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They were supposed to do that Last E3. They were supposed to win us over. Instead, we got Arkham City Armored and Nintendo Land. I'm not calling for their doom, but I have little to no faith in them this time around. Everyone always says 3rd party support will come, that everything will be okay. Then, it never comes.

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What's the harm in one more opinion?

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As the reviewer, I would love any and all feedback you have. I'll be answering questions in the comments here.

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Check the alt. link. I have screenshots of both polls.

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Really, was the iPhone app even known? I hadn't heard about that.

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As the author of this article, I think you for your kind words :)

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On the other hand, I would MUCH rather buy games digitally to have them always. Plus, it's hard to find these games sometimes, and you may even get some upscaling with these digital releases on the newer consoles.

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Your kind words mean a lot. I am one of the two producers of Tech Heads, and I was the one who wrote the review. Keep up with us on Twitter at @TechHeadsOU, we also have a weekly gaming podcast and would love some more listeners. Search Tech Heads in iTunes.

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Thanks man. I'm one of the producers of Tech Heads and I wrote the review. Your kind words mean a lot! Follow us on twitter: @TechHeadsOU to keep up. We'll have more content up soon!

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"Now, as you've just come out of this coma and probably have friends and family to catch up with, we want to maximize your time. A lot of rad franchises have multiple rad games, but we boiled those down to one installment to represent the series and let you see the most games possible. Similarly, if a game had an awesome expansion but it didn't redefine the experience, we just pushed the DLC into the consideration of the ga...

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I just got mine this morning. I'm a Level 13 and a PS+ subscriber, just for your information.

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Hope these people posting know its NOT THE FULL PACIFIC RIFT GAME!

It's only 10 tracks, which still isn't that bad of a deal...

I might pick it up if it has a separate trophy set than the retail game.

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I have both KZ2 and WipEout HD.

WipEout HD took me over a year and a half to get, but it was totally worth it!

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Netflix runs on Silverlight, which has been a huge pain with me wanting to use Chrome to stream Netflix on my Mac...

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For the most part, I use Chrome on my mac, but I agree that Firefox is still the best overall browser. Chrome has some issues on Mac OS X, and it doesn't work with Netflix and certain other sites. I use Chrome for pure speed, but I agree that Firefox is awesome.

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If you look here:


He actually says its something they would consider. Now granted, he mentions specifically a trophy patch, but with this probably means trophies will come with this expansion pack.

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Glad I got in on it before the promotion ended...

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you would know the answer.

But you have to subscribe.

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Great preview, hope people don't slam you for this one...

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