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At least Nintendo replied rather than leaving us all clueless.

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As a gamer who enjoys first-person shooters, I am not the one to stress over my K/D ratio, study the statistics of my opponents, etc. I simply hop online, work towards my objective, and call it a day. However, I do understand that there are a large percentage of first-person shooter enthusiasts who carry out their experience in the opposing manner and rely heavily on the statistics of one’s profile. These gamers are the ones Activision will be fighting to recruit and what better way for one t...

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What do you guys think of the severe lack of hype for Twisted Metal?

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I love the idea behind this!

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While I do understand that the AACS standards state high definition resolutions are restricted to HDMI and DVI cables and Sony has no control over this DRM standard, my question is why is Sony implementing this now, when Blu-ray players won’t begin to adopt the new standard until 2014?

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Nice review. Looks like EA did a great with NCAA Football this year!

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Hopefully the hype will pick up once David Jaffe reveals new details for Twisted Metal on the 23rd!

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I would like to thank all of those who took the time to comment on my show for this week. I greatly appreciate it and look forward to bringing you all another great show Saturday, July 16th!

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Not really into Call of Duty, but cool for those who are.

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I agree with a large chunk of this list, but never really got into World of Warcraft. If I made the list, God of War 3 would have definitely made this list!

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I agree, unless they were able to acquire OnLive and offer only titles that are not available to the platform such as PC titles!

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I really do hope that Sony releases those PlayStation 3D monitors in larger sizes!

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I am sure Naughty Dog has been listening closely to the feedback from the community and will have our concerns dealt with in time for Uncharted 3's release.

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With mobile phones evolving as fast as they are, Sony should be glad to have the plethora of exclusives they do to compete with where mobile gaming is going on our cellphones.

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I look forward to experiencing the new Uncharted 3 Beta Tuesday evening and cannot wait to see who comes prepared to win the Killzone 3 DLC! If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at [email protected]

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Be sure to let me know what questions you guys have so that I am able to get them answered for you tomorrow!

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That's an awesome deal!

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I am very curious to see how this new Creepy Crawler Kickback turns out! I could see it either being epic or a complete turnoff.

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I look forward to reading all of your responses and seeing how creative you all are! The only thing I ask is that if you are a PlayStation Plus Subscriber or purchased a specially marked copy of inFAMOUS 2, let those who are a part of neither have their chance as you are already set to go June 28th!

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