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Was she born a man?

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MGS1 says: "What about about me?"

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My 1st thought too.

Especially considering I thought these games were aimed at kids.

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"Since this is the year we will see the game's release, I do have some worries, but I'm also very excited."

What are these worries?

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They should of extended the flash sale.

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They probably hope parents will buy it for their kids.

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Well PSP came out before Vita and it had remote play with PS3 =(

Granted, only 1-2 PS3 games work but the concept was there which evident in all PS1 (disc and physical) games worked.

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"3hrs long campaign, no thanks."

Just Redbox it for $3 + tax

Edit: Wait, no off-line co-op?

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Nah, it just ridiculous how expensive controllers are these days.

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Yeah I would like some opinions of Killzone aswell.

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Let me know when you decipher it =(

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Let's face it, Sony charging $60 for a demo and then re-release it as GT7 with better graphics for another $60

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How come these companies never release the actual numbers?

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Bully 2

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I rather buy the PS3 version of Arkham Asylum and Origins for cheap.

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I thought 007(N64) was the Godfather of FPS?

Anyway, i always wanted to try Redbox and for some reason, I picked DOOM as my 1st official rental even though I'm not a FPS fan.

So far the campaign I'm finding it to be your typical average FPS.

I only played the MP beta which wasn't bad but I haven't tackled the retail version.

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It does suck PS4 can't even play PS1 games in any form.

I'm glad I still have a PS1/PS2/PS3, but it would of been nice to have PS4 play past system games.

I think fanboys are just afraid to admit it.

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I wouldn't be surprised if hardcore PS4 fans won't buy Battlefeild now.

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Does Uncharted 4 have remote play. I saw a image of the back cover and it didnt list it.

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3rd Party

NotEvenMyFinalForm is right, SNES is the last triple A Nintendo console.

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