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Glad to see them honor this even though the PSN was down for nearly a month.

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I can definitely see where the designer is coming from. Just imagine your job being held back due to another company experiencing issues.

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XRider hit it right on the nail. Whenever I express my opinion on here and it does not involve praising Sony in all perspectives, the hate just rolls in.

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I think Microsoft is supporting their loyal customers in a great manner with this issue. I hope Sony can get the PSN back up and running fully soon!

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Great show guys! I enjoyed the laptop buyer's guide.

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I am thinking the same thing! I understand why Sony can only offer certain games as they have to make arrangements with the developers and publishers of the title, but I wish they could have thought of an alternative for those who have supported them by actually buying these titles.

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At the time of this recording, earlier today, Sony had not officially announced any specifics for their "Welcome Back" Program. Now that it is revealed, how do you guys feel about it?

I am in the situation where I already own all of the PS3 titles they are offering, so I miss out on most of the benefit here.

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While I do not feel that it is "retarded" I can understand people disliking the length of it. I will be sure to have it modified for my next show like I did with yesterday's video on Starhawk here:


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Something like that, but you know how the N4G campers are. If your opinion is different from theirs, they attack!

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While I was excited to see what Sony had to offer with Starhawk, I must admit I was not expecting what I saw today. This game is turning out to be EPIC!

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I agree that it is definitely nice to see Sony add features to the service as well rather than just content!

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While I am a proud member of PlayStation Plus, I do wonder if the early demos and betas would have been ready at the same time if PlayStation Plus was not in effect. What do you guys think?

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No problem! I can't wait till this is officially announced. Will be curious to see where the haters are at then :)

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Sony owns MANY brands! Why they aren't using this to their advantage is beyond me.

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Glad to hear that you enjoyed it! It makes perfect sense for gaming companies to reach out to the movie market, ESPECIALLY Sony when they own Sony Pictures!

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I am definitely interested in seeing how Resistance 3 turns out and how well it sells. I truly feel if Sony were to do this with most of their PS3 exclusives, they would notice improved software sales.

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With Sony having the power they do with Sony Pictures, they really need to take more advantage of the marketing opportunities such as the Resistance 3 and God of War 3 deal.

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How do you guys feel about how Sony has handled this whole situation?

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