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There was a lot of work that went into this and I wanted to say thank you for all the people involved in getting this off the ground, especially Cat. You rock!

http://www.hdiphonewallpape... #13
Yes, it does. It outsold the PS4 as well. #5.1
Not sure about a redesign at this point, but I agree that there is still a lot of life left in it. #1.1.1
I switched the image out. Good catch. #2.2
Thanks for the review!

Well written! #1
Doesn't change the fact that most people think this is rather disappointing.

I do as well. Nothing interested me.

That doesn't mean others might be interested, but it's still pretty "meh". #1.4.2
Great review! Glad you liked the game. #1
Now this looks really interesting. I really like the premise. #13
Playing this now... I'm liking it so far, but I just started. Good review. #1
Looks like a great game! #14
Really liking the Indie Month stuff here on N4G...

Great idea! #13
Really good read and it raised some really good points! I can certainly see where the temptation would be there to both take money for reviews and to pay them to get exposure to your games.

Thanks for the blog! #12
They have already had minority assassin's. In AC3, the main character (Connor) was Indian and he learned from a black assassin (Achilles). #9.1.1
N4G always have the best contests... #65
This game has really piqued my interest. #6
It reminds me of the the first inFamous for some reason. I guess the zipping around on the lines. #51.1
I think this is pretty cool and would love to see Sony implement something like this as well. #9
I know I had to look it up... and I doubt I'll ever remember it again. #2.1.1
Looking forward to checking this out. :) #3
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