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So the solution to increasing graphics power for a portable laptop is to add an additional desktop sized case with its own power supply - got it, that makes perfect sense. #2
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Vaporware cannot take advantage of any features on any console. #5
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I thought resistance 2 was poo as well.

I think the premise of sunset overdrive is really cool but i saw some gameplay footage and it doesnt even come close to capturing the whacky chaos of the cgi trailers, i dont think this is gonna be a system seller. #5.1
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"Hatred is a true-to-form murder simulator"

Only if murder now occurs in an isometric view and can be committed by waggling your thumbs in opposite directions.

Its not simulating anything, and anyone who feels encouraged to murder someone based on a game like this is just as likely to feel encouraged to animals to train for intercontinental fighting tournaments after playing pokemon - ie, a complete fruit loop. #3
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cool, please can you tell me what the f$%k it was all about because I have no idea. #3.2.2
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Totally agree, after the BF3 there was no way i was gonna buy BF4. Its a shame becaue as you said they had the formula spot on with BC2 so why how they managed to mess it up so badly TWICE is beyond me.

PS: When are you getting a PS4 mate, i miss our late night gaming weekends :) #2.2
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I think she said it in the context of not liking video games, that's the context people usually use when they don't like video games. #3.1.4
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She has said herself that she is not a gamer and that she does not enjoy video games. #3.1
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errrr no, and you need to earn what scam means. #11.1
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The advantage for me is the lack of physical media and that has been the case since the PS3/PSP.

I work in a foreign country, i travel with work a couple of times a month, i want my games in my native language without having to fanny about with importing, and carrying around a stack of games cases sucks - therefore digital is a good solution for me.

Yes i agree that the prices can be high but im happy to pay for that convenience, I dont think im ever going to... #6
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The problem with comparing last gen "lazy devs" comments to this gen is that last gen the PS3 was proven to be capable of equal or better graphics as the 360 IF resources were put into the development - and yes Uncharted 2, MGS4, Wipeout HD, GOW3 and numerous others showed this.

For the X1 that does not apply. The exclusive games which should be its graphical showcases are hobbled with low frame rates and sub 1080 resolutions - where are its... #1.1.10
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Watch Prisoners, then you'll see it #1.2.1
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I have heard of Silverstring Media from the Internet Aristocrat videos but I don't see them as any kind of threat just as I don't see The Flat Earth Society as a threat to my scientific beliefs.

The fact that they exist isn't a problem, and them saying they work closely with developers is a non statement until they show which developers and exactly what they have managed to influence - again I'm not seeing it any of the games I play or will be playing in the n... #1.1.5
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Yeah, me and my pesky tone.

I'm not entirely convinced that this would impact the games I like, it seems more like a hipster fad that gaming journalism is milking to get their clicks from - and after watching all the Internet Aristocrat videos it seesm to me that that is what is happening. Kotaku (and similar) are boosting the profile of people like Zoe Quinn to get clicks, not to change the face of gaming, and once she no longer gets clicks then she will be yesterdays ne... #1.1.3
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The solution to scenario 2 is to get new friends who arent mindless drones that let the manstream media do their thinking for them.

Luckily for me these topics never come up in real life conversation, either face to face or over steam or psn. In fact if it wasnt for this site i doubt i would be aware of this issue. #1
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I find digital distribution to be very useful and it is my primary source of games, for some like myself the benefits and convenience far outweigh the fear that a game (one I most likely have stopped playing by that point) will be unavailable due to switched off servers. #2.1
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No you are still wrong, and slightly deluded. #3.1.2
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You might feel that, but you are wrong.

A demo is a cut back piece of the final product designed to show you what the final game is all about. First Light has large amounts of content which are not available in the retail release of I:SS.

Ground Zeroes you could argue is more of a demo, as its been made from the ground up to be the introductory chapter of MGS5, so it is a cut back piece of MGS5. #3.1
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Like other people have said last gen the overall appreciation (what you call bias) was in favour of the 360, this gen it is in favour of the PS4 - could it simply not be that the better console is getting more favourable news ?

People (at least at first) liked the 360 more than PS3 so it got more positive coverage, now people are liking the PS4 more than X1 and so that is what more people are interested in - add onto that Microsoft's monthly PR disasters which generate a... #5
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10 months to add features that Killzone 2 had at launch ?

What a joke. #7
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