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I hate these lists because they are basically saying our opinions are greater than everyone elses
So what someone gave ______ game a 10/10. They thought it was a great game. Deal with it instead of whining about how everyone else's opinion is wrong and mine is right. That is what all these articles about overrated games are about. Give the game what you think it deserves but don't tell others that their opinions is wrong. #14
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Littlebigplanet level design is pretty much the best this generation
Easily can hold a candle against new super mario bros wii. Splosion man is basically the same game for 50 levels which is shocking how anyone who played this would know that. The level design isn't great at all in that game. #13
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Those games are acceptable rehashes
Because it isn't on the wii. Those are hardcore games. #7.1
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Hiphop gamer versus ign
They are competing for the worst journalist award. #1
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Nolan North
He is the voice of videogames. #2
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Are these sites serious
They are troll topics but I wonder if the writer is just trolling or is he really this dumb to actually be a fanboy? #39
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How did this person get hired
I bought a playstation 3 because I wanted to play ff13 on it instead of xbox 360. Oh and it is somehow cool for some odd reason. I think ign editors are worse than people on n4g. #17
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I am not interested in mag at all (it is a tactical based shooter) but this goes on whole levels of stupid. Are ign editors hype mongers, and fanboys. This made it look like they are the worst gaming site. Oh wait they always were this bad. Gamespot and Edge is where it is at. #4
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Sorry but you are whining about the score it was given
That is because it is a great game. I bet it is a blast. But not mentioning repeating bosses, among other stuff is just plain out wrong. It seems like a blast. A 9.5-10 game. But it still has flaws. Which should be mentioned. #2.2
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I'm sorry the game is incredible
But it has obvious flaws. I hate how I have to read 2/3 reviews to even remotely understand what the game is about. I don't know how ign couldn't tell the person reading the review about repeating boss battles in the game. I haven't read one review that has told me the length of the game. #2
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Tell me about the length
Infinite replayability my ass. I don't care if I could do 1000 combos in this game what is fullfilling if I have to replay the same damn monster every time in order to obtain it. Just tell me the length of this game. Not one review has told me. #35
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numbers are fake
The numbers aren't true we get the real data in 2 days from famitsu and media crate. We know it sold more than 1 million first day and that is it. #6
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Isn't it something like 7.2 ps3 7.9 xbox 360 6.5 wii
The attach rate. Which means that hardware sales being 10 million less than xbox 360 caused software sales to be lower. #2
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Where else would npd happen
Please don't get all defensive. Uncharted 2 sales were meant to be poor same with forza 3. #3.2
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Wasn't it expected
I mean this game isn't halo or gears of war. It isn't a franchise game. The sales should diminish over time. Sony will be happy if the game reaches 800k by holiday season which is around twice as much as the original uncharted. #3
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There is no way this is true
I don't understand this because media never plays this card. With the exception of idiotic magazines like Edge, no one made this assertion. Why should ps3 games be special, because xbox 360 and ps3 fanboys need to have a system war going on every moment. And I am sick and tired of seeing it. Look, I didn't enjoy bayonetta. It wasn't because I enjoyed god of war though. #15
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Misleading topic
How did this get through? Qore expansions and other stuff is premium content. PSN isn't going to turn into xbl anytime soon #18
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Please be a starfox esque R-Type Game in 3d
Not a shmup. But a starfox HD game in the r-type world I will die. #11
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trailer of mass effect no doubt
Trailer of mass effect 2 unlockable in the game. #15
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I don't remember one QTE in the game
I have one word for the ps3 informer review: dumb. #4
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