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In the future, however, please report the submission through the normal method or even submit a help ticket to report a duplicate. Don't post a comment about that in the comments section. Thanks. #1.1.1
The vast majority of randoms on Destiny are really helpful too. There's nothing like doing a strike or a public event with people you don't know, with everyone trying to help each other, and then the courteous wave to acknowledge the help when you're done. LOL

I think it's a pretty good community. #7.1.1
All good points, Gigawatt. #2.2.2
I've played both and Destiny is head and shoulders above Borderlands, in my opinion.

Different strokes for different folks. #2.2
The digital download for TTK is only $40. Calm down. #2.1.1
It's a lot of fun. Regardless of anything else, Bungie knows how to make a fun game with good shooting mechanics. The guns are fun to use. #1.2.2
I just did a new strike this morning. It was NOT easy and that's a good thing. It also forced my fireteam to keep on the move and we had to revive each other quite a bit.

I'm liking Destiny 2.0 quite a bit. #1
Yep, you can't automatically breakdown your green and blue drops anymore. Heck, I'm running with a green primary right now because it's better than any other weapon I have! #2.3
I agree. I think the North ghost sounds childish? immature?... not sure, just that I don't think it's for the better.

It's kind of annoying, honestly. I'm sure it's because Dinklebot had a lower timbre in his voice compared to how North talks. #1.1.1
It's "here", not "hear" and stop trolling. #10.1
Rift sounds like it is going to be total chaos! I think this could replace Control as the most played. #5
I'm a bit confused by this. I logged on to Destiny this morning before work and they had the daily, weekly, and nightfall strikes all available to be played. #5
Honest question... Do you really think the prices will drop?

I'm not disagreeing that they shouldn't (no plastic cases, no cd, not artwork, less expensive distribution, etc.) but I wonder if the publishers will give up that revenue. #1.1.1
I know Dinklebot was kind of flat when speaking, but you jut get used to his voice. #1.2
Yeah, it just doesn't sound right... I've gotten used to hearing Dinkle Bot all this time. #1.1
Please stop yelling. #1.12.3
I thought he was connected to P.T., but I guess not. He was, however, slated to be the future director of Silent Hills.

In the wikipedia page for P.T.:

"Guillermo del Toro, the intended future director of Silent Hills, commented on P.T.‍ '​s popularity, speculating that there were people who still have a passion for the Silent Hill series.[47]"

https://en.wi... #1.2.2
Congrats Emilio! Let me know how you like your Xbox One! I've been thinking about taking the plunge and getting one as well.

Congrats to all the other winners too and especially to Christopher for all of the hard work you put into this.

I think it was another rousing success this year! #1.2
Are you sure that's the reason or is it because you don't have a PS4? Because if that is the reason, you're trolling again. #2.7.1
I liked the video. I think it gave a pretty good representation of what to expect. I'll be watching for this game as well. #6
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