Back to that Destiny grind


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I just made sure I had it on my Gamefly queue. LOL

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I agree wholeheartedly with you. I was disappointed in UC4. I expected more.

I played all of the previous games, and frankly, liked all of them more. I'm not saying it wasn't a beautiful game visually. because it was... it just wasn't the whole package I was expecting for some reason. I'm NOT saying it was a bad game, because it was a good game, but I was still disappointed in it. I expected it to be GREAT, not merely a good game.

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Me too! I love the Resistance series. Great games! I thought the weapons were really cool.

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It's retarded, not retarted. And neither term should be used on here. Calm down.

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You could say THE PRICE IS RIGHT!!!

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Look, the evidence is very clear that Sean Murray lied through his teeth, for whatever reason. Pressure from others, pressure he put on himself, etc.

HOWEVER, that does NOT excuse him. I don't wish him ill, but I hope he learns from this debacle, and NEVER does something like this again. Have I played the game? Nope. Do I want to at this point? Nope. Did I want to at one point. Yep.

I think we all make mistakes, but damn... this was a dooz...

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I was wondering how people were getting the swarm around their characters heads last night! I did the Nightfall solo and didn't get it. So, this morning I ran one crucible match and ended up getting infected with 3 of the viruses. Interesting twist on the game right before Rise of Iron hits next week.

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Yeah, I tried to load this up before going to work today and the servers weren't available then. I just figured it was down for some type of maintenance or something.

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@ Shin-Zantetsuken

I tend to agree with you, but still it's nice to have something aesthetically pleasing in your house. Looks aren't everything but it's still a part of the overall package.

However, yes... function over form when it involves electronics.

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"I'll be restricted from commenting, but only the moderators have the power to stop this kind of negativity"

No, no we don't. Well, not entirely. I think I'm probably the MOST strict out of all the Mods and I have NO issue banning obvious trolls who add NOTHING to this website.

Without going into detail, although it's probably been mentioned before, because of DDoS attacks N4G uses a system that addresses that issue but it prev...

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Thanks for restraining yourself.

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Also, according to this video, he admits that he lied:

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Based on everything I've seen, I'd say yes... He lied.

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Yeah, we do, as long as it's gaming related. It's up to the community whether they want to approve these types of articles. If they don't, then it won't hit the front page.

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Exactly... they'll just be less obvious. Obviously.

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"Once you've gotten the hang of the brutal resource grind, strap in for...... not much else."


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I have to admit I laughed watching this video. :-) I'll rent it through Game Fly most likely.

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You'll get folders with the next major update.

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Oh lord. Let's not start with the $x.xx cents per day arguments again. That's ALL we heard last gen with the Xbox Live versus PS3 free wars. LOL

If I had my way, I'd wouldn't pay for ANYTHING above my internet connection. I think BOTH are bullshit but we honestly don't have choice if we want to play multiplayer games. It sucks but it is what it is.

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Everything you say may be true, but that does NOT justify a DDoS attack if that's what happened.

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