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Everyone that had follow thatgamecompany knows they are going to be multiplatform, almost in every interview they always says they want their game to be play by everyone.

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Wow that was pretty epic

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Same here but then i remember him saying something like they wanted twisted metal to be like small game but the game got bigger and bigger, nothing like god of war size or something like that.

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Hes not making casual gaming guys, idk why you guys thinking that, him and the company are going different paths, he still doing hardcore games and eat sleep play wants to make casual gaming. Just look at his twitter he is making a new company.

For casual gaming he said he will always be open to making them but right now is not the time.

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Seem like more and more action adventures will have some kind multiplayer now and it's becoming pretty much a standard, with dante inferno, assassin creed, ninja gaiden, and even with the rumor god of war.

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Free dlc are always welcome

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Nice that you made it, your audition was pretty good.

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Good thing

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Why they add quest of booty that's only a downloadable game?
and jesus kinect adventure 14 million??

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I think bf3 actually slow down its momentum, now that cod has competition this is my first time this year I actually seeing a cod mw3 on sale for 40 bucks on amazon right now, because last year black ops it never ever drop $10 or $20 off, but this year $20 off. So yeah.

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That game is called title fight and its made by superbot entertainment team.

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Well for a spin-off it's not that bad, i don't think any of spin-off actually have reach the the original numbers. Plus their was a lot of hate after people bought ff13 and became disappointed.
@DNO lol great minds think a like xD

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really what happen? N4g pretty much made his career.

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What happen to the hip hop gamer anyway?

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Well i never go on facebook and i dont even remember my password
Oh i thought their be multiple codes i guess its just one.

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Someone should post a youtube video so we can see what it looks like.

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youtube link:
and wow this looks awesome cant wait.

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The franchise still exist but it be on the vita, and i'm glad that they are going a different direction.

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The numbers are sku a little bit though because a lot of people bought the lbp2 and r&c all 4 one ps3 bundle.

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It's probably from santa monica their website has an update maintenance.

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