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I agree and that is what I cited as his big issue, along with no clear itemization.

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Every time I read that EA is voted Worst Company in the World I just shake my head. People need to get in touch with reality. There are far worse companies than one that makes video games.

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Really great conversation guys. Glad to see people enjoy the game like I do. I am just getting started, but I am completely hooked.

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Agreed. They are in the business of making money like anyone else, but they need to realize the role they play and that if they don't start to support publishers more, they won't have used games to sell.

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Absolutely right on. Until the industry figures out how to manage cost more effectively, profits will continue to be out of reach.

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It looks like everyone is taking this seriously since S2 (Heroes of Newerth) just announced their new game Strife, which is being developed complete with minimizing the toxic community mind.

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You can still be all digital if you want. This way it just caters to both. If the digital future is truly inevitable it will find it's way. A lot of people just aren't ready yet. and those people still want to buy a console. Wouldn't surprise me one bit if we saw a "trayless" version of the XboxOne.

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I think the that EA is definitely going to increase it's microtransaction model, however I don't think this is the death of Online Pass, merely the killing and rebirth. It would not surprise me in the least to see some "version" of Online Pass with a different name and no actual code will reappear, similar to how they do always on for products like Sim City. Sure, that launch was a disaster, but from a business point of view, it didn't hurt sales and they still got their...

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There needs to be a change in philosophy. I don't understand why gaming, which is a larger and faster growing market than TV and film, feels like they need to conform to their way of developing. It couldn't be more different.

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If there is a flash drive on Legion, just point me in that direction.

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There was a while when it seemed like every game was a WWII game. Seems like everyone has switched to a more recent time frame. It will be interesting to see if someone can pick it up and deliver a unique experience.

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Interesting thought about the 30 minute opening. It is kind of the same idea as a killer demo. If companies are dead set on tricking consumers, that is a viable way to do it, there always has to be some trust.

I hadn't thought about Gaikai being on all Sony products, but the idea the Sony could license Gaikai to third parties is also interesting. It all depends on how they want to position PS4 and mores specifically the Playstation brand. Is "Playstation" a plat...

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Absolutely. This is an analysis on what Sony has promised and speculation on what it could mean if they deliver. It doesn't declare that they are the winner, just looks at the steps they are taking to position themselves at the top of the console heap. If they can't deliver that is a problem.

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Glad to see that this game delivered. Was a big surprise the first time I played it.

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it is a real workout for the brain. If you like puzzles it is completely worth it.

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A game that is absolutely worth checking out. Punishing, but rewarding.

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Interesting that you didn't read it as it seems to be right inline with what you are saying.

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Completely agree. Deadlines are a must. I think what is happening is that the ability to push out patches is allowing publishers to be far to aggressive with their timelines. I also think that scope creep and scale are inflating the problem. There just needs to be a better balance between what the game does and when it comes out as opposed to the current mentality of "do everything, and do it now, we will fix it later"

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I agree with you that deadlines are important to actually get games out. I think my point here is that we are starting to see a heavy shift toward deadlines that are far to aggressive. It wasn't that long ago (PS2, Gamecube) that games were released that were large in scale and relatively bug free, aside from a few graphical glitches. I think that publishers like to use 'scale' as an excuse, and I just don't think that is viable.

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It seems like there are a lot of innovative platformers now a days. Works for me!

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