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A better question would be "did the cloud ever exist ever exist for Xbox One in the way Microsoft described?"

The answer is the the same as "will natal/Kinect work in the way that Microsoft described?"

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I love God of War but i would be happy to see the end of Kratos, he was getting on my tits by the end of GOW3.

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A cat firing jellyfish out of its asshole would be a major change, having a viking woman would be pretty un-major.

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Your making out that there is a huge effort and expense for developers to support two consoles when that would not be the case. It will likely be the same game with different graphics options - just like the PC, or even like TLOU remastered and Infamous SS which both had variable graphics options.

The 32X comparison doesn't stack up as it required completely different media and development techniques.

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So is the TV show an actual thing you watch seperatly on TV or is it just like live action cut scenes built into the game?

It looks like its just cut scenes so why are they calling it a tv show?

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decide, not deside.

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The spelling in this review is so bad i am wondering if it is satire.

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I have a 6 year old and an 8 year old.

You play games when they have gone to bed - simples.

Alternatively play games you can all play together - super smash bros, playstation all stars, any mario game, plants vs zombies garden warfare, splatoon. My kids quite enjoy Rock Band 4 even though they are shit at it.

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The difficulty you state in cancelling PSN pre-orders is a gross exaggeration.

Its very easy to cancel pre-orders via the PSN web interface without having to speak to anyone, anytime up until it actually starts downloading to your machine.

Granted the money will only be...

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Killzone 2 and Mercenary are amazing games

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Errrrr no.

VR runs just fine on a decent modern gaming PC. Elite Dangerous has a similar scope to Star Citizen and already manages what you are talking about.

The idea that some me kind of quantum leap in computing is needed for VR is nonsense.

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Go and draw those dimensions on a piece of paper and then see how many times the hd screen fits inside the 4k one.

The answer is 4 btw.

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Its half the size of a wii, not a wii U - and thats not very big at all.

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I was hoping that Squares reference to episodes was referring to the larger FF7 family - dirge of cerebrus, advent children etc.

In regards to the cost comparison then its not reasonable to do a then for now comparison and adjust for inflation. Clearly there are massive amounts of design, artwork, textures etc that were outside the scope of the original but are required by todays standards.

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Wipeout for PS4 with VR support - that would make my decade.

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You should write to them and let them know that you have already defined the format for all videogame reviews ever, and that there is no room in the entire internet for any deviation from that format.

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That feature is already there - just create a match as long as you want it.

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I would agree that critics are not required but your surgery metaphor is absurd - it relies upon fact to quantify itself, whereas a review is simply an opinion. There is no opinion on surgery, it will have a result that is either better, the same, or worse than another method.

Do we need critics - no. It is useful though to have someone play through numerous games that i would never find time for and post a review so i can make a informed decision ...

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Tom Waits?

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