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Must get through my backlog before resubbing... so difficult.

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I would agree with you that the writing needs enhancing and that the main storyline was mediocre. It felt like a submission, honestly. But the gameplay more than made up for that, for me. Dragon's Dogma is one of my favorite games to play this generation.

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Gonna check this article out when I have more time.. planning on switching over to a tank class to try out sometime.

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It's pretty awesome on the ps3 so far. Been playing since Beta phase 3.

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I believe you can. As far as I understood the Phase 4 Beta characters cross over.

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Can't wait for this game. Love the Souls games.

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I'm hoping for THF sooner than later, myself.

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I'm thinking SAM and NIN will come in a later expansion. They just don't fit so far. I want them, don't get me wrong. But I don't want them because fans want them... I want them when they'll fit into the setting.

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Bubbs for the great info! Thanks!

I'm at work and have an really outdated browser ... I'll remember this for later though.

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40 individual pages of No Thanks... fascinating as the subject may be, fishing for hits doesn't sit well with me =/

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So stoked for this news! Been Jones'n for MH since my buddy sold his PSP and couldn't play with me anymore.

It's coming to PS3 because of the install base and I'm glad.

MMO and a subscription?... sorry. Outta my price range. I'll only allow myself one subscription game at any time and that is already covered.

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I don't understand what he has against breasts. Most of the article was devoted to them... I expected actual content worthy of an article from WIRED. Seems like some no-name trying to make a name by getting hits. Cuz FF is far from keeling over any time soon.

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LOL.. you are only making me more jealous of him. That's pretty cool from the standpoint of a starving-trying-to-make-it actor. Very cool for him.

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I've really been meaning to pick that up. My buddy is the voice actor for apparently the first playable character. So stoked he got in on what seems to be a very well recepted game.

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The ONLY downside is ME. I don't have the time to play all these free and crazily discounted games. Pretty awesome problem to have, lol.

.. oh, and my HD barely has anything left.

Really love this service.

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Not if they are Legacy. Characters from the first launch are being brought over and many of those players maxed their characters.

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I too played the Beta and think the game is a pretty fun experience. I foresee playing this for a long time.

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I'm totally stoked for this game. Can't wait for next beta phase and release.

What is funny to me is that though the gamepad UI is a little more nuanced, the controls felt essentially the same as FFxi's. Which worked well for me for years on 360.

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Same. I'm losing space rapidly.

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I believe another beta client will need to be downloaded.

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