4 code please :( #16
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So basically this teams made up off the guy that washed the windows, the guy that made the coffee, the guy that got the papers in, and the guy that cleaned the toilets -_- Great!! Lets welcome another studio making another FPS that plays in the same fashion as COD with a slight twist on its tail :/. Hell this time we can go to Venus and shoot intergalactic Donkeys. #7
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Only time it really becomes an issue is when the playing field is uneven ;) On pc you can have say a low end rig pushing 30fps-60fps on Cod4 for example against a descent rig getting 250fps solid no frame dips. Who has the advantage?.

Where as on Console as long as the guy next to you has the same FPS i can't and never have seen the issue esp when it comes to competitive play. #6
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PC is for so much more than games i could never plug my cintiq into my ps4 are x1 and work on it there. So always remember there's more than a gamers reason to own a PC ;). For me I'm a gamer first and I've always brought games where the quality is so owning everything makes sense to me. Costly yes but having the best games and the best experiences always pays off. #39
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Who in the hell is gonna hate indies last time i checked i brought my PS4 and X1 for games. Indies add to that and in most cases Push in new directions that the Big company's are unwilling to push. Hell my PC has seen nothing but indies for the last two years and that thing has cost me hand over fist in upgrades. End off the day if your not in this as a gamer you might as well gtfo cause your in it for all the wrong reasons. #8
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