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My favorite was from Resistance 2 on PS3 called " omgwtfbbq ".

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Let us not be foolish to believe any company is consumer friendly. Some may have less issues than another but do not forget that the all mighty dollar drives them as with any company.

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Gay ain't the way I play.

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I highly doubt we will get a display port on Scorpio.

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Missing the HDMI 2.1 standard for FreeSync 2.

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Only issue is that brand new 2017 monitors do not support the new hdmi format to support free sync 2, let alone TV. It will be 2018 at the earliest before we see support for it.

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Sony better get with the program.

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I do like the way Sony dose it, single tap dash, hold for 1 sec quick menu.
I don't think anyone in my household likes the change to the xbox button change, my wife and kids hate it.

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Dirt Rally is pretty amazing, I can actually be decent at a sim racer because of it. I'm also enjoying Eve. I'm playing my PSVR everyday just about.

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I'm excited! 2 4k consoles!

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Keeping an eye out on this.

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There hasn't been a 5 dollar footlong in years... this is a deal.

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I think it is much more fun than no man's sky.

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Give the Brave browser a try everything is built in and everything loads so much more quickly. No flash support for security reasons unless you enable it.

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Would be nice!

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I'm loving this fad.

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SJW's to the rescue! They must have been confused if it was supposed to be a male trapped in a females body that deals with male animations that only a woman could act out. So they went creative neutrality.

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My wife laughed when I read her the tweet. People are such snowflakes. Buncha babies.

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