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Looks like they'll be making that money back by charging for online

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Do they expect me to pay twice for my internet?

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Same. And now it's one less game to pay for online.

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Confirmed that PS Plus is required for online gaming on the PS4.

I'm assuming every N4G user to swear that they would never pay for online gaming is now jumping to the Wii? Post your friends codes!

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No surprises here. Online gaming is money and SONY is in the hole.

I assume every N4G user to swear against never paying for online are jumping to the Wii U now?

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Great DRM news in this conference. Is it a 3 hour long conference? I want to see less multiplatforms and more exclusives.

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Does Playstation still support exclusive games? I've hardly seen any so far.

Great news though.

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Hopefully the Playstation version isn't broken like every other Bethesda game.

Yeah...I know which version I'm getting.

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SONY going hard with the exclusive DLC. A little lacking exclusive wise so far

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Haha, looks like MS ditched FF after 13.

Or SONY brought out the check book

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Sorry, but he did not specify PS4. 20 games in development across PS4, PS3, and Vita. Watch it again.

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PS4 looks like a black box that was ran over by a car then half of it got wet.

Looks better than the PS3 though.

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I needs me some variety! Enough with the generic shooters!


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PS4 had the better reveal, but X1 wins the prettiest console prize.

What was SONY thinking?!

Slooooow conference so far. I want some exclusives!

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Is this really all SONY could afford?

Somehow playing GTA V with a GTA V branded headset doesn't really seem like the definitive experience.

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Unfortunately, if the rumours are true SONY won't be having a very good conference. The lack of games a high price point may really hurt them come November.

We'll have to wait until 9 EST to find out.


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Wow. My main complaint with Microsoft 2013 E3 conference was that there were too many games.

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Just goes to show the excitement people have for the X1, even those who aren't fans of the console.

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We know Microsoft's policy, now to find out if SONY follows suit. And judging by this gen, they will has as much DRM as Microsoft, if not more (see online passes for all first party games).

Microsoft did an amazing job and going by internet reactions, have completely reversed negativity brought on by the reveal. SONY will be hard pressed to roll out as many quality games at their conference.

Not to mention...SONY can't afford to low ball the price of ...

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I'm assuming you weren't one of the many tools that bought the PS3 at launch then?

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