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Can I buy a 3DS and play NES/SNES games?

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If they do, I hope it's called PSP2 and just distance themselves from the Vita name/brand.

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I called it.

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Just read the article and it seems it's pointing out minor problems. Yeah it is disappointing that you can't throw back grenades like in 3.

I also wonder why there is no stealth attacks online(unless I'm missing something?)

Not a big fan of the regenerating bombs.

Can't pick up weapons online.

No 3 player adventure co-op like UC2/3 had?

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14 chapters in, I'm bored to death. The pacing has been god awful. Like I said last week, it's seems all I'm doing is walking, climbing, talking, roping, driving and puzzling.

I really question people's taste in videogames. It's seems you people will give high praise/review scores if a game story/characters are top notch.

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As I write this, I'm watching a Jan 26, 1997 episode of WWF Superstars on YouTube.

Played UC3 online earlier.

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Is this game worth $18-$20?

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2 was the best one.

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I bought this game for $20 last month at GameStop (used) and I must say so far I'm bored to death. I completed 12 chapters and all I'm doing is walking, talking, climbing, roping, driving and weird puzzles (3 layers?)

As a huge fan of UC2/3 online, 4 is still solid (i knew that from the 2015 Beta) but I'm not paying $60 just to play online.

So far UC3 SP is better 4. UC3 1st 11 chapters were slow pace but UC4's 1st 12 is worse.

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I didn't click link the yet (but will soon after I write this message) but have to say WWE 2K16 was beyond awful.

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I was playing the demo earlier today and I find it boring.

Maybe it picks up.

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I enjoyed the Definitive Edition (only payed $5)

I was wondering how is the full game of Rise as the Demo was a walking simulator.

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And isn't the PS controller more suited for fighting games or did MSoft addressed the D-pad with Xbox One?

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Mario Kart(SNES) Crash Team Racing and Diddy Kong Racing is the only Kart racing I got into.

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Spring 2018

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What are your impressions on the graphics?

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Thats not a really good comparison as considering the Switch only has one game vs too many choices for PS4.

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Do people play PS AllStar Battle Royal?

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MGS4's online was the only highlight of that game for me.

The SP was just a movie.

MGS5 SP was gameplay.

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*i do not know how all of you even have the time to play*

Let alone platinum it =(

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