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I have heard of Silverstring Media from the Internet Aristocrat videos but I don't see them as any kind of threat just as I don't see The Flat Earth Society as a threat to my scientific beliefs.

The fact that they exist isn't a problem, and them saying they work closely with developers is a non statement until they show which developers and exactly what they have managed to influence - again I'm not seeing it any of the games I play or will be playing in the n... #1.1.5
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Yeah, me and my pesky tone.

I'm not entirely convinced that this would impact the games I like, it seems more like a hipster fad that gaming journalism is milking to get their clicks from - and after watching all the Internet Aristocrat videos it seesm to me that that is what is happening. Kotaku (and similar) are boosting the profile of people like Zoe Quinn to get clicks, not to change the face of gaming, and once she no longer gets clicks then she will be yesterdays ne... #1.1.3
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The solution to scenario 2 is to get new friends who arent mindless drones that let the manstream media do their thinking for them.

Luckily for me these topics never come up in real life conversation, either face to face or over steam or psn. In fact if it wasnt for this site i doubt i would be aware of this issue. #1
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I find digital distribution to be very useful and it is my primary source of games, for some like myself the benefits and convenience far outweigh the fear that a game (one I most likely have stopped playing by that point) will be unavailable due to switched off servers. #2.1
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No you are still wrong, and slightly deluded. #3.1.2
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You might feel that, but you are wrong.

A demo is a cut back piece of the final product designed to show you what the final game is all about. First Light has large amounts of content which are not available in the retail release of I:SS.

Ground Zeroes you could argue is more of a demo, as its been made from the ground up to be the introductory chapter of MGS5, so it is a cut back piece of MGS5. #3.1
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Like other people have said last gen the overall appreciation (what you call bias) was in favour of the 360, this gen it is in favour of the PS4 - could it simply not be that the better console is getting more favourable news ?

People (at least at first) liked the 360 more than PS3 so it got more positive coverage, now people are liking the PS4 more than X1 and so that is what more people are interested in - add onto that Microsoft's monthly PR disasters which generate a... #5
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10 months to add features that Killzone 2 had at launch ?

What a joke. #7
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So a twin stick shooter with an overhead view were you fight against massive hordes of oncoming enemies looks "nothing like Dead Nation at all" ???

Not only should you get your eyes tested, but a quick check to see if your brain is working might also be in order. #4.1.2
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I think a sony move controller with an incorporated thumbstick, one in each hand, would be ideal for VR.

The move gives you accurate hand movement, the thumbsticks control movement within the 3d space, and the visor provides sight tracking - simples. #4
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Because he can write code whereas you struggle with writing English. #12.4
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I think it is only the content of the planets which is generated procedurally, the galactic map (complete with system/planet names) is already there and will be the same for all players. It would have to be like this for the multiplayer element otherwise everyone would be referring to planets by different names which would not be a good player experience for navigation.

Even if this was not the case and they are going to generate the planet names on the fly then its pretty ea... #2.1
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Jeez, its not that complicated - he simply decided to write about his choice.

Clearly people are reading the article and commenting on it, so its not like he did something completely mental or without justification.

Writers write stuff, crazy but true. #1.2.1
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Nice write up but i think you have done the game a disservice by only talking about the respawn mode.

The no-respawn game mode is even more tense and tactical with a greater emphasis on teamwork - which are all things you seem to value. Its very reminiscent of CounterStrike or Socom in that you have to play smart rather than just play twitchy.

Regardless of the mode the multiplayer in this game in superb. #4
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Im thinking more of a vita shaped shell that you slot your phone into to provide the screen, processing, and controls.

Although i think you are correct in that certain phones can use a DS3 i dont think its particularly practical for mobile gaming to carry a lumpy DS3 around in my coat pocket. #3.1.1
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I think Sony should release a phone with a large touchscreen and a separate (reasonably priced) add on controller shell that gives it all the functionality of a vita.

If the phone is a decent handset then people will buy it and then maybe buy the add on, vita fans will buy it anyway. #3
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It only seems like good value if you are really into EA games, are prepared to only buy those games digitally (which are usually higher priced than retail stores thus negating the discount), and find value in the vault games most of which will have the next annual sequel on the way.

So to me there isnt much value in it. #2
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Again, thats not what EA themselves are saying. Maybe you are right but yours is a third party source, if its true then why did EA not mention this on their site and instead advertise it at its highest possible price ?

This is EA, the kings of shafting consumers - people should not assume they are going to get a good deal. #7.1.3
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The EA access official site lists it as 4.99 per month, thats 60 per year

There is only one price shown and it is the norm to advertise the lowest possible price, so if EA says its 5 bucks per month then thats what it is. #7.1.1
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But digital EA games are stupidly priced so that discount probably wont even get them on par with store prices - is that really worth paying for? #4.2
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