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Probably should have just said two weeks rather than a few days. If RF wanted to avoid the Pokemon hype, it should have been released a few months before. That's what I was going for in my comment.

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It should have been released a few months before the Pokemon launch rather than a few days

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Played the 94 anniversary mode at the NYC media event and loved it. Grew up on NHL 94 and is still one of, if not, the best hockey game. More Devils images next time!

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Darkwing Duck, some goof troop maybe. The old cartoon figure ideas is basically limitless.

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I don't know why, I just like the way the figure looks.

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looking forward to the Toy Story set and the Perry the Platypus figure.

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Never really got into games like this. I can remember games like this being all the rage when I was in 8th grade.

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Looks like there was some pretty interesting things to do aboard the ship. Getting a Pirate Picture and checking out the weapons would be something I would have to do.

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If the 94 mode had online play it would have been perfect. Its still amazing but now I need my brother to be in the same room as me rather than just online. I understand where EA is going with no online play but I just disagree with it.

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Loved playing the X-Men game as a kid. One of the best arcade games I have played

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I get the feeling that the story for the game wasn't thought out too much. The idea of putting all the characters together was the main goal. I played the demo at E3 and it was tough to figure out what was going on.

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Was on the shuttle back to my Hotel at E3 and overheard some comments on Killer Instinct. The person felt that it didn't look like a Killer Instinct game and instead looked more like a Street Fighter game.Interesting comments.

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Have to agree. Next gen means one of two things: you're either making a sports game to start or a driving game.

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Looking at what they did, I think Nintendo did just what they needed to. Bring out some classic character games, like Mario and DK. These games will hold the players over until the next Zelda game and franchises like that. I think "Quiet" is good right now. They could be having the backlash that Microsoft is having from their E3.

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Seeing some of the clothing people have designed online for their character, I can say that I have no artistic talent. On a different note, As the mayor of my town, I would like to put a hot tub in the town square instead of a fountain!

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totally valid point. That and the teleporter traffic would make traveling such a pain. And you know there would be traffic from this thing. As much as it would help traffic, it would create new probs.

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I like games like this where you can alter the story by what actions you take. Good to see how considerate the player was by parking his car in the mall parking lot rather than leave it just anywhere. Looks like a good game

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Who doesn't want to transport to any location? I know I would like to travel that way to avoid traffic.

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It seems like Nintendo has been following the same trend the last few times they have launched a system. Bring the system out, have a weak launch lineup. Then either lower the price and then bring out the heavy hitters or just try and tread water until they bring out the heavy hitters. DS did it, GameCube did it, 3DS did it, and looks like Wii U is doing it too. If the Wii U is in the same boat it is now at the end of the year, then it might be time to consider it another Virtual Boy.

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it depends on what they show at E3. With what's coming for the 3DS, I think Nintendo could show up with one big Wii U title and the fans would be happy. But it already sounds like they are bringing some heavy hitters to E3 so as long as the Wii U can survive this dry patch, and it should be able to, the system will be just fine. If the 3DS could survive a weak launch library then the Wii U can do the same, and it has to.

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