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Funny blog. It's interesting to see those who actually bought into teh cell and how silly the early adopters look now.

For the sake of gaming, I hope no company crashes like SONY crashed their gaming biz with the PS3. Microsoft has already backpedaled on always online, let's see what else they change before release.

Personally, if I keep seeing Steam like sales on Xbox Live, my transition to next gen might take a while. I've got Alan Wake ($5), D...

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I was gonna say this was a great blog, but then I saw these three all feel the same way.

Now I'm not so sure.

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That's odd, it seems universally agreed upon that Microsoft's E3 spanked Sony's E3 this year.

But it's nice to see Titanfall receiving all the love, setting a record for most nominations. I'm glad I cancelled my PS4 peorder and switched to X1 because of this game. Prove me right, Respawn.

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Expect more expensive multiplats on PS4 if publishers get to set their own DRM policies.

It's articles like this that make the X1 look all the more attractive.


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E3 is about games and SONY dropped the ball on that one. Not enough exclusives and too much exclusive DLC. Reminded me of Microsoft of the last few years.


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I have no doubt it'll be a great console...

But the picture for this article: the console and controller, is one of the most unattractive things I've ever seen in my life.

The box doesn't matter, but I don't want to be looking at a POS.


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Microsoft's game line up at E3 was like consecutive knock out punches, one after another after another.

SONY and Nintedo's line up reminded me of an old man trying to perform without viagra. Wilted.


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Well if jokes don't work looks like I'll have to fall back on Microsoft's killer game line up at E3 that easily destroyed the competition.

SONY won the multiplatform contest though. Oh, wait...

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I got one word for you: cloud computing!


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Lmao, truly honoured to be called a troll by Majin and DayZ, two of the biggest fanboys on the site


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What conference was he watching?

No DRM is great, but the lack of exclusives and paying to play online pushed my PS4 purchase back about a year.

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I'm disgusted that SONY is charging me to play online after promising to never do so. I can't support a console that abuses consumers in such a flagrant way. PC gaming looks to be the way to go in November 2013.

Not to mention the complete lack of games SONY showed. Well, they showed a lot of multiplats...


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Good article. Xbox 360 was the definitive console this gen and the author thinks the PS4 will be that console next gen. We'll just have to wait and see.


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I wonder if those preorderee's know that SONY is now charging to play online after promising to never do so.


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It's a great service, but I shouldn't have to pay to play online. I refuse to pay for my internet connection twice.

If DRM is a big enough issue for me not to get an X1, then the cost of PSN is easily a big enough issue to avoid buying a PS4.


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Sorry Jack, but there's no way I'm paying to play online.


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Yikes. The list of games in this blog is pitiful. You listed what, 4 exclusives?

I go where the games are and if E3 2013 tells us anything, that place in not the PS4.

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Just because it appears Microsoft will dominate the competition, it doesn't mean they get to make inappropriate jokes like that.

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It'll put the pressure on Microsoft to cut the price earlier. I think it'd be smart to wait 6 months if you want to save $50.

But SONY will be looking to make that money elsewhere. We know PSN now costs $60, I wonder how much they'll charge for Gaikai

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