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Too much or is that a good deal?

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They should of went with Syphon Filter.

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The original N64 version was a classic.

Anyway, as for this new entry, looks unbalanced at 1st hand. It should be a regular mode without the goofiness or being able to customize play options.

Edit: It does have regular mode.

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It will be interesting buy at $100-$200 and NES-SNES support.

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The better question is, why are these controllers still $60 new?

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Wait, will gamepass have an effect on games with gold?

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Isnt The Rock having box office success?

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Switch can handle the original 360/PS3 version right?

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"What's the word on mad max, ac blackflag and just cause 3? "

Last summer Just Cause 3 was part of PS+ I couldn't get into it so I deleted. Maybe I'll give it another shot.

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MGS5 is one of the most incomplete game I ever played in my life, but at the same time its gameplay is one of most impressive/entertaining videogames ever.

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Due to the sensitivity of concussion issues these days, do you think the NFL would want to glorify big hits?

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It probably be part of the PS+/GWG lineup before Black Friday 2018.

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I actually thought it was a new game as in console game.

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How is Darksiders 2?

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Is this a mockery of Hip Hop culture or culture apportion?

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Outside of graphics/roster, it's god awful.

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The PS4 version sucks anyway.

They should finally reboot this series.

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I just started Rise. It continued from the demo I played back in Feb but so far it's very slow pace compared to the Definitive Edition.

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I hope PS5 has a faster disc drive so we don't have to install the game that take up space.

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Let me ask, do want supernatural or just a realistic approach?

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