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As I said, it's all Harbinger's ATTEMPT to indoctrinate Shepard. As full indoctrination has not taken effect by the time you arrive on Thessia, the VI would not detect it.

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The theory is that the crew members being back on board the Normandy is part of the lie, as is the color pallet of the explosion at the end. None of that matters, cause it doesn't actually happen. EVERYTHING in the finale is an illusion, up to the point Shepard is seen buried under the rubble. That's him shaking off the indoctrination.

We thought we were getting a game about saving the galaxy. We got a game about the battle for one man's soul - Humanity's ...

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This was posted on 4chan people. That should tell you all you need to know. You've been trolled.

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On some level, I'm glad that of all 2500 words in the article, that's the bit you decided to quote. I don't necessarily agree with the angry outcry on the internet, but everyone is entitled to an opinion - whether it's cynical or hopeful. And if those people who are displeased are doing something positive over it all, it's sad that our enthusiast "press" seems to think that's a bad thing. If it helps sick kids, it can't be bad.

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Much like the ending of the game, all this article offers are false choices and poor writing. Unlike the article, the game was actually good up until the end. But oh, was the ending terrible.

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"Lamenting" is an awful strong word considering every one of those "multiple paragraphs" gives a "point/counterpoint" approach to the game, citing what it does, and what it does not offer. But it's clear by the fact that in the last 2 weeks the only articles you've commented on have been about Skylanders, that you love the game. That's fine. Good for you.

But the review also points out, quite clearly, that the game requires almost ...

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This horse was dead after the first game. I'm not even sure why they continued to beat it for a sequel.

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Let's be clear here about something here, EA Sports - Eli Manning never headbutted anyone in celebration. Not even drunk out of his mind at a college party. The guy barely registers the difference between a game winning TD pass and bad INT.

Go Giants.

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Offering something "extra" is fine, so long as it's optional...which this is. I own a Kinect, but it's mainly so my 5 year old can jump around with the Kinect games (and burn some energy before nap time).

Since I've played the rest of the series on the 360, that's where I'll finish my saga. But other than trying the voice commands out once or twice just to see how they work, I don't envision myself talking to my TV much.

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I'm also an old pen & paper RPG guy, but while some people like the more gritty, realistic table top games, I generally like, in fantasy settings anyways, to feel like the hero who can cut through 16 waves of goblins with little more than a few scratches. Probably why Dark Souls does nothing for me. Modern day and sci-fi, I prefer a little more gritty. Again, to each his own.

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It's a fair opinion. I'm a bigger fan of Skyrim than Dark Souls, but that's because the crushing difficulty tends to turn me off. To a certain extent, I play RPG's for the story - and if I can't even get to the story without restarting the level 50 times (hyperbole, but you get my point).....I'll probably just go play something else.

Also, I personally don't put too much stock in realistic graphics vs "cartoonish," because at the end of...

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Case in point - I just recieved a copy of Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure yesterday directly from Activision's PR folks. If I don't review it, They will not send me anything else, late, on time, or otherwise. So ultimately, there are times when reviews must go up, late or not, whether you want to read them or not. Luckily for you, if you've already made up your mind, you don't have to read it. But you also don't need to comment on whether or not we "need" t...

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Sometimes, smaller sites receive games from the publishers a month or two after they launch. Other times, when you've got a staff of 4 people, you can't get to everything that comes out the month it comes out.

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@cgoodno: this is true. But at no point in this review does the writer complain about the fact that the story is linear. Lando was just maing an example. The writer's issue comes from it's disjointed nature and lack of driving force. These are legitimate things to criticize in a game that is as plot heavy as the Uncharted games have been. So the characterization of the author's opinion found in many of the comments here is not valid. I have no issue with people disagreeing wi...

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The ship junkyard and cruise ship scenes were clearly the best part of the game. BUT they were completely disjointed and unconnected to the plot. This makes what is the most interesting part of the game feel like filler to stretch out what was overall, both a poorly conceived and executed plot.

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I fail to understand why people here seem to think the game should be compared to Skyrim or Batman, which are both large, open world games, and not to the previous two games in the series, the second of which is a far superior game to either the first or the third.

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First off, I'm not the author, but I am the Social Media Manager for the site and I have played the game. I stand behind the opinions expressed in this review, and welcome opposing viewpoints.

Opinions about plot are generally subjective. What's to one person's taste may not be to another's, so I'll keep my reply to the point about the aiming controls.

The aiming was patched last week, but only IF you went digging for the "alternate...

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I downloaded this today after reading this article. It's an interesting app, I'm just not sure how much I need to be checking my XBOX Live profile on my iPhone while I'm on the go.

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Actually our writer lauded the graphics. He disliked the game's story, and the fact the aiming system was a huge step back. He also never mentioned anything about Uncharted 2 being an open world game. Read the article before you comment on it as if you are somehow an authority on the writer's opinion.

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At the time this review was written, two of the game's three major modes were either broken, or below standard for the franchise. Thus the score the game received. You are welcome to disagree with the score, but you acknowledge in your comment that both the RtWM and Online are/were substandard.

People who write reviews should never be held to the standard set by people who don't actually read them. Reviews are meant to inform. If someone skips the game based solel...

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