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I think this guy has Bloodborne confused with Assassins Crud. #5
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make sure your settings are set to worldwide. I had the same problem for ages when it was set to regional but now after changing it i never have problems f̶i̶n̶d̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶p̶e̶o̶p̶l̶e̶ ̶t̶o̶ ̶m̶u̶r̶d̶e̶r̶ finding lots of lovely people to play with. #3.1.2
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Sure, if you want to phrase it like that - but i think its evident that's not how you originally intended it as shown by your above comment regarding the assets.

Halo fell apart, they moved onto another project - no connection. #3.2.4
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All that article is saying is that when the halo movie fell through then they developed an original film - it doesn't mention anything about reusing assets from the Halo film, which is obvious since nothing in District 9 looks like anything in Halo.

As lelo2play correctly states - District 9 is an expanded version of Alive In Joburg which you was made in 2006 and you can watch on youtube.

13d ago by Nicaragua | View comment already happened.

The original Battlefield games & CounterStrike all started as multiplayer only titles. The addition of shitty campaigns to games like this is a relatively recent thing and it is completely unnessecary. #9.1
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I thought it was pretty on point and would have happily approved it. #1.2
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Supremion Excelsior photo mode would get my vote, just to make it sure it stands out from all the other lesser photo modes. #8.1
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yeah - because the people who write netcode are definitely the same people who write the story, draw textures, animate the models etc..... #3.1
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Why does it frame the interview as an attack?

The purpose of the interview is clearly to get to the bottom of Molyneux's exaggerations/lies and to make him accountable for them.

The first question is asking if Molyneux has any control over the things that come out of his mouth - "are you a pathological liar?". If he isn't in control of what he says then he cant be held accountable, but if he is (as he says he is) then he needs to explain him... #1.1.4
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I dont get why people are getting all worked up over the opening "are you a pathological liar" question - its not an insult, and based on Molyneux's history its a perfectly reasonable question.

And in answer to your question he just needs to shut up and create something good. He has been living on goodwill now for several years while churning out shit so now he needs to walk the walk. #1
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The graphics were good but I think the main reason it still looks good today is the art style - its really timeless and a ship from Homeworld really stands out from other sci-fi spacecraft.

I cant wait for this - torpedo friagtes and pulsar gunships FTW! #1.1.1
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why would you have it in front of the TV? The whole purpose is to use it with a VR display so the location of your TV shouldnt even factor into it. #2.1
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Macross - awesome #3.4
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The only games were i see the character as a reflection of myself tend to be ones where i can make my own choices and were the character is silent - the most recent that spring to mind are Fallout and Demon Souls.

Anything else is just like watching a film. #5
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Because he was too dumb to think of that #8.1.1
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They have already said that the co-op isnt like the souls series in that you can choose people from your friends list. #5.1.1
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regardless of the message this vidcast is rambling crap. #5
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Warframe and Planetside 2 seem to be doing ok with it. #7.1.1
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The article is a joke - that quote is completely made up.

Seriously, when did everyone on this site become complete idiots who cannot comprehend satire? #1.8.1
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Its nice to read that someone else was as passionate about this game as I was, even today would still say that MGO is the best console multiplayer game.

And you are absolutely right about the controls, they were awful for an online game. However because of that i gave up on the shooting and specialised in CQC and trap laying, and there was no greater satisfaction than seeing an opponent stunned over a porno mag, dragging him to the ground and then rolling into an annaconda ch... #2
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