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GTA 4 combat mechanics are awful.

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You need an best buy account?

When does this start?

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Why don't they include the original games?

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I can do that in 25 seconds.

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It's called Tomb Raider 20 year celebration but it doesn't include the old games?

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But its the price of a new game.

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So just cause 3 sucks?

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ESPN the magazine is worse.

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If that's the case, I would wait for a price drop.

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I think he's reaching out to millennials.

Also, if something goes extremely popular, people would jump on the band wagon.

Just think about 1995's Macrena dance craze. =(

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Even though we have NES/SNES/N64, this is a nice idea and would be interested if it expands to SNES/N64.

Can you pop in cartridges?

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I should of filed =(

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" I think it's only exclusive to sony experia phones so they have an incentive over the competition in the phone market. "

I Highly doubt that people would find that as an incentive to but a xperia phone/tablet. Like someone said, Sony should just open up remote play.

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"The only catch is you need to be part of the Ubisoft Club to take advantage of the offer. "

No thanks.

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"John Cena is the highest rated WWE Superstar in the game, with a rating of 95."

And yet he complains about Triple H.

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" That being said, anyone who doesn't already have one should totally get one. At this point it has a pretty large backlog of really great games with more still coming."

But you just warned people about the expensive memory cards. =(

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"oh btw, if you want to know what a REAL gimmick is, just check out that touch pad on the DS4. Now THAT'S the definition of gimmick. "

Not really as it just a DS with a touch pad.

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Would Sony allow porn to PSVR?

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yeahokwhatever. =(

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