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i dont think they care, unless the bought it like yesterday... maybe nintendo will give early adopting developers an ambassador program!

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i think Dj7FairyTail got disagrees because he used bad grammar and was confusing not because they are sony fans. This is why stragomccloud did not get any disagrees. Like come on use your brains. ;)

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very nice video

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Nintendo announced this a while ago it was not a big surprise!

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I am so excited for this game! I am also excited for the online components of the game! It seems strange they do not have an offline mode however it wont affect me. It has been 10 years since the last SimCity and for good reason. The Franchise was getting stale, and they admitted they were getting bored with the series. Well they seem all excited for this new glass box engine and online services with multi city playand it all looks sweet. I get how it is a minor (or major) struggle for people...

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This game is going to be epic. The same argument was made when they made SimCity 4. People cried about how SimCity3000 was more true to the series. However over time SimCity4 proved to be true. This is a new SimCity and it is far more removed in years from the other simcities and thus is easier to make the argument how it is less like SimCities of the past. The always online thing does not bother me as I am more excited of the things that an always online game can do. I am also very excited f...

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thats how he knows this site is filled with sony fanboys... HE IS ONE! its a rare nintendo loving sony fanboy! :D

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someone can easily not notice a bug and thus not have to report it i do not think that is the point. the only way to prove someone is not reporting bugs is if they start bragging about it in game or in forums. we have all seem these crazy internet people, just the admins way of dealing with some annoying 30 year old (acting like a 12 year old) living with his mom. or maybe they are just trying to increase the amount of feedback they get? :D

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Every time a mario rpg comes out that is not a Super Mario Rpg Legend of the Seven Stars sequel an angel looses its wings.

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The 2nd E3 for a console is normally the best one.

Nintendo Announced (or expanded upon) these games at 2007's E3:
Mario Kart Wii
Super Smash Bros
Wii Fit
Super Mario Galaxy
Metroid 3 Corruption

By the time e3 rolls around we should have more to be hopeful for than pikimin3.

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This is literally the least controversal add i have ever seen ever. However if it was a dog i would have a problem. That makes me a speciesist!

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I think it is silly that nintendo does not just add achievements because of how important it is to some people.

However with that said achievements mean literally nothing to me. I own 3 systems and i have yet to gain any type of satisfaction from any achievement system. I kinda think most people just use this as something to cry about.

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kinda silly to release jeopardy and wheel of fortune at the same time... it is not like i can play them at the same time... or can you with the 2nd screen? Even if i could i would not be playing them long with Toki Tori comming out!

(for reals though pikimin3 should be somewhere here (right?)

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You guys would be right if you were not so wrong. Packaging a controller with a game proved to be a great value last generation (49.99 for wii play) that was a great game PLUS a 39.99 controller. I would have gotten the game on its own easily (good reviews and i love wii multiplayer) at the time for full value but with the package it was like getting a 90 dollar value (39.99 controller 49.99 game) for 50 dollars. Nintendo has a history of having great value with pack in games. (the first game...

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