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After checking out The Last of Us behind closed doors, I have yet to see a game impress me to this level. Beyond comes in at a very close second though.

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Max Payne 3 is certainly one of the better games to release this year!

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Cannot wait to land in LA for E3!

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Be sure to pick Mortal Kombat up if you have a Vita, you will not regret it!

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Couldn't agree more! Definitely my most anticipated game this summer and one of my most anticipated this year. Had a blast playing it at PAX East.

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Every game is a risk, you guys are correct, but no other game for PlayStation has featured all of their premiere characters. If a game like Heavy Rain or Starhawk failed people would just move on, but with the entire PlayStation line up on the line, there is a lot more on the line.

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I personally do not feel the PlayStation Vita needs a price drop. When there are millions of consumers spending $300-$400 for a phone every 1-2 years (32gb and 64gb iPhone 4S), $250 for a PlayStation Vita is more than justified.

As discussed during Unscripted Access Episode #5, I feel that Sony needs to amp up their marketing to the level it was at launch as well as secure more blockbuster titles. Sure we have Uncharted: Golden Abyss with Mortal Kombat and Resistance: Burning...

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I am hoping SuperBot Entertainment makes this the game Playstation fans have been dying for over the years. This will be a make or break release for PlayStation fans.

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I can agree with you on the Uncharted 2 multiplayer having the advantage over 3. I preferred the story of Uncharted 3, but strictly multiplayer goes to 2 for me.

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Congrats tmanmushroom! You deserve it for the support you have provided over the years!

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Cannot wait for The Secret World, after having the chance to check it out, I might actually get back into PC Gaming.

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I fell in love with it at PAX East 2012!

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While I have yet to experience Journey, the feedback for the latest release from Thatgamecompany is OUTSTANDING!

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After I saw the video included within the post, I was stunned by how similar these entertainment releases are!

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With the value PlayStation Plus offers, I look forward to the PlayStation Vita utilizing the service further.

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Mass Effect 3 day is finally here!

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Right there with ya! I am ecstatic to see what is announced and shown off during GDC this year. I will be attending PAX East 2012 and have heard that a lot of what's being shown during GDC will also be appearing at PAX East heading into E3 2012, which I will also be attending!

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You bring up a great point about the reasoning for no internal storage, I never even thought of that.

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If you guys would like your voice to be heard by RockStar Games, please comment at the source as I will be passing the link along to RockStar Games next week!

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I agree to a certain extent. While it may be true that Bioware did not begin working on the "From Ashes" DLC until after they completed Mass Effect 3, if they finished it in time for Mass Effect 3's release they should release the DLC as a complimentary download at least for those who pick the game up the first week!

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