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Okay, but you are forgetting that these franchises are continuing on the PS4. As of now, there aren't any decent PS4 emulators so he has to get a PS4 to play the next Uncharted, a God of War sequel, or any sequel to any of the other PlayStation exclusive games he likes.

Checkmate! #3.1.3
I never understand all of this bickering.

PC may have exclusives too, but it doesn't have the exclusives that he prefers. He gave a list of specific properties that are only found on his platform of choice.
I assume these games are why he chose the platform of his choice.

That's the problem with articles like these. People can't seem to grasp that other people aren't always going to enjoy the same things that they do. #3.1.1
What? Nobody just wants to use your characters; that not how licensing deal work.
You make it sound like they're doing it for free and out of the goodness of their hearts. Property owners usually offer a sum of money and pay for the development of the project and that's an offer any smart third party would not turn down.

They're already doing this with their franchises. Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem and Hyrule Warriors are both examples of Nintendo lice... #3.2.1
Mobile games are mobile.

They give you entertainment when you aren't at home sitting in front of a TV and that's one of the biggest draws. You can play them anywhere. #3.1.1
Yeah, you will start to see PS4 sales pick up as more games start to release. I'm not saying it will start flying off the shelves though.

It's not like the west where people rush out to buy a console and patiently wait for promised support. In order to sell, you need to have something out that makes people want to buy it. #6.1
It didn't catch on like people thought it would. I have a PS4 at home but I'm always out so my 3DS and Vita get more use. I'm more of an one the go type of person.

Most of the people I know are the same way.

The PS4 also lacks games that appeal to me. When I do play a console, it's my WiiU. #5
It doesn't matter if it's a console seller or not. That has nothing to do with the article.

Splatoon is a new IP, something people keep claiming Nintendo hasn't made in years. The article actually proves that wrong. Maybe you should take the time to actually read it, huh? #5.1.1
How does that relate to the article?

Point of the article: People keep saying Nintendo doesn't make new IPs when they actually do. Then it goes on to list all the IPs Nintendo has created in each console's lifetime.

Yes, there are Mario spinoffs, but that has no relation to the topic at hand. #11.1
That's not always the case. The GameCube was actually stronger than the PS2 but sold less.

The Wii was weaker than the PS3 and Xbox360 but sold more. #7.1
He is correct some Irish do call it soccer. It depends on the person and where they are from.

Booth terms are used. I had an Irish friend that called it soccer. He used soccer so people made sure he was not talking about Gaelic football instead.

This is what happens when you generalize. #23.1.3
If Nintendo didn't fund it, it would not exist. Neither Microsoft, Sony, or Sega was willing to publish it. Platinum had no funds and no publisher before Nintendo came along.

They never tried to alienate anybody. #9.3.1
It depends on how much money Nintendo is willing to throw at it. Nintendo continues to fund Fatal Frame games even though the sales of those games are pretty lackluster. #4.1
They funded it's development and made a deal with Sega.

Basically, Nintendo has to fund development and pay for all the advertising. In return, it's a WiiU exclusive. #6.1
Last time I checked, Uncharted was not compatible. #26.2
They're making it hard to resist buying an XboxOne. If they reveal enough exclusives, I'll have to cave in. I remember getting my 360, it was the Blue Dragon bundle. #5
Yup, I bought it the day it came out and I found that out the hard way. Sony has been good with updating the list of compatible titles though.

It was much worse when the VitaTV was first released. #26.1
Yoshida disagrees with you on the notion that core gamers want something to play all the time.

In an interview, he stated that Vita gamers want titles that you can play for 15 - 20 minutes on the go. This is their reason for putting indies in the forefront and first party on the back burner. It's because "gameplay, game mechanic wise, people want to spend 10 minutes, 15 minutes getting in and out. "

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You keep saying that it will get a successor in two years, but it won't happen. You don't understand how these things work.

Nintendo just started profiting off of the WiiU. AAandoning the platform now would mean a lost of money, they already are developing games for it and putting money into 2nd part relationships.

There is no way they would continue to spend money developing games like Zelda, Smash Bros, Mario party and other games if they were going... #1.1.10
No new IP's?

I guess Splatoon and Miyamoto's two new projects don't exist. E3 2014 never happened.

200, eh?

How is that for you? #5.1.1
They can always do what Atlus did in Persona 3 Portable. They could introduce a female main character but only classify the male character as canon to the story.

Everybody is happy that way. #10
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