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"A bit long" - Part 2's almost done...

"but a great article!" Thanks!

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Agreed on facing off against Sephiroth! God I hated that Coliseum!

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Ninth, not all or even most readers on N4G are self-deluded stereotypes, but at least one is.

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Already got a whole slew of 'em on the site...

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Keep in mind that this book is merely set in the same world, and uses familiar characters. The story isn't a rehash of either of the two games.

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Yeah, or in this case, based on THQ's official press release from today.

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There's the BBC "version" of the text game; I also found info on another version made in 2010 (forget the dev). All I can recall atm...

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I like to make a fashionably late entrance...

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I agree! Looking forward to it, it'll give me a chance to dust off my guitar and give it another go.

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I hated the 360 version of the previous Dragon Age, so I've been thinking PC for a while now, but not totally sure as I was lacking a detailed breakdown and side-by-side comparison. Your article has (almost) fully convinced me: PC!

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True, I agree with you on your take on tactics! But as I said, sadly I've sometimes had trouble with my issued commands being overruled somehow by the AI following its own course, or the tactics simply not reacting quickly enough to keep up with the flow of real-time combat.

For example, an ally who is starting to cast an attack spell breaks it off after charging for a few seconds to cast a heal spell in response to another character's health dropping low. Before...

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Personally, I'd welcome a nice, engrossing turn-based RPG. The last turn-based RPGs I had good fun with were FFIX (wow, that was two console generations ago!) and FFX on the PS2.

I'm frankly a bit sick of all the real-time fighting in RPGs, and I prefer issuing commands to party members rather than setting up squad tactics and whatnot. Where did this trend start?!? I remember being dismayed at this battle system back with FFXII. While it can work, it's just...

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