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How is it compared to NBA Jam/Street?

Is there defense in the game?

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I bought God of War 3 remastered a few weeks ago (PS3 copy doesn't work) during a PSN for $6 and I like to think that formula is still fun.

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Is this really online only. If so, that sucks.

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Isn't these games off balance based on their power levels.

I mean does a player who chooses Krillin have a shot to beat a player who chooses one of the super overpowered characters like Super Sayian Goku/Vegeta, Golden Frieza, Burus, Perfect Cell etc.

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"Conker never proved to be a big seller on N64"

To be somewhat fair to Conker, he was released when Dreamcast and PS2 was in full swing while GameCube and Xbox were releasing the same year. Do I have a argument there?

Anyway, I 1st played Conker in 2007 and it was fun playing splitscreen. I should boot it up Sunday.

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Isn't Mario and Luigi from New York?

Anyway, this game looks boring. I still prefer the side scroller Marios over the Mario 64/Sunshine/Galaxy formula.

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What you guys have on sale in comparison to US?


To anyone,

Is Tomb Raider Rise better than the Definitive Edition and worth $24?

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Sid more so.

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Originally MLB The Show 16 was the worst PS4 game I owned but Uncharted 4 took that title.

The Order 1886>>>>>>Th e Show 16/UC4

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"PaRappa The Rapper is a concept that makes sense with simply a HD remaster. That game is a solid game, that almost gets nothing added to it really by fully being remade. You can play that game no different then you did on PS1, on PS4 remastered. "

Do you understand the concept of remake? I tried the demo of the remastered version of PaRappa and it's literally the same game from 20 years ago.

I like to think there are some creative people wh...

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The current consoles are not even close to being better than SNES.

If we're talking games of course.

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"Isabelle is totally pissed off at Gallahad, he believes he's betrayed the Order, like I can't imagine not seeing what happens with their broken relationship"

Do you think he left with that Indian girl and will join their crew?

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It was decent for $10.

I think Sony should give a sequal a shot.

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"Wii for Nintendo is like Ps2 for Sony, "

Talk about insulting the PS2.

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I'm gonna wait until it's $20 or less.

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NES-PS2>>>>>360 /PS3/Wii/WiiU/PS4/Xone/Switch

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Is the collection worth $5?

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"I just don't understand how Sony releases so many exclusive games generation after generation but Microsoft stopped years ago. "

MSOFT got so into 3rd party being the source of the 360's success they felt they didn't have to invest in their 1st/2nd party studios.

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"I think if they do it like Arkham where some are smaller side missions"

Do you mean like Arkham Knight where Riddler, Penguin, and Two Face were involved in optinonal side quest that had nothing to do with the main story?

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Will Ken be in the game?

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