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As a Uncharted online veteran, I will say UC2/UC3 are different games.

The beta for UC4 is also different.

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PS2 was still the last great console.

The 360/PS3 era was flawed.

PS4/Xone looks like it would end up worse than the 360/PS3 era.

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Do you get a discount?

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Yea I hate when they do that.

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Personally I was more impressed with Uncharted 2 than Last of Us. Hell I even liked Uncharted 1(never played the PS3 version) better.

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I guess it was in regards to Xbox360 1st few years. I think before Kinect.

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I recently (last year)watched the entire series on YouTube and you have to admit the writing was good.

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"Btw, jesus those facial animation look amazing"

Especially the Elena in the 4th pic.

Wow Elena really aged.

Anyway, nice shout out to the PS1 along with Crash.

It will be funny if they tease Jak&Daxter by having Ellie playing a PS2 on Last of Us 2.

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PS2 and SNES can fight it out as the top 2 of all time.

PS1 and NES can fight it out for the 3 and 4 spot.

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To be fair, Sucker Punch did create Infamous(superhero/comic book style) so I'm sure they can handle this challenge.

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Well it's a first time for everything.

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I never played Asylum and Origins, so I rather buy them for $10 each at GameStop.

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Don't you do the same thing when you praised a game by just looking at it?

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The single player campaign looks like arena mode?

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Why Sony won't just re-release the Vita with L2/R2/R3/L3.

Or is it too late?

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I'm still going to dominate.

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Is this just for Europe right?

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"To Be “Brand New Concept”

Here we go again.

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"Microsoft really painted themselves into a corner with their names. "

I was going come here and say that. Si bottomline, any chance they reboot and recall it Xbox?

"I wish they had just went with "Xbox 2" instead of 360. I don't agree that it would have sounded inferior to "PS3".

I understand MSoft's point on that.

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