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I suggest you look up the meaning of the word disagree.

How does agreeing/disagreeing with someone make you a fanboy :|

Just when I thought this comment section couldn't get any less illogical...

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Wow. How the hell can people complain? What can they offer?

Honestly I was expecting PSN games. And definitely not 2. I can now pick up inFamous. IMO this is a great welcome back package, people are just greedy.

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Yeah... so we're now deciding whether a game is "AAA" or not before any proper gameplay footage has been see, let alone the game released/reviewed. ...Riiiight...Bit premature don't you think? Since when did AAA even matter? I've played some pretty damn good titles that we're only "AA".

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Considering how strong the PS3s 2011 lineup is looking compared to the 360s, I doubt MS would keep quiet. You don't want the consumer thinking the opposition has the upper hand.

Whilst I would love for MS to announce a shed load of exclusives for 2011, I really don't see it coming. Guess I might pick up Gears 3 if it turns out as good as it's looking now.

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"Diablo III"
"Final Fantasy Versus XIII International Edition (exclusive to 360)"

Pure comedic genius.

If you were to take out all the multiplats and games that are unannounced/don't exist, well...wouldn't be much of a list.

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Looking forward to the moment when Nintendo go up on stage to collect their first place trophy!

I will never understand all this hoo-ha about sales 'places'. Really irritates me when people bring them up, especially the companies themselves, just play the god-damn games for goodness sake.

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Yeah the firmware and games updates can be a bit of a pain, but I don't mind waiting for a ~10minute download if it's going to add more features to my console or fix bugs in a game. Is it really that difficult to do something else whilst it downloads either?

I find PS3 downloads a hell of a lot quicker than my 360s, and my PS3's connected wireless whilst my Xbox is connected by ethernet. The other day it took me literally 30 minutes to download a 50MB patch for Mo...

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Quite amusing the amount of 'wanna-be' lawyers on here. Given what happened with Apple, Sony wouldn't have rushed into this, they'd have definitely given it more thought and analysis than asking a couple of 14-year-olds on the internet who apparently seem to know more about the law than professionals. They must be pretty certain they can win it too and will throw a large sum of cash at it.

And the people who are wanting Geohot to win shouldn't be calling t...

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All this article says is that Sony CAN do it. Not will do, or have done. Just that theoretically they could.

And in all honesty, you pirate games? You deserve to have your console stripped of the right to play games. You'd have to be a serious fudgetard to think trying to sue Sony for getting what you deserved is a good idea, even in the unlikely event you were to win a case, you'd be hit with a Copyright hammer so damn big it would have been better to stay quiet.

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I didn't mean to sound like I was knocking Heavy Rain at all, that too is a great game, but very different to ME2 and thus making comparisons pretty obsolete.

@acedoh, I haven't played the ME2 demo, as I bought it for PC back when it was first released, so I don't really know the representation the demo gives, but I enjoyed ME2 storyline. Whilst nothing particularly amazing or ground-breaking, it was definitely pretty good and a cut above the rest, and that's ...

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Jesus Christ. Did ME2 sleep with your mother or something?

I really don't understand the Heavy Rain/Mass Effect 2 comparisons, there two extremely different games, each with their own merits.

However I must say Mass Effect 2 is a great game, one of the best this gen, you guys are seriously missing out. But hey, not my problem is people choose to miss out on a game because it was released for a different system first.

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My Black Ops doesn't even work. Freezes a few seconds into the Treyarch screen thing. Works fine on my friends PS3s, just not mine, and, surprise surprise, 1.05 still hasn't fixed it.

Last CoD game I ever buy

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Erm...what an Earth is the case here :| What are activision trying to accuse them of? Wow, you really can get sued on a whim in the US

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Hopefully this will fix my pretty major issue of black ops not even fudging working. Keeps freezing five seconds in, but works fine on my other PS3 :(

EDIT And nope it didn't. Awesome.

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Uncharted 3 followed very closely by Mass Effect 3.

Either way, 2011 is looking to be an expensive year for me!

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COD's hit counters are always bad, it's to be expected. Having said that, I greatly prefer black ops to MW2. Has a much better feel to it I think.

MW1 > Black Ops > MW2 IMO.

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Indeed this does sound awesome :)

Maybe what they could do is implement the download at 9.99 or whatever like they said, but if the customer could prove they owned an original PS2 copy they got a free/cheaper download? Would keep a lot of people happy, me included.

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Jesus Christ. After you've all stopped fapping over fudging sales figures y'know, you might get round to actually playing some games? And despite seemingly caring so much about these charts, you conveniently forget all about the Wii.

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Well it does reveal the target audience for Kinect. Wish MS would focus on more core gamers, leave the more casual kids games to the Wii.

IMO Microsoft are letting too much ride on the success of Kinect, if it bombs (not saying it will) then it's a massive loss for them. Sony seemingly took a more strategic route, still pushing Move but not focusing on it completely.

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Really. It's the Evening Standard. A free London Newspaper, which has about half a page a week of ~5 sentence 'reviews', plus a rating, which 5/5 scores are given out left, right and centre.

If this wasn't on such a controversial subject no one would have taken any notice to this review.

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