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Remember a time I brought magazines to read a reviewers personal thoughts on a game and not a popular opinion piece. Seems today reviewers either race to beat each other first to press playing threw portions of a title on easy mode, then place a rating to match the hype not to disapoint the readers. Are we get the clickbaiters that rate down for the sake of it. Been a long time seen i read honest review. Hate typing on this nacon pro 2 pad lol. I'll wait play the game make my own opinions...

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Destiny 2 go faster update :)

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lol they just reviewed this game on political correctness lol wtf.

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Didn't Killzone use some lowtech solution raytracing reflections?

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Can say the same off all current gen systems tbh. Generation of Remaster.

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F2p cod in china has a battle royal mode in it atm. Maybe they will look at that can't detest to wether its good are not haven't tried it myself.

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Not getting my hopes up even with a shorter generation and a mid gen upgrade i can see us still playing remasters. But we only have areselfs to blame.

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The inclusion off MTs three months after release thats a pickle. For me this is the type off game you stick in the box bundled with the console hell even with the x1x. Don't surround the game in negitivity before launch. The greed off Developers know no bounds these days.

Pay £80 quid for are special edition get a season pass but listen don't stop there we will interduce pets hell you can have a parrot your friend can't afford have it on your shoulder for ...

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There dev time is three years as it is, while infinity and sledgehammer get there games out off the way. Not that its much off a struggle picking up the same engine the others are using.

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I've worries tbh and there my personal opinions, Gow is one of the few great SP games for me with a cool lore, i know we as players have defeated every Olympian god and guess there had always gonna be a ceiling. But for me coming into this new game there seems to be no link to his past. This kid aswell echos off time past for kratos pain. Not something we create threw anger Kratos identity seems to be being molded a new. I like links to past endeavour. Gives a story more ground.

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Why he hate on the Songbird lol :). Tbh for me biggest issue in gaming is something that Isn't new and has always been there. Cloned game mechanics its the reason we all hit the wall in games that says we have done this before. Devs are crap scared to try anything new or face the wrath of the armchair warriors. Uncharted was great till you look at how many games upcoming have its mechanics. Then you ponder some more where did uncharted mechanics come from its a tainted web i tell you. I...

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I plan to get the game but like alot of games of recent im given it another six to eight months to flesh itself out some and by that time i'll get a bargain buy aswell.

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Nah m8 where im from its humor.

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Don't vodka and VR ;)

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Looking forward to Dreams from mm like games that try something different.

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Never see it as a bad thing adding more games to an already bustling libary of titles, how thats ending a year on a wrong foot is anyones guess. Think the lads and Ladies' over at gamingbolt are doing lines tbh.

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Remember it wasn't long ago all this was taboo even to air out your grandfathers generation would have lived with the abuse brushing it under the carpet. Even some believed who would listen to me thats the adult im the kid, Etc what makes your generation better is the ability not to hide and voice your concerns. Be that for the better are worse. Every medium possible is a voice when its getting the word out about abuse. I praise any developor thats willing to push the envelope.

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I`Ll never get it and will always depise it. I started my gaming mid 80s and remember bedroom coders lol dreaming of there game just being played by others ffs. Gaming today has went to the dogs suits run the show before the gamer imagination replaced with complacency and sheer greed. Fun needs to return to are games and not in the form off what emote, skin there is to unbox next. I want when i buy a game a fully finished product. No need for season passes and MTs and if they add more to the ...

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Goes all the way back to cod 4 and obivions horse armor. Remember for the first time feeling like what i got out off the box wasn't worth crap.Nvidia pulled a save that year and saved pc gamers having to pay for dlc maps. Never before had it been required. wHat you got on your disk was expanded by patches on previous games v1.2 v1.5 each came with new maps. Devs and publisher didn't stick there hand deeper in your pocket. If there was more content we paid for a fully featured expansio...

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