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You truly don't see the reverse racism in what you're saying, do you?

It's a double standard. NEITHER WORD SHOULD BE USED. I don't care if you're black, white, green, plaid, or paisley, it's the SAME WORD. Nga is no one's word. Ngr is the EXACT same word. They are BOTH offensive and shouldn't be used. The fact that people don't understand that makes me shake my head.

"It mu...

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Neither one should be used.

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They aren't just selling cosmetics. The mods they are selling will allow faster cooldown on abilities, grenades, and will also improve your weapon handling. So, yeah, they can give you a nice edge over others in the crucible.

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This is nothing but a money grab. Eververse was WAAAAY too successful, imo. This is just to make people buy the shaders back, and since they are destroyed when changing them or when dismantling equipment/armor, they figure people will repurchase them. And sadly, ppl will.

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I'm having a lot of fun with it, and it's fun to just chill out with friends while leveling up your character / clubs.

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@MasterCornholio - Thank you for not using the word "trigger". I'd almost lower a restriction for you for that alone. ;-)

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Not sure why you got so many disagrees. Your point seems pretty logical to me. They don't want to give the impression that the base Xbox isn't a good gaming console while promoting the Xbox One X.

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@ Fearmonkey
"Not being able to share games..... That Sony vid on how to share games on PS4 was hilarious."


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Because they'll feel like they don't have the latest and the greatest. You know how human nature is.

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Oh, I'm concerned too, but for different reasons. The new load out isn't my cup of tea. I don't want or need 2 primaries. That is only because of PvP. I'm NOT a huge PvP'er. I most PvE.

The grenade and super cooldowns were horribly long in the beta. They said they would fix this but the most recent TWAB said that the changes would be "subtle".

4v4 is NOT what I expected or wanted. I avoided Trials like the plague.

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Yeah, this beta is NOT the Destiny that I wanted. You can tell they've revamped everything to cater to the PVP part of the game. The weapon slots make NO sense in PVE, it's much more slower paced, the Super abilities take forever to charge up, etc. etc. etc.

It's not really looking good in terms of core game play, imo. The game still looks nice, but it's a step backwards in terms of game play.

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Valid reasons. Also there are lots of people who just feel the need to have the latest tech, no matter what it is. People are free to spend their money how they see fit.

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I wonder how the VR part of this game is. I bet it's pretty cool.

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"What's next, a congratulatory certificate for inserting the disc."

Ok, I even laughed at that one. :D

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To be honest, when Shigeru Miyamoto commented that many consumers are really looking for more variety rather than just high performance from a new game system, he brought up the comparison. IMO, he's directly addressing both the Xbox One X and the PS Pro.

I'm NOT saying that people should be arguing needlessly, but I do understand why people are discussing other consoles then just the Switch here. Just my $0.02

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@ gbsrnctaln

LOL. Buddy, you're free to believe whatever it is you want to believe. Everything that Emilio just posted is 100% true. Have a good one.

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Read that whole comment and all I can say is "well said".

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Well, a few things.

I personally don't have the time to Moderate like I used to be able to. Mods are actual, real people too. This isn't a paid gig. I have a real job, with real responsibilities. I do my best to be on here to help out, but I, as well as the others, can't be on here all the time.

Also, remember that since Mods are actual, real people, we'll have different ideas and approaches on moderation. I'm probably a bit stric...

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I don't think you guys are being disrespectful. So no worries. When I say it's community driven, I meant the APPROVALS of submissions are community driven. That's all I meant.

And full disclosure, while I can give my input into the other things you are discussing, even I don't have really any say into that. All of those issues are between the Admin and the owners of the website.

Mods don't get to change things "willy-nilly&q...

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??? I think you're taking the website name a bit too literally. We also have reviews, previews, interviews, etc. If the community doesn't want so many opinion pieces, then they don't have to approve those types of submissions. It is community driven.

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