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Fake site, fake/guess numbers. Some fanboy with nothing to do and terrible web design skills. PS4 and Infamous are no where near that high.

1515d ago 5 agree26 disagreeView comment is a fake site making fake claims. All of which have been wrong so far. Run by a sad fanboy with terrible web design skills lol. Infamous only sold about 600k first week.

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@GameNameFame and @Sarcasm

Facts only work when they are accurate. The Xbox One received an 8% GPU allocation increase to games. So that 1.18TF is wrong and should be 1.296TF. That's mistake #1.

Mistake #2 is assuming Sony does not allocate any GPU resources to the OS/camera/UI etc. They have to do this in order for those systems to work. So the PS4 1.84TF number is actually lower than that. We don't know how much lower since Sony and devs haven't...

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The Xbox One gpu reserved for games is now 1.29 teraflops. 8% was freed up recently in an update. Just making sure you had all your facts straight since it seemed like you were just copy/pasting old specs.

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Sony has not had this for years... you had to have a PS+ account to access PS+ content on PS3 (not sure about PS4). Non PS+ account was still limited to like 2-3 users. You could not buy a game on someone's machine and have them play it without your account unless it was one of their 2-3 licenses. I know from first hand experience.

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@Lukas it is just sad how you keep failing so hard... trying to pretend you are more intelligent, yet you still keep arguing under the false assumption that those who bought a console in November did not buy games in December.

We understand your comment is talking strictly NPD December. It is you that keeps failing to understand our comments. Console sales that occurred in November = more game sales in December! That is where your "logic" keeps going wrong and what...

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Ok so all those people that bought PS4 and Xbox One in November bought 0 games in December... glad we have your "logic" on here.

You even directly contradict yourself! "More consoles sold = more games sold" and yet the Xbox One has more games sold in December AND total 2013 than PS4...

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I've seen PS4 in stock at retailers since the week of Christmas. Wal-Mart seems to always have 5 or more in the display case. Chicago/Indianapolis areas.

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First off, what a piece of shit, ugly website. Sorry, I had to say that because I am a web developer...

Secondly, I have seen PS4's in my area since Christmas week. Every time I go out, I see them in Walmart and Target. Central US.

Is this guy the Sony version of Misterxmedia?

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Wow... how quickly Sony fans forget that MS has their own streaming game service in the works and already demoed it several months ago playing Halo 4 on a tablet and phone. People need to quit being fanboys and realize that MS has every form of cloud set for Xbox One.

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Server was running "down the hall" and there was still a few frame lag/delay. Amplify that by 100+ miles and I wonder how well it works.

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Someone needs to clarify. Is it 5MBps or 5Mbps? 5MB = 40Mb so I would just barely fall short at Fios 35Mbps. However, if they meant 5Mbps that be plenty for almost anyone with cable/fios or even fast DSL. So anyone know which they mean? MegaByte or Megabit? 1 MegaByte = 8 Megabit

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Thuway is a joke. He's been wrong like crazy lately. No one has confirmed the RAM on PS4 available to devs, but my own personal friends who work for a game development company have stated that their games max out at 5gb of RAM on their PS4 dev kits and that's w the flexible memory added.

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These articles are so stupid and no one seems to understand. THIS IS NOT A WAITING LIST! It's just a simple mailing list. The size of which grew until shortly after release. People that have received their consoles aren't magically removed from the mailing list. They are still there unless they go in and manually remove themselves from notifications.

So please understand that this IN NO WAY implies that 2 million people are still waiting for PS4s from Gamestop. I'...

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Seriously? Lol fanboy website gets approved on here... This is a video of someone unable to download the update. It is NOT a broken Xbox One/DOA/BLOD unit like with PS4's. Not saying their won't be any broken units, but this is not one of them.

Also, for those unaware, Xbox Live is undergoing last minute maintenance/switch over right now, which could very well be the issue with whoever seems to have gotten their Xbox One already and is trying to download the update.

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What a flawed article... using old rumors of lowered production estimates which was debunked by MS several times. No yield or production issues. No shipment estimates lowered.

Also mentioning other sources with no direct citation/link.

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If that were true, Mark Rubin would not even be able to say what he is saying right now. NDA's, especially ones with console makers, are very strict and cover pretty much every possible loop hole. I think more likely is that Sony or Nintendo have solutions that are not fully ready yet. They are likely late to the show, trying to catch up to Microsoft's Azure offerings to all Xbox One games.

That would make way more sense than big bad MS paying everyone everything to d...

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Don't forget that in that same tweet, Albert Penello states that the performance differences are greatly over exaggerated. I'm sure the extremely custom design of MS's system will help make up a lot of the difference in raw hardware numbers, as well as robust development tools.

I think the actual figure is more like ~30% more theoretical power, with real world results basically the same with only very minor improvements on the PS4. We should wait for actual game l...

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8 > 4

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Where are you getting this flawed info, Maria? The Xbox One actually has one more launch title than PS4 and has more true launch exclusives. (True meaning no other platform, not even 360 and PC).

Of launch games, the Xbox One only lacks an MMO, while the PS4 lacks a fighter. The PS4 is launching with twice a...

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