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Agreed. I first read this title as:

"The Last time Sixaxis was Used"

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Gaikai would let Sony give gamers BC and it would allow them to earn income by making you re-buy. I don't think SONY can resist this.

I love being able to play Fable, Halo, Crimson Skies, and Sid Meier's Pirates on my 360. I'll play a few hours of one of these games every few months and it's great fun. Meanwhile I have all my PS2 games sitting in storage collecting dust. Sure, I could re-buy a PS2 (first one broke), but my living room has more than enough cons...

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See I don't know about that. Microsoft of course, since they are potentially looking at nearly quadrupling their install base from the previous generation. SONY on the other hand has lost about 50 million+ of its install base with the PS3 when compared to the PS2.

I think it's well known (since...2008?) that the PS3 would overtake the Xbox 360, but at this point the damage has already been done. I think this loss of 50,000,000+ customers is one of the reasons why SONY...

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Well luckily leaks have all but confirmed that to be false.

And the article has a good point. PS4 remained in the news for 3-4 weeks after the announcement and then naturally dipped in popularity. The next Xbox will very likely (unless M$ somehow train wrecks), ride that wave into E3. It'll be interesting to see how both companies maintain interest in their console from June until release.

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Now is arguable, but Microsoft has by far the most first party studios working on next gen titles so time will tell whether or not SONY and Nintendo will be able to keep up.

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One of the reasons why the PS4 looks so enticing is because SONY is addressing the many issues regarding the PS3. Not to mention, the PS3 is SONY's worst selling console ever.

SONY HQ want to forget about the PS3 and get back to PS2 era SONY. The author thinks they are on the right track with the PS4 and I think the author is right. That may all change next Tuesday.

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Let's hope SONY follows EA's footsteps and gets rid of this greedy feature. Good move, EA.

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Tell that to my two PS3's sitting in a landfill.

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Damage control! Save it for the 21st you guys (every person commenting so far).

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This rumour has been bouncing around for a while. We'll have to wait until May 21st.

I read the title as "Getting A Hell of Exclusives". 21 first party studios working on next gen, way to state the obvious.

Respawn Entertainment or not, Xbox Infinite launch line up is going to be the largest EVER.

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Going by how quickly 4D TV's have gone down in price, Illumiroom could quickly come down in price as well. Not to mention that Microsoft has about $50 billion sitting around that they don't know what to do with. Why not invest in future tech and take the initial loss? They can afford that risk.

I'm very impressed with this technology. If it's a big part of May 21st, you can bet Sony will quickly be jumping on that bandwagon as well come E3.


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Think about all those studios who were shut down in the last few years. Team Bondi, Pandemic, THQ, Midway Games, LucasArts, Ensemble, just to name a few.

Microsoft's new studios are all hiring and all these veteran devs are looking for work. These no name new studios will quickly be producing quality games.

Next gen is all about games for me, and by the looks of it SONY can't compete with Microsoft's 21 first party studios all working towards the ...

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I expect the best visuals from any gaming rig for 1-2 years before the 2013 technology starts to show.

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The Xbox 360 controller is one of the greatest ever. See reviews and any top 10 lists for proof. Not to mention the total lack of complaints (including the d-pad which Microsoft fixed). Also the many similarities between the Xbox 360 controller and the PS4 and Wii U controllers.

Grip change, battery change, possibly a share button (not needed). These are changes we'll see, but otherwise it's essentially the perfect controller. No change needed. When compared to the D...

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Anyone who regularly games on Xbox 360:

"There are ads? Where?"

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Defiance, you got it.

Microsoft has by far the most first party studios. Most of which are are working on unannounced titles. Going by this, the Xbox Infinite launch lineup may be the greatest lineup. Ever.

And fortunately for Xbox gamers when it comes to games it's about quality, not quantity. I'm still waiting for a Halo killer on the Playstation.

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Going into next gen, if reports are true, all of a sudden the PS4 now looks to be very one dimensional.

You say Nintendo made lots of money, but never captured the core audience. I hope you're aware that both Microsoft and Sony (especially Sony) don't give a rats ass about the core gamer. They're businesses with the intent to make money. If you're under the impression that Sony's shareholder meetings consist of plans to get more "hardcore" gamer...

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Since so many of you "gamers" continue to buy Call of Duty, this is completely expected.

I wonder how many American homes wouldn't have been foreclosed upon this year if this salary went elsewhere. What a shame.

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360 controllers already have new dpads, they have for years. This argument works about as well as RROD does these days.

So therefore according to reports the Xbox 360 will have no improvements, since the dpad has already been changed.

And going by how on top Microsoft is when it comes to the social ...

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Agreed. I'd rather Microsoft not follow SONY's footsteps and go ahead with this.

It'll be interesting to see how companies like EA and Sony can expand upon ideas like online passes for next gen. My guess? WE as gamers will suffer more than ever before.

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