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no way are they going to jack the price to get in 16GB... the high price of the PS3 was a lesson for all console makers to keep their prices down. look at what they have accomplished with 512MB in this generation... 4GB will be more than enough and will help to keep the price down. probably an outside shot at 8GB but that will depend on how much "extra" they want to run on the next consoles as they try to be the get your everything from 1 box systems... apps,media,interwebs and all ...

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price drops in 2013 no surprise there and ps+ library of games will help save the vita

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i just let + do it's thing while i sleep.... i already push to many buttons when i play the work around is just to many steps ;-)

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it's interesting to note that in 2012 Google searches under Consumer Electronics results were Playstation at #6 with no Xbox in site.... how else can we change up search results to fan the flames of the fan boy wars?

Just play the games :-)

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