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Get a grip.

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Xbox One X has no games so the question is void

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This guy clearly doesnt know what net neutrality means. He is arguing in favour or keeping things the same but then says he is against net neutrality... derp

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@TankCrossing - that is a terrible analogy, let me fix it for you so you can see how absurd it is.

"It is bad enough that some people think that superhero movies are worth watching. This chap actually made Batman vs Superman thinking that people might pay to see it. I'm one of those people who payed to see it, and now I'm taking the time to comment on how stupid it is for this person to think that people would be interested in his movie, even though I'm one...

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Bound is cool, especially in VR

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Pedophilia? I do not think it means what you think it means

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They did, its called Horizon.

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The cheque is in the mail.

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Or maybe Chris Roberts is chewing down on a lot, but is also pretty crappy at managing a game studio and is wasting a lot of money.

There is no doubt the guy has programming talent, but that does not equal management talent.

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Its special because it uses “no games” technology, which frees up a lot of processing power for micro transactions.

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Sony never said it was technically impossible, they said it was against their policy.

That policy hasnt changed, so why is everyone making out like this is some kind of smoking gun that goes against what Sony said?

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A hungry team? Malnourished team perhaps, or maybe team so starving they are scraping the bottom of the barrel?

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Awesome! Its cool stories like this that just make me wanna roar and chestbump my buddies

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I thoroughly detest GAME and all their annoyingly shitty practices, so your story brings me sweet joy.

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On a gamepad you typically push the face buttons with your right thumb, usually one button at a time.

With an arcade type stick controller you use your fingers to press the buttons, which means that its much easier to push more than one button at the same time, or rapidly tap in a string of button presses.

This, along with the better accuracy of a stick during complex fighting moves makes sticks much better for fighting games.

Granted i...

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Right... because history shows that just having the most powerful console is a surefire way to suceed. Thats why the Lynx, the Jaguar, the 32X, and the original Xbox were such resounding success stories.

...oh wait

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Thats easy - its because it looked completely underwhelming.

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errm, maybe because its a upgrade of the existing product midway through the generation ???

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Yes, out of 80 million PS3's sold, and 50 million PS4's sold, and factoring in the 4.5 million copies of this game sold, then you are definitely the only person who has not played it yet.

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Again nobody said Minecraft was the most expensive game ever made - it was the most expensive IP when Microsoft bought it, that has nothing to do with how much it cost to produce.


You arent even having the same conversation.

Guys, learn to read.

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