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psn upgrade- psn is an great service even though its free, however since we as gamers are advancing towards a future of global connectivity psn needs to be amped up by 10.

application friendly- you can't even mention nex gen without the availability to download apps to better and futher the experience of psn.

fundamentally better games- seeing how gamers these days are gravitating to games that are somewhat questionable. most of our current gen games are ...

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these developers are talking about technological peaks and yet they can't deliver a game that's worth every penny spend.

2.) I understand some developers at least try to set an distinction to there craft, but here's the thing, anytime you try to be something other than yourself you end up being the same as everyone else.

All I can say is this, stick to the basics and try your best not to forget the fundamentals. If you can stay true to that logic...

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I guess these developers don't like sophisticated women... or a women with a good head on her shoulders... its just tits and cleavage... smfh

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i can tell you have no type of style and creativity....


in other words, your just the same as everyone else. no distinction, no quality, and since i must go elementary for you, your just a brick, carbon copy, an imitation. YOU WILL NEVER BE NEXGENSENSATION!

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so it can go in all you smart @sses mouth!

suck on it!

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I very disagree with gt5. I hope polyphony reads this comment. a lot of sony droids believe gt5 was perfect, so for the sake of gt6. POLYPHONY READ THIS COMMENT.


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2010 was the last year sony release anything up to their hype.
(REPEAT 10x)

What NUKACOLA just listed???

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if anything most games sony release exclusively ended up being some over hype junk. what sony need to do is listen to their real fans. i say real fans because, most of ya'll sony bots don't even know what is really going on.

them sony bots swear their exclusive games are perfect 10, and they will hit you with the same excuse that every other bots would say or had say. 2010 was the last year sony release anything up to their hype.

untill i play anothe...

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this game is pathetic, anyone that support this no unlocking bullsh*t is pathetic....

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I'll pass

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if thats the best reason why they didn't place severe damage in the beginning of the game then trust me you didn't play gt5!

in the beginning of the game your not in a race where drivers are wreckless or the track is difficult to race on and the worst that can happen is a little bump off the road.

and piss people off? what? if a gamer is that wreckless in the beginning of the game! he can simply restart the whole race so that wreckless driver wouldn'...

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i've almost felt free watching the gameplay and listening to the song

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its definitely one of those games that you have to be very careful on who you kill and how many times you been killed.

and yes this is one of those games that we need more from

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and believe me mass effect 3 is an outstanding game with a few glitches and hiccups. the main reason why i mention mass effect 3 is because of the deep story line, and how a gamer like me gets emotionally attached to the main character.

But mgs4? i honestly believe that mgs4 is the greatest game ever made for this current generation. mgs4 has everything in a game, from visuals to gameplay to cut scenes. everything!

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we would need both sony and microsoft to release an exclusive ninja style game on their console to compliment their console capabilities.

the exclusive competition alone can raise hype to an nex gen release... dont you guys miss the 2 companies going at each others neck.

anyway we the gamers need variety otherwise we'll be playing the same game different name.

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turn 10 has made a statement that the forza series is the best racing sim out.

and yes they're fierce competition, and yes polyphony need to get their heads out their @SS and release the greatest racing sim.

the driving mechanics in gt5 is superb from the breaks to the acceleration its just that the tracktion in the game is sooo flat you would wonder if the tires were made out of stone.

secondly one of the biggest flaw in gt5 is car dama...

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You get a power house like sony and its hardcore fanbase in a position of dominance to where they feel as if they can do anything and get away with it.

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dcbronco is already got a few ideas, when in reality what he listed is an act of corruption... what makes you think fbi agents don't already do what dcbronco just listed.

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before committing the crime the crime is first thought out.

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