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Yeah, but unless it comes with the original controller, also, then it's more expensive. Maybe it comes with some other extras to make up for the price increase. We'll see.

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The video isn't /really/ at 60fps. It just makes the 30fps more clear. It doesn't even look close to 60. You can tell that it's 30.

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I clicked to see if anyone brought that up. lol

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I don't know why everyone thinks Bungie owe Microsoft... Xbox wouldn't have been much without Halo...

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I'm hoping, since you can plug in any set of headphones into the controller, that we can play splitscreen and hear separate audio. If that is the case, Sony have potentially fixed splitscreen. The other problem was splitting the screen, but they have fixed that with supported TVs and hopefully they continue to support it in PS4 games. I would want that to be a standard thing on any 3DTV.

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Is that true, Neonridr? Can you actually copy them and play them off of the hard drive? I didn't see anything in the article.

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Maybe that's what those Naughty Dog tweets and things are about. Maybe it's Jak in space. I know it's highly unlikely because of Activision, but if Sony could get Crash back... Wow.

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It shouldn't make a difference. It installs in the background as you're playing.

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Microsoft is not "pushing" this. They already said there's too many problems and they won't be doing it.

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You're obviously trolling. Bubble-down. Nobody's that ignorant.

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Can I bubble-down for stupidity, instead?

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That was with 2 or 4 PS3s.

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I don't care what anyone says, but it's obvious Adam has been trying to balance things lately. Same as Greg Miller (and others, to a lesser extent). People that obviously know and prefer PlayStation are trying to balance people's opinions. I don't like it and find it annoying, but it has to be done. Microsoft can't leave the console space. Sony can't be the only console. It just can't happen and if it gets too bad Microsoft could leave.

However, I ...

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I'm just going to assume that he's trying to keep the field level by not letting the Xbox hate get TOO out of hand. I never really remember him as super biased towards Microsoft. It just seems like he, kind of, roots for the underdog. Greg Miller has been trying to do the same, lately, as well, even though, he's obviously pro-PlayStation. It does get a little annoying when they try to do this, but I try to ignore it. Nobody is ever going to agree with everything I like. For instan...

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So, literally anything except The Last of Us 2. There's no way you could be right about that. :P

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I liked Black Ops' singleplayer, but I never cared for any Modern Warfare singleplayer. It's just all action and nothing interesting.

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Front page said "Previously Rumored Assassin’s Creed Title Shows Up In Ass..." I am disappointed that wasn't the actual headline.

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It doesn't look smooth...

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Read one of my comments above.

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