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Thank you very much. I enjoyed writing about Bloodborne just as much I loved playing it. Brilliant game. #2.1
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Although it currently only states Xbox One and Windows 10, Would you like to see a PlayStation 4 release? #9
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So it looks as if Gigantic coming to the Xbox One is a popular choice then. #6
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Thank you. #2
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Thanks for the comments all. Asim from NGB here, the chap who reviewed the game. Take all points on board, but I really enjoyed it (still am in fact, love multiplayer) and just wanted to get that across in my review. I accept it might not be everyone's cup of tea, but I think I manage to get that across in the words I wrote. Glad to know that many others are enjoying it like me.

I noticed some think the AI isn't as good as I described, which is strange, but I guess ea... #4
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Yup, we loved it. Along with MotorStorm RC, Gravity Rush will be (in our opinion) the best game on the Vita when it launches next month. #4
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That's certainly worrying, however we can only go by what we encountered during our playthrough. There was slight frame rate stutter, but nothing major and no glitches. Were you able to get out the glitches or was a hard reset required? #5.1.1
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We didn't encounter any major frame rate issues during the review process, hence no mention of it.

If you're a fan of the series, then this is well worth picking up. As we say, would've been nice to have Silent Hill and Silent Hill 4, but 2 and 3 are great survival horror titles, even more so in HD! #5
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Sorry, we didn't receive the PC version from Konami, only the PS3 one. #1.3
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The online side of things (co-op with humans) elevates above the average status (hence the 6/10 from us), but everything other facet of the game is either average or poor - just like you guys have stated. #3
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It certainly seem like it, MultiConsoleGamer. It looks and plays really well on the Vita, despite the slightly awkward touch controls. We certainly liked it. #1.1
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Thanks for the comment, even if you are insulting our reviewer.

If you read the review, that will justify why our reviewer thinks the game deserves a 10/10.

Rather than put the reviewer's opinion down and be insulting, maybe you should give your opinion on Mass Effect 3.

Also, would love to hear how a review system should work and why this review means our "chap" has a "small vision of the game industry".
<... #2.1.1
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A matter of taste and opinion, we certainly wouldn't begrudge anyone giving it a 9. However, even with slight niggles, we think it deserves a 10. For us, 10 doesn't represent the perfect game, no title is, it's represents the best of it's genre. Again, a matter of opinion, we certainly respect yours. #2
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Yes, we agree, CarlitoBrigante. SSX is a very good game, lots of fun to be had via the modes on offer. RiderNet a great addition too. #2
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You have your opinion, and that's fine, but this is essentially the iPad ported onto the Vita. Play the iPad version and you'll see what we mean.

If you read the full review, you'll see that cutscenes are actually mentioned in a positive light. So, yeah, we actually agree with you on that point.

Can't understand why would pick this up if you've played the cheaper iPad or console versions. #2
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It's an incredible title guys, a must buy. Just wait until you get addicted to beating the times of your friends and others around the world. #3
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Thanks for the reply, NukaCola.

Haven't read Gamespot's review, so we can only speak in relation to our own one. We're all big fans of the Uncharted series at NGB, even awarded the part 3 with a 10/10. We really wanted to like Gold Abyss as much as the PS3 games, but unfortunately thought it was lacking in certain departments (mentioned in the review).

Still, as stated in the previous reply, we think it is a good game (hence the 7/10) and well wor... #2.1.1
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Thanks for the comment, NukaCola.

For us, 7/10 still represents a good game, and that is what Uncharted: Golden Abyss is. The single player is good, but not at the standard of the PS3 Uncharted titles. A different developer handled it, and whilst it retains quite a bit of the console versions greatness, you can still tell it is not developed by Naughty Dog.

To add to that, out reviewer also stated that the touch controls don't add much to the overall exp... #2
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Definitely, Catherine is wonderful game with immense charm and a truly captivating story. As you can tell by our review, we wholeheartedly recommend a purchase. #2
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Thanks for the comment, Baka-akaB.

Our reviewer stated that the core mechanics are quite simple, making the game easy enough to pick up and play (which is both a positive and negative in this case), but beyond that the gameplay lacks depth when compared to other fighters (Street Fighter IV, Tekken 6, BlazBlue and so on).

This, for him, his backed up by simple controls (which he mentions) and the fact that there is no real tutorial mode for the game either. C... #2
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