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Halo+Xbox Live+X1= Definitive next generation experience.

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a.k.a. we got so much flak that we're going back to the drawing board.


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Microsoft and Nintendo decimated the former king this generation with inferior hardware, why would Microsoft change tactics?

The better question is why is SONY continuing with the vast, complicated hardware when 50,000,000 PS2 customers already abandoned them in favour of inferior hardware?

EDIT: PS3 is in third place this gen, but more importantly the PS3 is SONY's worst selling console. Ever. Why would they follow a similar path?


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Fair point I think he's saying that while PS4 and Wii U are generic sequels, the X1 is innovating and taking risks.

I don't know if I agree with Bill Gates.

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It means the continued dominance of Xbox Live in the online gaming world.

I won't speak on Wii U online, but PS4 will finally push PSN on par with Xbox 360's online capabilities; features like X1's half a million servers and Skype group video chat are going to put Xbox Live further out of reach.

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Lmao N4G is nothing but outrage where have you been? Hopefully MS will address these issues soon since there's little clarification.

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There's only one certainty: Sony needs to go back to the drawing board for the Dualshock.

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We saw the same thing this gen. PS4 had better graphics, but the Xbox could perform more impressive features and do them faster (looks to 30 sec load time of XMB).

Interesting decision. Do you take performance or visuals?

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I think Forbes is alluding to dominance of the living room. Where Sony's focus is narrow, Microsoft's is wide reaching.

Sony could become a niche hardcore console and that would be really interesting. Not so much for their shareholders, but for gamers. M$ wants the much, much larger casual crowd first.

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Hell yes I hope so!

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So always-online rumours are debunked by Mattrick and confirming what we already know: conference was about hardware, E3 is about games.


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I was wondering why you could hear applause but couldn't see any hand movement in the first few rows.

Edit- And we need a real article, not a Twitter post


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That's terrible. The only bright spot being that while SONY is leaving EA and Activision to milk gamers to their desire, Microsoft may have an agreed upon fee which could be lower.

Bad day for gamers if this is the case. Used games FTMFW!


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Digitallydownloaded needs to pay better attention to gaming news. Microsoft has repeatedly stated this conference is NOT about games. Stay tuned for E3.

Damn that controller is sexy!

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Looks like Microsoft will be following SONY's route and double charging for games you already own.

Thanks for going first, SONY.

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The more powerful console wasn't able to do simple operations like cross game chat this gen, so I'm not too worried :D

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This is the BIGGEST news day of the year for the gaming world. We are truly approaching the beginning of next gen.

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Lmao I'm loving the butthurt from SONY. This is the BIGGEST day of the year for gaming. Can't wait for N4G post reveal :D

Edit: One company is bantering, the other is whining. "Dunno much about flowers, but I'll have some blooming good news for you at about 6pm." hahaha

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Agreed. Crackdown, Crimson Skies, PGR, and Age of Empires are all Microsoft exclusives in hibernation. I'd love to see those on the next Xbox.

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