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@ Dark_Crow,

Au contraire, mon frere!

The do (sometimes) add more to the game just as Achievements do. They also go into calculating your overall Trophy level, so honestly, they're no different than achievements.

At first, I felt like I needed to get as many as I could (and I still try for them if I really like a game) but I don't obsess about them the way I used to. #1.4.6
Well, the sky outside where I'm at is partly cloudy. It appears blue with wispy strands of white in various places.

So, I can if fact describe the sky even though I don't own a Wii U.

Also, please refrain from calling other people fools who have a different opinion than yours. #1.4.3
You have no idea what you're talking about, do you? LOL #69.1
1. Gaming News Story of the Year - Sony revealing Final Fantasy 7

2. Best New Studio - Moon Studio

3. Best New IP - Bloodbourne

4. Best New Video Game Character - Gehrman

5. Best Single Player Experience - Bloodbourne

6. Best Multiplayer Experience (Co-op counts!) - The Taken King - Destiny

7. Best Story - Life Is Strange

8. Best Soundtrack - Bloodbourne

9.... #35
I've read nothing but complaints about this Iron Banner too. The vast majority don't like Rift as the game mode and the match making has been horrible.

Yeah, things aren't going well for Destiny at this point. #1.1
I just went back to it since I completed Fallout 4 and I've played it for a few days. I gotta say... I loved Destiny but it's just stale at this point. The gaming mechanics are top notch, but without any new content, it's frankly boring doing the same ol' stuff all the time.

I think Destiny will be my fall back for when I just want to get 30 minutes or so of gaming in. Other than that... meh. #1.3

Understood, and thanks for not picking on the submitter. Yes, technically, they were following the rules about titles. However, they are allowed to change title of submission to make it more clear.

Again, I didn't mean to single you out, just needed to post about changing the title and picked your comment to do so. :-) #21.1.2
Or, someone COULD have submitted a ticket pointing out the problem so Mods could address it rather than complaining about it in the comments, that may or may not been seen unless a Mod is browsing the comments.

You aren't the only one to have complained Dragon, so I don't mean to single you out, but c'mon people...

The title has now been changed. N4G has NOTHING to do with what the original title was. Sheesh... #21.1
Bad spelling, obviously. I'll correct the title for them now since it's already been approved. #2.4
You'll get marked for trolling and being off topic, if you are, you know.... trolling and being off topic. We don't care what piece of hardware your heart is set on. Now, stay on topic, please. #19.1.1
Uncharted 4 #364
Uncharted 4 #35
That was actually a good ad. Well done, Microsoft. #25
Get your tinfoil hat fixed. #10.1
LOL! I absolutely KNEW someone would post something like this when I was just trying to be helpful. Thanks for confirming what I thought.

If you'd like, I can mark both mine and your comments as off topic. I doubt it'll affect my bubble count, however. Just let me know here or in a PM! #6.1.1
Edit: This is meant as a reply to retrogamer09's question #5

Just buy a charging station. Fairly cheap and you can charge 2 controllers at a time. #6
I'll have to try to do this when I get home today. It sounds like a decent pulse rifle. #6
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That was an interesting read. It's too bad that upper management made the decision to re-write everything at the last minute. #5
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In the future, however, please report the submission through the normal method or even submit a help ticket to report a duplicate. Don't post a comment about that in the comments section. Thanks. #1.1.1
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