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I totally agree with this review.

I was a huge fan of the original Strider but this new attempt feels like it has completely missed the point. The original was about skill and fluid movement, this is about chaotic button mashing. #1
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What an incredibly naive blog.

This stuff happens everywhere, and i think its fun so fuck off. #7
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that comment shows a frightening lack of understanding for what Microsoft are attempting to do.

The resulting server calculations have to come back into the game engine and then be rendered by the graphics engine, it is in no way the same as simply streaming the video to a device.

personally i think its total bollocks. #1.1.8
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Lack of a campaign didnt hurt Counterstrike, Team Fortress, Planetside, Dota2 and a shitload of other superb games. Also games like Battlefield 3/4 and Starhawk that didnt need a campaign but got one anyway are worse for it.

If there is a story to tell and the devs want to tell it then fine, but its not essential. #9
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I wouldnt say the multiplayer is underrated, it certainly doesnt get as much praise as the campaign but those who have played it tend to rave about it.

For me it was my 2nd favourite multiplayer of last gen after Metal Gear Online. #7.1
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I tend to find Ubisoft games incredibly bland and lacking in depth, which is shame because the concepts are usually very cool.

Its for this reason i dont think The Division will be anything special. #7
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I liked the first one so i hope this is true #12
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Personally I think a starfox/metroid crossover would be horrible, the two universes are just too different.

Samus already has a gunship so there is no need to have fox for air battles. #3.1
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I completely disagree.

In no other industry would that be an acceptable mindset.

Restaurant-sorry your meal was literally shit, you should have done more research.

Builders-sorry we completely ruined the structural integrity of your house, you should have done more research.

If you buy a game on steam it should at least be a functioning game, and a lot aren't - that's the problem. #3.1
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Casuals can be aware of a game which is announced and released within a 12 month cycle - just like at Call of Duty, Assassins Creed, Uncharted 2, or any of the yearly sports games to see this is true.

I would also argue that a casual is even less likely to be influenced by early drip feeding marketing because they make their purchasing decisions within a very short time span based on adverts on tv or word of mouth from what their friends are playing - so i think its a moot po... #2.1.1
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I agree. It seems like games are being revealed too early and in lttle drips just to give the new era of internet journalism something to report on each day.

Its not just expectations that are the problem, I actually think that revealing soomething too early is counterproductive for marketing the game. People were starting to get burnt out on Watch Dogs pre launch due to the over hype and the same can be said of Destiny which feel like it was revealed 14 years ago.
... #2
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£46 is how much games cost in the UK, so its neither a good or bad deal - its just the price of a game. #4.1.1
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I think he his talking about success in terms of how well it did on Kickstarter, rather than the finished product being a success. #2.2
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Honestly Dragon I have no idea what you are rattling on about.

You are entitled to your opinion on Sessler, Anita Sarkeesian, me, and anyone else.
Snookies is entitled to love everyone on the planet and believe in whatever supernatural force they choose to.

And should they choose to broadcast those ideologies toward me in a comment on a video games forum then I am entitled to tell them to stick it up their turd pipe.

Thankfully you ha... #4.1.8
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Love is limited, it is a valuable resource and so I choose to spend it wisely rather than dilute its value by handing it out to shitty game journalists like Sessler or any other stranger.

That is how I choose to live my life so kindly stick your god and blessings right up your poo chute :) #4.1.2
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I save my love for people close to me that I actually like. #4.1
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I just think of sessler as someone who disappeared up his own arsehole, and then collapsed under the weight.

You could see that by the end he had zero passion for it anymore, probably as a result of the burden of being a shill and getting flack for the blatant contradictions his paying masters required.

So I'm glad he is out of the picture. Even on his best day I didn't think he was very good at his job and as he went downhill I had no interest in lis... #1
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Thats very kind of you to say but im not sure its entirely true, which is probably why you have put me on your blocked list... twice #3.2.2
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Yeah, what an asshole. I hear that next week he is going to write a blog about beating up disabled orphans.

Seriously though i have worked in customer service, both as a rep and also as a manager and i have experienced shitty service MANY times, so i feel i am reasonably qualified to support Valenkas opinion that customer service sucks more than it is good.

The other main reason for this is that it is an unskilled job which anyone can apply for, and is usuall... #3.1
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I dont know if its the same in the US but the reason its like that in the UK is that you aren't phoning the company you think you are phoning, you are phoning a generic customer service helpdesk who provide third party support for a multitude of companies - hence their training and delivery of service is very generic.

Here very few companies can afford to have a dedicated customer service team of a big enough size to deal with the calls that might (or might not) come in,... #1
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