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I couldn't take it. I gave up on it. I was in the 6th chapter and fighting the chainsaw guy again. After the 10th time of trying, I decided life is too short for this crap.

It's just a bad game. I'm not the best but I'm not the worst gamer either. I just decided that I'm not going to subject myself to a game that I just don't like. LOL #1.1.1
And the thing is, what Jack was saying should have just been common sense! It's amazing what happens when you try to provide something that people actually want.

I'm sure (or at least hope) the MS and Sony reveal this generation is a case study in a business class in some university. LOL #5.1.2
I have to admit, this game looks bad ass.

I agree with the comments about the enemies just standing around. That needs to be addressed.

Also, I'm hoping the guns and melee feels good, if you know what I mean. Take the feel and shooting mechanics of Destiny and throw it in here and it'll be fantastic.

I played Rage, and I was trying to remember what the shooting mechanics in that game felt like. #1.11
I remember reading about the Souls games years ago, when people were talking about this unusual Japanese game.

It wasn't available in either Europe or the States (if I remember correctly) and if possible, people should import it.

I have to say that the Souls games are definitely near the top of my all time favorite games.

This is a very interesting read too, if you like the Souls games and Bloodborne. It's cool to hear what other devel... #2
Great review. I agree with it 100% I'm currently renting it from Gamefly. I'm glad it's a rental and not a purchase!

I get so frustrated with it at times, that often I feel like I'm just playing it to finish it.

I agree with your score too. It's a game that is definitely on the "play it if you don't have another game to play" list. LOL #1
I think bOObies is tame enough. Also, stay on topic. #12.2
It's been good for me, but I did notice a bit of hiccups when I was in the forbidden forest. There's a spot with like 3 bonfires close together and that seemed to cause a small problem. But, it was barely noticeable and it was smooth after I moved on from that area.

It's been a fantastic game so far! #1.1.8
Columbo!! Good to see you still lurk around here. #20.2
Best of luck with everything!

You'll be missed

http://sd.keepcalm-o-matic.... #8
Quote: "I play game to have fun, not to be stressed out and pissed off because I keep dying over and over and have to waste a ton of time replaying a mission or section dozens of times to get it right."

This game isn't for you. LOL #7.3
So, maybe things can be flipped towards the other argument too.

Why can't Bayonetta be a guy? LOL #9
"He's not even a titular character."

I see what you did there. #1.5.1
Why are you yelling? Please don't post in all caps.

Thank you. #5.2
Just checked and luckily I have enough strange coins to get this! #1.4
I was wondering about the jump in players too. The only thing that makes sense to me is there were probably a bunch of people who got the game for Christmas. #3.1.1
Sure they were. The nominations were open ended and anyone could nominate whatever games they wanted. #12.1
I'm interested in this stuff, but I do wonder if it'll take off. I was also interested in 3D gaming, but not enough that I ran out to buy a 3D enabled TV. #2
Thanks for the heads up! I won't sweat not getting it then. #5.1.1
Think I'm going to pick up the helmet for my Hunter and the chest piece for my warlock.

I'd get the Universal Remote too, but I don't have enough strange coins for everything.

Not a bad week at all! #5
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