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"and it's a WWII game with a whole bunch of Nazi's that actually almost did in fact take over the world"

Can you refresh my memory on that?

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lol, going by those side by side comparison, the 17 models looked better.

And yes, a Super Nintendo wrestling game is better than modern wrestling games.

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Wouldnt those characters be useless vs the Sayians, the Friezas, Cells types?

Oh, the bottom of this page mentions Yamacha and Tien.

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lol, please tell me I read your ridiculous comment wrong.

As it seems you more into stories than the actual gameplay part.

I mean lol

" It made u fell like you are on a real adventure not just blasting you with fast paced action and stupidly caused set pieces."

I don't know about you, but getting out of those fire fights in Uncharted 1-3 were highly entertaining.

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lol, you fanboys got to learned to respect others people opinions.

Are you people blind, as he clearly said he enjoyed the previous games which should indicate he's fan of the series but didn't like the direction of 4.

I'm in the same boat as 4 was to me a complete snoozfest. The majority of my time I was either climbing/puzzling/walking/driv ing/talking.

The actual combat is very limited in this game compared to 1-3. Situa...

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[email protected] Phoenixup up.


Switch- 2017

At least you still can play full PS1 games without the memory cards.

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[email protected] trying to debate me old school vs new console/game.

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I'm glad it said 3D Mario because Mario 3/World is better than all the 3D ones.

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The original SNES controller still feels OK to me.

If I had a Switch, I'll choose this over the Pro controller.

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But people say the Switch is a home console.

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How this became about features is instead of gameplay is beyond me.

But let's play.

1st of all, of course you should expect evolution of the previous thing.

Pretty sure NES-PS2 owners didn't complain about wired controllers. Wireless controllers were optional during the PS2/GC/Xbox era.

Memory cards was mainly a PS1/PS2 issue. SNES//N64/Xbox/etc didn't require memory cards.

Funny you bri...

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Much I enjoyed PS3's multimedia features, it still gameplay>>>>> non gameplay features.

And I like to argue for its time, PS1 being used a stereo CD player and PS2's DVD playback were just as huge.

PS2 DVD feature was probably the bigger impact than PS3's internet browser, Blu Ray player etc.

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And they were good. =(

Long live the NES-PS2era. =)

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" or dare I say Superman game."

How can you really make a game out of the Superman universe?

Who ever pulls that off should get goat award or bigger.

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I'm sure Zelda was profitable too.

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This game has Bret Hart, Bulldog and Neidhart but no Owen?

Oh well, it wouldn't matter as I'll just stick to Revenge/No Mercy/Here Comes The Pain.

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"but I don't think the combat is the main focus of the game."

Then no thanks.

What is the main focus of the game if it isn't gameplay/combat?

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Is it better than Madden NFL 2004/NFL 2K5?

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"They killed one of the best systems ever made with their arrogance."

A system should be define by its software it provided, not it's hardware.

Therefore, PSP is their best portable system ever.

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PSP for me.

Anyway, how does PSP/PS1 games look/play on Vita compared to PSP?

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