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Dude, are 10 years old or sth? Never read a more immature text on this site and that says a lot...

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Marcus Fenix? Nathan Drake?

I agree on Niko or Ezio but the lack of the two above makes the list unreliable.

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Just give me Lumines 1 and 2 on Vita and you have me sold, Sony.

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The game's probably excellent but as an old Halo fan I can't stand there's no original soundtrack.

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I don't get how this new Super Slim puts Sony back on track.

If it was considerably cheaper this claim could hold some water. But it's got the same pricing and it seems to be made of cheaper materials.

Anyway, this new Slim is the ugliest console I've ever seen. If my Slim breaks down I'm going to repair it at all costs and not buy the new Super Slim.

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Sony's future is rather bleak.

The thing is the next Xbox's future and WiiU's future are not that promising either. They may sell pretty well but the times of 140 million consoles sold are long gone.

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Yellow Ring of Death seems revolutional.

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"The new iPad has crazy fast graphics and it’s a fast machine and it delivers great games. It can mirror the graphics to a giant HD screen and it’s basically just showing you that you don’t need a console."

Yeah, that's right because on tablets I can play games with graphics and gameplay on the level of Uncharted, Killzone, God of War, Gears of War, Batman, Crysis etc...

I now understand why this guy was in his heydey so long ago...

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Xbox brand nowadays means giving up on internal studios, investing almost all the money on Kinect trash and turning a console into a Facebook and Youtube hub.

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Is he going to be on stage during MS E3 conference? It's going to be one of th ewierdest things I've ever seen in the console history.

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"Both MSFT and Sony are great companies. They need to stay motivated and continue advancing. Better for us gamers in the end."

Listen to this, all of you guys instead of spreading fanboyish BB everywhere.

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Oh, God, please, no...

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True that.

The companies in the gaming market are now those who tapped into casual market with Wii-mote and Kinect. Sony is also trying to follow suit with Move but at the same time they cater to HC gamers.

It does not seem to pay off however. So Sony may bounce back in the end partly by cutting down on HC gaming.

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I understand it is so difficult for Microsoft to make new exclusives.

By the same token it will be even more difficult for me and millions of other gamers to buy their next console.

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Never played it back in the days of PS2. Loved Halo on Xbox at this time.

I'm glad Sony releases PS2 games but it's too bad there are so few of them as of now. C'mon Sony - it's time to make this library as rich as PSOne classics library.

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I am personally more inclined to buy a future Sony console. We know for sure that Uncharted, Motorsorm and other exclusives will remain exclusies for Sony platforms.

MS screwed it all up giving up on internal studios imho.

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So much shitstorm from enraged mindless Sony fanboys...


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Both Move and Kinect should die a quick and painful death.

The more popular they are the fewer real games will be made in the future.

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Gamers won.

Intelligent people simply enjoy the two great games, not so intelligent ones get into stupid debates over which game "won".

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I loved The Library on Legendary - I could get rid of the Flood by the skin of my teeth. When played the first time anyway.

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