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I know I will be picking up a Vita DAY ONE!

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Street Fighter and Tekken: The best fighters out there

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God of War: Ghost of Sparta definitely BLEW me away the moment I popped it in!

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That would make sense.

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I had the chance to play Twisted Metal at E3 2011 and was impressed. Looking forward to seeing Eat Sleep Play improve the game further!

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I would love to play as Zeus in a future God of War. I like how Stig hinted at Kratos coming back to life at the end though ;)

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Enjoyed the show!

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I am glad to be able to get a majority of those heart-pounding questions answered for you guys!

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Correct, but I feel Nintendo learned a lesson and now understands in order to be successful with their market, they need to launch the hardware at an attractive price. They will probably decided to take a larger hit than usual on the Wii U.

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While Gears of War 3 looks amazing, trust me, I played it first hand at E3 2011, remember how old the Xbox 360 hardware is and the fact that the Wii U will be launching in 2012. That's 7 years AFTER the 360 launched!

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I'm looking forward to interviewing Stig tomorrow!

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The difference between the title of this week's Nick's Gaming View and some of HHG's shows is mine is based off of the news and statements released this week. A majority of HHG's titles derive from info not released to the public. Anyways, I am interested in receiving feedback from you guys on the show.

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I sure hope Mass Effect doesn't turn into another game-to-film disaster.

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Great work! Keep it up!

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I can see OnLive talking with Roku about a partnership opportunity now, if they weren't already.

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I would rather have gamers run this industry than execs who just care about the paycheck.

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I hope you guys enjoy the interview and if you can think of any producers you would like me to interview, please contact me at [email protected] Enjoy!

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When it comes to football, I just cannot get into college, all NFL for me! For basketball, its the exact opposite, college all the way, forget the NBA!

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Great deal for those looking for a 360 and Kinect!

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