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No surprises here. I still have my 2 launch controllers from 2005 that work great. My 2 Dualshocks meanwhile stopped working years back despite me only buying them in 2008. PS3 controllers were far too light and toy-like IMO.

X1 controllers look to be continuing where the 360 left off: greatness. And I'm happy to see SONY making the new Dualshock controllers much more 360-like

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No surprises here. Anyone who follows anything MS knew games were planned for E3.


I'm looking for a Quantum Dream X1 exclusive. If SONY can buy 3 games from them, MS should be able to secure them for at least 10 games :)

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Ugh really annoying, first I was just getting the error code, now I can't even sign in

I guess you get what you pay for

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PS4 is still getting walloped on Amazon :<

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Lostdjinn...Did you mention SONY once? No you didn't, only from a quote. Talk about off topic...

ITT: There are a lot of questions about regarding SONY's DRM/used games policy. Check Yoshida's interview with Eurogamer. The way answers are fed after he consults with his media team and are left so open ended suggests they have something up there sleeve.

SONY were pioneers of DRM this gen with mandatory first party online passes, I expect the same th...

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Sorry bub, SONY is new to the Indie scene. It's good to see them finally getting on board. Some of my best experiences on the Xbox 360 have been on XBLIG and Microsoft XNA.

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1 million tweets? That's solid.

But taking into account the 80 million PS3 owners, and the 50 million+ missing PS2 owners, all those tweets add up to less than one percent. Not counting those tweeting multiple times.

Good communication on SONY's part. We'll have to wait and see if this translates to anything.

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We're essentially looking at Microsoft's biggest weapon. Low price combined with limitless cash means Microsoft can take a huuuuge loss on the console and sell it cheap.

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Lies toward the PS3? Sorry Madden, but Microsoft actually WASN'T paying off Gamestop to harm the PS3.

I know this gen's over, but I hope the Playstation conspiracy theories continue into next gen, they're f'in hilarious!

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Great blog!

N4G seems to easily forget that SONY has been crusading against used games for years. Mandatory first party online passes shows this.

E3 will be a rude awakening for many.

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DragonKnight: Never knowing when he's lost a battle.

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Agreed Mika.

The damage was done to SONY long, long ago. The PS3 performed horribly compared to its predecessor, while Micorosft quadrupled their sales this gen.

Look at SONY's declining stock and various corporate shake ups over the last few years to see how unhappy SONY and their shareholders are this gen. They've made it clear they want to forget about the disastrous PS3 and look forward to the PS4.

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"I'd like to hear from the loyal Xbox fans here on N4G what they think about this all."

You're going to have to change websites for that.

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I thought it was all about GAMES?

Sorry, nothing against you. This applies to every SONY fan on the site that has been preaching the GAMES are the most important thing.

Can't wait for E3! Hoping for some Halo Wars 2 and Crackdown 3!

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In comparison to next gen games like Quantum Break (X1 exclusive) and others, The Last of Us does give the impression of being dated. But even if it does look, dare I say, last gen, I have no doubt ND has another good game on its hands.

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As mentioned below, EndWar showed that voice commands can be highly effective in video games.

I wasn't planning on buying X1 or Call of Duty, but I may rethink that depending how well the voice recognition integration is.

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Can you tell Philly used to be in charge of SONY?

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Accessories from one console don't work on another? Oh no!!!!!!

Headsets will be included with every console...

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With the most first party studios of any of the big three console manufacturers, I think we're going to start seeing a lot more of these announcements.

Can't wait for the horde of X1 exclusives at E3!


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