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Thanks for the heads up! I won't sweat not getting it then. #5.1.1
Think I'm going to pick up the helmet for my Hunter and the chest piece for my warlock.

I'd get the Universal Remote too, but I don't have enough strange coins for everything.

Not a bad week at all! #5
I just got this last week I think. I've used it a bit, but it's not fully upgraded yet. I'm just not much of a rocket launcher player.

I prefer my Corrective Measure in almost all circumstances. #1.2.2
Regardless of who "owned" who in this conversation, leave the personal insults out of it. #5.2.3
Hey, don't make me mark you for trolling...


#tryingtobeamusing #1.3.1
I thought this line in the submission was funny, sad, and true:

"Add in gamer shit-talk from emotionally stunted teenagers, and suddenly most modern gaming is about as fun as being held down by a bully and repeatedly slapped with your own hand until you black out." #3.2
I've noticed a lot of people on my friend's list are doing other things. Some still play it almost daily, but not like they used to.

I've moved on myself. I'll probably come back to it now and then, but I won't play it nearly as much as I used to. #10
-sigh- #2.1
Wish you would have been able to. #12.1.2
I'll ask you the same question I asked someone else above:

Did you comment on the blog that asked for nominations and offer some suggestions? #12.1
Calm down there, Skippy. N4G is a user driven website. The members approved this submission. As of now, I don't see anything wrong with the submission. This is NOT N4G's content. It is the content of the website that it is posted from.

Just because your situation worked out for you (which is good), that doesn't mean it has for everyone. #6.1
Did you comment on the blog that asked for nominations and offer some suggestions? #4.1
Thanks to the the guys/gal that helped put this together!

It'll be interesting to see who wins in each category. #3
I agree. R1 was really great SP. R2 was just fantastic co-op, imo. And R3, while it wasn't as good as the first two, was still a really fun game.

I love all the different weapons you could use. They were all just a lot of fun to play. #20.1
Yeah, I don't think I'll be attempting this solo. LOL

Let us know if you make it! #4.2
I agree, this is a really interesting article. #4
It's certainly my "go to" weapon on raids and strikes.

I've been having a lot of fun using hand cannons, but The Vision of Confluence is just an all around great gun. #2
1. Best New Studio

2. Best New IP
Shadow of Mordor

3. Best New Video Game Character
Ratbag - Shadow of Mordor

4. Most Interesting Gameplay Innovation
Nemesis System - Shadow of Mordor

5. Gaming News Story of the Year

6. Most Replayable Game

7. Best Single Player Experience
Dragon Age Inquisition

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