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I've logged so many hours into this game. Such a great experience and it keeps getting better.

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I can not wait for this. I feel like this is going to be warframe 2.0.

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Kung Pow is what I call these reviews. I have to say the best platform for making your voice heard is the PC. I love my PS4 and xbone but PC reviews on steam get things done is like 15 minute. No joke. See how fast the response is.

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No. They choose the direction of the game. It's our choice to either enjoy the direction or not. Stop playing if you don't. It's a business they will see if the direction is right by the way they are conducting themselves.

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Here we go again. More cry babies.

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That is only for his underage bride to do.

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Maybe. $6.66 sounds like a good price point.

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Wonder if muhammad fatality blows himself and the other fight up.

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OMG life is over he said a bad word. Move on.

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My 8 year old son said " what is the point of that. It isn't even needed. "

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I loved this game.

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PC players are getting shafted it seems.

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When I watched the major Nelson reveal. I was like again?! I went and told my wife we both laughed because it is always changing. I love the simplicity of the PlayStation bar.
Nothing fancy just what I want and quick access no convoluted pressing of buttons. The whole family hates the current Ui for Xbox.

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So by not spending real cash we are at a disadvantage? Thanks...

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Just tweeted them a msg. I'm going to have to wait for a sale, such a shame. I absolutely loved the first game.

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Why it's our second!

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Just got one!

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Just don't buy the game if you don't agree. I'm not buying it.

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I've been subbed from the start. Never dissapointed.

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