God of War PS4 is simply awesome


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@ Teflon02
"Are you going to cry just because you're being t-bagged by a girl character instead of a guy? Really?"

In that case, you're being v-bagged.

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It deserves it. I bought it and finally got a Platinum on it. Probably my GOTY.

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I see what you did there.

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Why do you say that (if you honestly believe it)?

Nevermind.... troll account

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I think Sea of Thieves looks interesting.

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@ Ittoittosai

What "unrestricted" access? There are all kinds of restrictions on gun ownership now. Now, whether there should be more or not is a valid point, but to say "unrestricted" is not accurate at all.

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Legal immigration is good.

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To be fair, it's Bungie.net not Destiny.net.

It's for all of Bungie products. And yes, Destiny is really the only product currently I suppose.

This will affect old Halo fans who still use Bungie.net and who haven't purchased D2.

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Oh, I'm sure that's going on. Bungie is trying to limit the trolls posting on their forums.

Unfortunately, it's also will affect others who use the Off Topic and Gaming forums that don't troll and who haven't bought D2. Not sure what the best solutions if for them, but best of luck to them.

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People are NOT happy over there.

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Honestly, for whatever reason, I've never once felt like spending real money on the loot boxes in BF1. They are all just weapon/vehicle skins and exp boosts that last for 30 minutes to an hour.

They seem pretty innocuous in BF1. I'm NOT saying they are good, just that the ones in BF1 aren't as bad as they are in other games.

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I just can't see that happening, not taking anything away from the Switch.

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I'm honestly not sure it's Luke Smith. I think there are some other Dev's who pushed to make D2 the way it is. Jon Weisnewski is the PvP sandbox lead, I believe and he had a big role in all of this, from what I've heard. I could be wrong, however.

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It all depends on you. If you played D1 and enjoyed the grind for high level gear the first year, then I doubt you'll like D2.

If this is your first go at the game, then you'll probably like it.

It's not a BAD game, it's just not what people wanted or expected as a sequel to D1. Also, to be fair to the critics, it's VERY MUCH centered around Eververse and trying to sell you loot boxes.

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Killzone 2 MP was a lot of fun!

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irishyort - I am right there with you, buddy. The new weapon loadout is HORRIBLE, in my opinion.

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TheRandomOne - Please don't give them any ideas. LOL

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Destiny 2 has GOT to be one of them.

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Don't be so defensive. He's obviously saying that the tech is great, it looks great, and it performs great, but that it doesn't have the exclusives that he wants to play. Of course, that viewpoint is entirely subjective, but that's his argument.

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"they have to make money somehow. They are a business after all."

In my opinion, then it's high time that IF they aren't making enough money (and I highly doubt it), then they should raise the price of the game and included ALL future DLC for free.

Will that happen? More than likely no, but I'd prefer that to loot boxes.

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