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Makes this thing real.

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bu bu:

Anybody buying this sh*t? a motion device will make somebody ditch a console for a different console that has motion for a option. 2010 was suppose to be the greatest year of the PS3 and it is so lacking all PS3 fanboy do is troll not even reading their own news.

I think Hank Hill must be talking about the...

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Says the one writing all the Kinect doom articles.

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What you and #1 said is probably the most ignorant selective reasoning I'vs seen all day. You forgot 6 years worth of knowledge about the 360 after HALO REACH came out? 4 gigs of storage isn't enough for updates that replace each other every update? WAH!? The old arcade needed a disc or a memory card for everything.

Maybe people don't want a 250gig HDD because they have more memory elsewhere. I have a 8gig thumb drive on my HDTV alone lol.

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Nah that's the smallest edge

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Why do you post your gamer tags when you troll articles? Posting your gamer tags is just as pointless as Hitler wearing a Kappel

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They do a good job getting on it. When supply is out they get more to the area/store within days.

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It was set to be the next evolution/revolution the day it was shown. You can spin its popularity all you wan't. Keven Buttler could have been on Oprah and HSN saying nothing but pew pew pew and the sales would have skyrocketed. The tech is new and impressive. Sure every celeb catches the attention of more consumers faster the Kinect effect is due to the impressive futuristic tech. Trying to make it seem like people are all of a sudden excited simply because of Oprah is moronic at best.

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I find Fred Myers has large stock of products when everybody else is out. Got my first 360 in April 2006 like that and my 250gig 360 slim in Aug like that as well. I made a terrible mistake of not preordering Kinect underestimating the casual demand needs. I hope I can do the same with Kinect on the 5th/payday. I didn't want to pay the steep preorder fee I'm sure millions were thinking the same so imagine the actual standard sales will be explosive as the preorders hardly reflect the ...

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And Sean Hannity invited Barack Obama to dinner then canceled. Space aliens came to earth last week to take over and canceled. Our Sun is more likely to supernova than you owning a 360 oh that's right our sun isn't even big enough to supernova.

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Good god man do you ever take a break from stealth trolling?

God dam you've been trolling 360 articles non stop for months. How do you pay for your bills?

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No you are not tired of it because you track and troll the articles. You're not tired of it you're tired of other people being exposed to it turning the attention away from PS3 hence the damage control trolling you and fishyfingers have been doing none stop for months 24/7

You say you're tired of it but I bet you will be in every major Kinect article for the next year and a half.

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Other than the sharper 360 picture and slightly better contrast they look the same. You can really see it in the 4th box down showing the texture difference(car and ground) and the contrast in the 3rd where the jet black part of the car looks black in one pic and grey in the other..

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Is this news worthy? And LOL at this articles filled with people that do not need to worry what it's called, ever....

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PS3 fanboys are trying to be sneaky about using that same article that is recycled from other anti MSFT blogs. Trying to get revenge based on Sony's behavior(MOVE SALES DATA) is the only piece of mind they can get from this terrifying situation Sony and camp is in. There will be plenty of anti Kinect reviews attacking the device due to its ga...

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Holy sh*T!!! can you say YOUR SHAPE FITNESS EVOLVED will be replacing wiifit in the woman demographic. Casuals and families are going to adopt this like they did the Wii. Gamers will be fighting soccer moms over this this holiday.

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360 has better over all hardware?

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Made me bust a gut. Casuals will be more focused on software that was built from the ground up for said motion device. A company shouldn't even bother marketing a motion game unless it was designed from the ground up for the tech(not patched in motion support for traditional controller based games and design)

But I do disagree about Kinect not having must have games. Your Shape, Kinect Adventures and Dance Central are proving to be very popular and desired titles(AAA mus...

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He has a feeling LOL. What he calls rumors of Kinect being sold out most of us call info given by some retailers.

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